"Alternative" search engine DuckDuckGo is manipulating their autocomplete algorithm. While disappointing, this is not surprising.

Individually, humans can express a wide range of behaviors, but as part of a system they become much more deterministic. Group behavior is almost entirely dictated by the rules that govern the system.

In this case, the funding and administrative model of DuckDuckGo is identical to Google's - provide a centralized search service, use that service to get eyeballs, sell those eyeballs to advertisers - and so they're heading down the same dark path of info manipulation. The problem isn't that evil people happen to be running Google, it's that the rules by which Google operates attract and encourage evil behavior.

Take the example of this monkey fairness experiment. The rules of the game are unfair - both monkeys do the same task, one is rewarded more than the other. This causes the monkey being rewarded less to justifiably lose it's shit. If you replace the scientist with a different scientist following exactly the same rules, the monkey will suffer just as much. The rules of the system are what cause suffering, not the brand they fly under.

If you want different results, you need different rules. A different revenue model. A different administrative structure. An alternative to the centralized client-server model. Something.

2017-09-06 20:52:36
I've noticed this on innocuous searches as well. Additionally, returned results are ideologically colored.
%2017-09-06 21:37:44
Badspot, you're getting shared in more mainstream places now :)
Deedend 2017-09-07 03:06:16
Any existing alternative?
Pecon2017-09-07 04:09:16
> If you want different results, you need different rules. A different revenue model. A different administrative structure. An alternative to the centralized client-server model. Something.

Namecoin was a really interesting concept in this area, I think. It never really took off, but the idea behind it was to replace the mostly centralized DNS system with a decentralized solution. It worked off of Bitcoin's underlying structure and kinda just tacked on the ability to 'spend' tokens in order to register a hostname in the blockchain. In theory it would make all domain names completely inalienable and equally priced.
Gothboy772017-09-07 08:27:07
They now have a DuckDuckGo extension for chrome. Makes perfect sense

"The search engine that doesn't track you"

"With a new extension for the web browser that does" #everythingGoogle
2017-09-13 01:06:42
If you think thats bad try google image searching "white women"
alem2017-10-05 14:24:31
Interesting, I did not know about this.
Why2018-01-11 04:57:20
Why am I here. Why do I visit your site and view your ads and give you money.

This post is ironic, for just as you complain about the values of the system that treats privacy as something traded and bought, you have no care for gender equality or other social movement. This doesn't make your argument weaker, it just makes you a less likable person.
Badspot2018-01-11 06:08:40
Just by making that comment here on this page, you're tacitly admitting that "gender equality" is code for anti-male discrimination. Being simultaneously anti-discrimination and pro-privacy is not a contradictory position. If making a strong argument for this position makes you not like me as a person, that really says more about you than it does about me.
Why2018-01-11 10:23:58
Perhaps I am, though not what I mean to do in principle. They are not contradictory positions, correct, didn't mean to make them sound like they were. I think my dislike is in using a bait-y but definitively true gif that, while it makes your point, is something your user base feeds off of and reinforces other negative viewpoints they have.

But, I am too quick in judging you as less likable as a person for a less likable post. From what I know of you I wouldn't be able to come to any meaningful conclusion on your likability (at least in an absolute sense) because I just don't know you enough.

I imagine if there's as many people out there that know you so little and judge so definitely that it must suck to be you sometimes :/
INH2018-04-09 04:37:12
Why is a fucking autistic faggot
asdasd2018-11-29 20:18:04
You don't understand the point of DDG. They aren't a charity. They need to support themselves and the business. The point is that they don't track you and use your personal information to sell the ads to YOU specifically. It's like an advertising company that puts up billboards vs one that has salesmen watch everything you do and then going to you and trying to sell you stuff.

P.S. Your gif is no longer accurate.
asdasd2018-11-29 20:24:28

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asdasd2018-11-29 20:28:36
Btw ur auto ban doesn't workasd

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