Bernie Off The Top Rope Fixed
An edit of this

I figured I should post this before he's actually dead. Although Dick Cheney is still alive despite his heart problems making it into rap lyrics 18 years ago.

Nobody in the race is exactly young and healthy. With a particularly strong flu season we could end up with all new candidates on both sides.

Bernie Sanders2020-04-18 03:29:59
Thank you for drawing a picture of me.
Real Bernie Sanders2020-04-21 22:52:04
He's an imposter! I'm the real Bernie Sanders!
not the real Bernie Sanders2020-10-10 05:46:40
hey, you kids! I've still got a lot more years to go!
The Undertaker2021-01-13 20:37:57
That's not how you have a casket match!
Joe Biden2021-02-22 11:23:51
Rob Van Dam2021-03-13 20:15:18
good frog splash there bernie
2021-11-04 06:14:51
" With a particularly strong flu season"

Uhhh... you good there Badspot?

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