Tribes RPG

This was an RPG mod for the game Starseige: Tribes. I made a bunch of textures for the players and enemies in the game and some of the early buildings.

The mod was featured in the July 2001 issue of PC Gamer Magazine (Page 1, Page 2)

There is a website for the game, but it has changed a lot since I was involved.


Kyred2015-12-15 17:30:25
I spent many hours playing this mod. What textures and buildings did you contribute?

I recently started a side project of finishing up Ironsphere (the Tribes 2 version of this mod). Trident never got around to fully converting it over. Years overdue of course, but for me writing code for Tribes 1&2 has a nostalgic feel to it.
Dragonwell2016-05-28 09:44:50
This is an awesome blast from the past. :D

Kyred: Tribes 1 RPG is still being actively played and developed over on's Phantom RPG server.
legotween982016-10-09 22:42:35
So that's where you got the kitchen photo
ReD_eYe2017-06-27 14:52:29
People still play this game.
Steno2021-08-03 23:07:22
People STILL play this game
Raven2022-05-25 13:15:44
People STILL play the game. BlazingRaven <- IGn
Jobo2022-05-31 04:54:11
People STILL play the game. Kingdom of Kronos >

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