The Blockland prototype was so popular that I made it into a real game!

Blockland is a non-linear sandbox game with no set goals, giving players the freedom to design and construct elaborate structures. Styled as a tiny minifigure, players build inside of the virtual world using bricks reminiscent of toy blocks. These structures can be built in either a single-player or multiplayer (either online or through a local area network) setting.

Blockland pays the bills and lets me call myself a game developer.


Around February 2005, the Blockland prototype became hit it big via something awful and G4 TV. Eventually something like with something like 500k downloads. At this point it seemed like I should try to make something out of it, but what? And how?

My first thought was that I could leverage game to get a job at LEGO. My step mother knew some people in Denmark who knew some people at LEGO, info about the game filtered up through them and some people from LEGO contacted me. They wanted to meet with me, so we set up a time to meet at BrickFest (an AFOL convention in Arlington, within driving distance for me at the time).

So I hauled my computer - CRT monitor and all - up to Arlington and demoed the game for them. Their first priority was to adamantly insist that I couldn't use LEGO intellectual property to make money and that I shouldn't put their red square logo anywhere on my site - fine by me. Not sure if that was a threat or if they were just trying to make sure I didn't run afoul of their lawyers.

Other than that, they were genuinely very impressed with Blockland - particularly the progress on the character customization. Keep in mind this was before youtube and certainly before the indie game renaissance we're currently living in. Torque was still pretty much alone as the only widely accesible 3D game engine - so for the uninitiated executive, the idea that one person could make a 3D multiplayer game by themselves was a bit surprising.

We talked about the
Beta Screenshots
Here's some stuff from the retail development period (2005-2007).

Jetz2014-06-21 02:30:16
It appears the "Development" section is cut off mid-sentence.
Badspot2014-06-22 23:23:33
Yeah, I didn't actually mean to check that section in yet because I wasn't done writing it...
Daniel.S2014-06-27 19:40:22
I am pretty sure it says BALLS in the trailer at the start lol
Taco2014-07-18 20:52:07
Wow, Blockland waz memories.
Doaler4sBack2014-08-09 16:24:43
Badspot, I'm sorry what I did on the fourms, and I will follow the rules, can you un-ban me off the fourms, I will be good.
Doaler4sBack2014-08-13 03:42:40
badspot I hate you
your a noob
shut down blockland
Razolu2014-08-18 15:28:18
after the Okiver Scare
and the Zapk Fiasco,(which just pushed the lacking of quality servers point over the edge) I'm starting to lose interest in this game, and unless there is a HUGE change in the community (something beyond badspot's control i assume) It's just going to push me away, which is unfortunate as i do like this game, but like all good games (or anything that has a following for that matter), communities tend to take it too far...
Badspot2014-08-18 15:58:04
The 'okiver scare'? What are you afraid of exactly? Is your spine literally made of cheese?
SirBubbles2014-08-19 14:58:35
Amazing job, Badspot. I really love the game. Quick question, Badspot, if you would answer it, If I Blockland on Steam, would it be a demo? I've heard people say it is, but i'm not sure. Please respond. :D

SirBubbles2014-08-19 14:59:34
Ugh, I meant to say, "buy Blockland on Steam." Woops. Sorry for the mess-up!

Badspot2014-08-20 03:02:04
When you buy the game it is the full version.
TheAwesomeNikolai2014-08-23 20:31:22
"when are u ever put your blockland soundtrack on itunes?"
plz respond to my quistion
TheAwesomeNikolai2014-08-23 20:32:45
because if u put it on itunes i will buy it for 9.99.
supercooolguy32 clark2014-10-13 11:02:10
when is verson 22 coming out or 21 is the last verson
supercooolguy32 clark2014-10-13 11:02:10
when is verson 22 coming out or 21 is the last verson
The Real Doaler4sBack2014-10-25 10:02:50
badspot I LOVE YOU
your a PRO
SUPPORT Blockland
notkaje2014-10-29 16:03:30
Where's the part about the game being abandoned?
Doom Mantis2014-12-27 14:50:46
badspot is too mlg 4 us
SalivalTheSecond2015-02-02 13:19:24
I thought this game showcase thing would be perfect for what i am gonna say, Badspot, what da fuck is wrong with your site( fucking check the money on my credit fucking card it displays 30 euros, and a key is 8 euros right?And i enter everything correctly, but it displays a error message. I check everything again, correct. I want a goddamn key due to the fact i wanna play this game, and i want to play with people online. Not be on the demo for the rest of my "gamer life" shooting fucking jeeps. And to be able to accsess the forum.
I hope you read this, and i expect awnsers.
Badspot2015-02-03 01:18:06
1. This is a comments section on a blog. If you want help email [email protected]

2. "It displays an error message" is a virtually useless statement. What site displays the error? What is the text of the message?
SalivalTheSecond2015-02-03 13:04:48
1. Excuse me for forgetting the email support thing, i will try my best to not forget where to get help.

2. "Purchase failed" mostlikely?
(some suggestion what might happend, things that not made it able to purcase, p.s my english is kinda horrible due to the fact that i am Bosnien.)I have struggled for 2 years trying to buy the key, i even saw it was 5 dollars (i went sanic fast for my credit card)entered everything correct, NOPE!No key 4 you bitch. Anyways, i have no other way to pay it other then with a credit card.
SalivalTheSecond2015-02-03 13:06:07
Allso, the error thing displayed on your site.
As i said, i was not able to correctly recreat the whole thing. I think i have a screeny of it just in case if someone knows the problem.
SalivalTheSecond2015-02-03 18:54:59
Y U NO LET ME BUYYour payment through has failed. Unfortunately we are unable to determine exactly why your bank declined our attempt to charge your card. A charge can fail for a variety of reasons, many of which may not be related to the validity of the credit card.

Here are some things to check:
Have you entered the credit card number correctly without any transposed digits?
Have you entered the correct expiration date? Has that date passed?
Have you entered the billing address and phone number that match those associated with your credit card?
Have you exceeded your credit limit?
You may want to contact your issuing bank to inquire about their policies or restrictions regarding electronic or internet purchases, as this may be the source of the problem?
Badspot2015-02-04 13:06:29
Ok. Did you check all of those things?
Jasa2015-02-04 21:13:58
If the website purchase isn't working purchase it on Steam.
SalivalTheSecond2015-02-05 06:02:41
Badspot, i told you a billion times i checked every single goddamn detail. Steam doesnt work. My credit card is "on" if you know what i mean, by that i mean it has accses to purchase anything from the webz.
SalivalTheSecond2015-02-05 06:05:23
Fuck i get over reacted when i try something a hundreds of times and i fail work.
Badspot2015-02-06 18:34:56
How about buying a steam card with your credit card, then buying the game on steam with steam wallet funds.
SalivalTheSecond2015-02-08 09:11:14
If thats more then 8 euros then i will kill myself.
SalivalTheSecond2015-02-09 04:04:53
Cant hurt to try, if it fails, i will commit suicide.
Dave-2015-03-01 00:20:39
Dis game, doe.
A zombie2015-03-30 13:39:16
Waiting for a Blockland update... Any second...
Va11jr2015-04-25 02:04:04
SCP 6822015-04-25 09:16:24
Why'd you take maps away in v21? I miss the kitchen especially.
Xeidious2015-05-02 08:23:57
R.I.P Forums you will be missed.

no but seriously Is forums getting DDoS'd right now?
Nipple God 40k2015-05-10 11:48:24
Hey are you gonna make a sequel to this?
Also if you do can you use a more modern file type for 3d models? DTS is dead.
Nipple God 40k2015-05-10 11:50:49
I mean DTS isn't even being used anymore as far as I know, except for Blockland mods, and it's so hard to find a working exporter for Blender.
You have to install an older version of Blender, and then export your model from modern blender to a file readable to old blender, and then export that as a DTS file and hope it works.
The mod pipeline fuckin' sucks.
Dominator55022015-07-06 14:34:43
How I would love for the maps to return. Or at least a steam workshop for this game. RTB made everything so much easier before it was shut down because of fucking steam. This game needs a workshop for saves and other add-ons.
riki2321gamer2015-09-29 18:27:24
I miss maps, even though i'm a 185k'er
I got blockland in 2013
JrVa112015-10-04 03:44:48
a map of screenshots
2015-10-19 00:41:56
I need some help with Port Forwarding. It insists i need the master server's IP adderess.
Badspot2015-10-21 02:08:56
>It insists i need the master server's IP adderess

Whatever 'it' is, no it doesn't. You're not port forwarding to communicate with the master server, you're port forwarding so other random people on the internet can connect to your server over UDP.
Va11Jr142015-11-08 00:55:18
Blocks of bricks
Sad user :(2015-11-18 16:38:29
Plz badspot update the vehicle phycsis, it's very annoying.
Barrack Obama2015-11-19 06:18:19
^ no?
G33K2015-12-22 13:15:44
Why can't you make it RTB compatable? I like the bricks only maps though because it forces us to be creative
Ibamanus 2016-02-05 17:15:55
hey Badspot i think that everyone wants the Maps back can you tell us why did you put These Maps away?
Actual Doaler2016-02-05 21:57:01
Um, Badspot...
I am sorry for the shitposting and faggotory additude on the fourms AND the BLHack incident. I was very angry at the time. I have regretted what I have done. I don't want to quit blockland. The game has alot of things that help me create things. Ever since I got revoked, I was first happy because I was mad, but then I lost motivation on my life and lost creativity. Without Blockland, I would've not made anything. The game is like a stress toy to me. Its like my little canvas for anything. So sorry for being a jackass to the community. I was just angry at the time because of the community going too far. I tried to rejoin out of solving the problem, but you banned me quickly before telling the truth. So please Baddy, sorry for the shit actions. I won't do it again. I deleted BLhack and shit, and I have regreted what I have done. Sorry.

Mr.coolguy322016-03-06 12:59:16
The game is going great, I don't give a shit if their is no updates.
Still good game.
Actual Doaler2016-03-14 23:17:44
Ahead2016-03-26 19:32:17
DollarDaddy212016-06-18 21:08:46
Yea! Now I can tell my kids I went down in the books, the Books of BadSpot's Website :3
Rab2016-06-22 10:02:31
Badspot, a question.
Did you stop developing Blockland?
The BL community, as far as i seen, shit.
>rip blockland
secret person2016-08-07 04:11:42
Dominus2016-08-08 06:54:15
i noticed that blockland is dying.
never seen a full server lately lmao.
Badspot2016-08-08 10:35:01
Dang, I guess I have to give all the money back then. Oh wait, no.
kyle kyleson2016-08-16 16:54:42
wheres the dangass updates you nutter
Asriel 2016-09-30 07:06:54
But why?
Styx Gamer2016-10-17 22:35:18
I got this game in 2008/09 somewhere in there. I really got into it, and loved it!!! I've got so many good things I can say about this game, but not enough space. Thank you, Badspot, for making Blockland. You've inspired me to make my own game.
Tragen472016-12-03 02:23:56
What is going on?! I can't join and blockland forum, and I can't authentificate with master server. Badspot did you stop blockland hosting???
Badspot2016-12-03 19:55:08
Everything seems to be working. Sounds like a problem on your end.
Count2016-12-04 16:29:52
Still love this game soo much...
Isaksme2016-12-05 06:10:03
Where dem updates? ;(
Bedpost2016-12-07 22:24:22
Do you know and trust anyone in this game other than Rotondo?
badspotet2016-12-13 20:18:49
helo i am the bad spot
Siver2017-01-07 13:33:59
You should add another aspect to the game, people are leaving because of no new content. I miss the good old days of blockland...
bedsput2017-01-19 10:25:05
the game is dying, fix it, work on it, bring back maps that mess with shaders. Would prefer maps over shaders anyway. stop thinking of your pocket, hire a dev who will actually work on the game, thnx x
Badspot2017-01-19 11:50:31
What game from 2007 is still getting free updates? Are you writing to the devs of "Kane & Lynch: Dead Men" every day to complain that they're not updating the game for free? How about "Enemy Territory: Quake Wars"? These were $60 games.

Blockland is not a subscription product. There should be no expectation of free content updates at all. Paying me $20 ten years ago does not make me your slave today.
Rednakin2017-01-22 04:19:58
I would pay $60 for Blockland on a modern engine.
Tragen472017-01-24 12:24:11
Badspot, you ripped your best game. Did you just use us to earn money?
Annonymous2017-01-28 02:30:02
Most likely yes, he basicly said to the blockland community "Fuck you, i dont need you anymore"
Dominus2017-01-28 13:18:51
To be honest, i would say the same thing to a cancerous community filled with 12 year old greasy social outcast boys.
Antares2017-01-31 18:40:04
Badspot, do you have more screenshots what Blockland was like in mid 2005? If I dig back into your archive you wanted to finish a new version for Blockland Vanilla, I'd believe it had to be v0003.

Froosti2017-03-11 17:43:57
When you did the shader update and removed all of the maps, did you have plans on continuing development of this game? You kind of just ruined the game and fucked off, what was your plan there?
4BIT2017-03-24 20:46:15
There's actually still some people that actually care about Blockland such as me, so just do what these people want for god's sake.
AnotherPerson2017-04-03 14:00:08
This is one of the only games I can come back to over the years because of all the memories and replay-ability.
Medik2017-04-15 12:23:38
Well RIP Blockland. BTW Atleast it's not like new roblox. And another btw Whoa Badspot calm down Just get a few moderators for free just for quality control
Badspot2017-04-15 20:40:21
The kind of person who would willingly become a forum moderator should never be given power under any circumstances.
Lololol2017-04-19 16:54:48
Badspot, are you planning to update Blockland anytime in the future? I am thinking of purchasing Blockland on Steam as it looks like a decent game for its age and I heard that you were inactive on updates so I just wanted to ask you on the forums.
4BIT2017-04-23 09:21:59
Well at least there's some players that still play Blockland. Blockland isn't dead. Dead means dead guys. It means 0. There's still like 80 players or something left in Blockland. Blockland is still ALLLIIIVVVE!!! (Sorry I tried using wisdom but I failed)
Codystar55(SuperHAX)2017-05-09 19:44:12
Yo badspot i was wondering if in the future you would ever accept development for this game.... Im planning on studying progaming soon and would love to help bring this back...
I have so many good memories playing this game and i miss it.
Last attempt to dl the game threw me a (no url set in game manifest)
p2017-05-10 09:25:25
SUCC2017-05-10 09:28:52
I miss block land =(
2017-05-18 06:59:27
I used to love this game. I would always nag my father about getting it. I eventually forgot about it, and I'm sad to see how it's turned out. I'm not saying the game is dead, the community still has alot of people left, but, I would like a new update, or really anything, DLC, sequel, I don't care, I just want to have a reason to buy this game. I'm happy I didn't buy it, because I would be really upset if it fell apart. Badspot, It's easy for you to just take the money and go, and I can't stop you. But please, have some more consideration for your fellow Blockheads. Maybe then, I would consider purchasing the game. If you don't read this, that's fine. I'm just a chunk of the big pile of garbage people are throwing at you. Now, please have some more consideration.
Protostar2017-06-05 10:39:07
damn i miss this game
}]Crazy[{ (ID:16362)2017-06-21 05:20:58
do you have any more plans for this game?
BLOCKLAND IS NOT DEAD2017-06-24 19:30:03
Still Alive?2017-06-25 22:48:15
I'm referring to Badspot here, not Blockland. Blockland is pretty dead, we're just now getting into BL-ID 210k's. Think you can pass this game off to some new nerds and see what they can do with it? Hell, I'd pay $60 for a Blockland 2 if it's a definite improvement. New engine, new look, new style, whatever. I have the money, I want more content!
LOL I'm BadSpot2017-06-28 07:11:33
Fuck blockland, i screwed you for money
Go fuck yourself.2017-07-10 05:42:15
You should be ashamed about yourself Badspot.
This game is your only source of income and yet you fuck yourself over by not caring about it.
Goddamn i hate this shit.
You expect anyone, esp baldspot to give a fuck LOL

goddamn i hate ppl who hate shit why cant we all just hold hands and sit under a tree and write a poem as rainbows sprout through the skies above us
ok2017-07-21 22:43:59
Energizer2017-07-22 15:39:12
Hi, my key isn't working my ID is 34066. I was told that it might be because I key shared but I've never given my key to anyone. I've used it on my laptop and if you want me to prove that it is my on my laptop i can prove it. Is there any way I can get my account back? Thanks.
Badspot2017-07-22 21:08:20
34066 is still active and has been logged into as recently as today.
LOL I'm BadSpot2017-07-29 10:26:30
DAMNNN Calm down!!! the one where I said "Fuck blockland, I screwed you for money" was IceFreeze, anybody can put their name as Badspot! try it.
HELLO2017-07-31 13:53:36
LOL I'm BadSpot2017-08-05 13:55:07
Trying it
MathewSmugg2017-08-06 21:43:40
How Do I Fix "No URL Set In Game Manifest?"
icefreeze2017-09-09 03:49:55
lmao badspot made it so you cant name yourself as badspot anymore RIP
Codystar552017-09-12 19:02:00
Hey badspot i was wondering if we could bring the older version of blockland back v20 with the maps by hosting it on a lan service such as tunngle or hamachi
Codystar552017-09-12 19:02:25
Please i really want to bring that version back as well as many other people
Not Badspot2017-09-15 04:27:54
Please tell me you're working on a new update.
Bdspot2017-09-28 17:53:03
Hello, everyone!
ManKillerSnake50002017-11-04 15:33:48
Whats Its Face2017-11-09 13:29:06
Ever considered releasing previous versions of the game for download or purchase? Not necessarily through the entire hassle of making it multiplayer nor setting up a server to host multiplayer but just for release?
BedSpout2017-11-14 01:57:33
Can you all stop whining about new
Blockland updates? Its very annoying
and you act like you payed BadSpot $20
to accommodate your every needs. BadSpot
cant fix the community, but you can buy
growing up and not whining about every
little bug or problem.
Bed Spout2017-11-14 01:58:01
Nvm I said buy instead of by, my bad.
4BIT2017-11-27 17:38:07

No, we won't stop. Blockland is something that these people actually care about and we're not saying that we payed $20 for Badspot to fix everything. All we want is for Badspot to come back and actually CARE for the game. Of course, Badspot can't fix the community, (thats a whole HELL of obvious) and no, we're not whining about every little bug OR problem. This is want we want (at least most of the blockland community): U P D A T E (i might be wrong but im just basing this off of myself and some other people that play blockland and this comments section ;-;)
Something2017-12-03 13:04:02
If badspot can't support the game, maybe he can give it to someone else??? Other people have more motivation to support blockland than badspot does.
The Truth2017-12-07 14:59:31
Sad Boi2018-01-09 14:06:37
Let's deal with it, he's not coming back to revive blockland. It's pretty sad to be honest.
Pach2018-01-29 14:40:54
I remember begging my parents to get Blockland for me. This is honestly such a memorable game and i remember playing the demo for a few years only to buy the game recently. The community is still sturdy and i love everyone in it. Thanks, Badspot.
Hope you read this eventually ;)
id 2200812018-01-31 23:57:14
when i was younger, i got blockland on my computer. at some point, when i tried to play it, there was an error message with a bunch of jumbled text. pretty recently, i used my old laptop to check it out, but instead nothing happened. well fuck lol. i got a new blid from steam and now i've made an nes monster and messed around with my buddies. thank god that this game exists.
Thank2018-02-06 03:59:10
Blockland was the best game I ever bought
:))2018-02-14 03:47:20
i have SO many memories with this game. i miss it so much. i might just buy it again solely just to bring back those memories. it makes me happy to know that it isnt dead :))
:O2018-02-22 15:25:40
Not your father2018-03-06 11:56:48
I joined late to the party :/
EddyMcChuckleNuggets2018-03-14 21:23:05
Would you consider making this free-to-play, or do you still need the moneys?
BlockAlpha2018-04-10 17:47:10
Where can I find a thread or some post that explains exactly why Badspot wants to stay the game like it is now? (without any special updates or something?)
Potatoh2018-05-12 16:57:47
Is blockland retail beta still availible?
can someone post it for archiving?
a person who played aot2018-05-26 10:03:13
would be awesome to see the blockland and age of time to become popular again. hope it does, someday.
make blockland great again2018-06-17 23:02:47
ill pay you to update the game and try to make it popular again.
Nikandros2018-06-21 06:56:20
The development section cuts off and you still haven't finished writing it.
Hostileuser2018-09-07 00:21:35
As many game critics put it, "it's alright".
Burrito2018-09-07 19:36:24
Thanks for the 10 years of fun Badspot, I really got my moneys worth. <3
Burrito2019-01-30 19:31:50
nvm i ate to many cheese and i die
ACL2019-02-18 00:17:30
Hey man, do you ever plan on coming back to blockland?
Badsport, you seriously need to bring this game back, send it to a youtuber to something! make it popular again!
Brick Braydon2019-03-24 19:10:12
badspot please revive this game also Im new and i really want see bl alive and see you there I know people tell me you say its finished but I dont feel like its what it could be first you could add more options for character customation and i mean more shirts hats faces and shit and also core gameplay updates
Failsafe2019-06-06 18:21:37
why are people asking "rEvIVE tHIs GamE AAAAAAAA" the game's death is imminent, there is no avoiding it. unless some HUGE youtuber starts playing it normally. but when's that gonna happen? everyone thinks this game is a roblox ripoff, anyways
dddd2019-07-20 23:56:55
i've already gotten Blockland for free by using demo and put the master key in 2019. when the game was an Udentified developer on my mac, i started using the security and started playing. 1 more question. can you bring back the 2004 Blockland Prototype i'm pretty sure that will be awesome if you let me play it.
(username) Blockman3432019-07-27 23:00:35
After blockland
Dinosaurcar2019-07-29 12:02:43
Still not as dead as r/blockland
blocklandman2019-08-02 20:42:49
we need blockland 2

someone make it in Unity
BaldSpot2019-08-31 22:39:17
Blockland 2: Electric Boogaloo when?
Junko2019-09-23 18:23:23
Asking "when is u gon updat blockland?" or "hey u let bliockland duie" isn't gonna motivate Badspot. You are fighting a non-existent battle. Accept the facts, just all I am saying.
Renowned2019-10-27 20:02:03
Kinda wish Bad wasn't so silent about this for so long. Hasn't even replied to a comment on here since 2017
fuzztoast2019-10-29 17:18:47
IT ME ME FUZZTOAST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! UNBAN ME BADSPOT YOU ARE SOOOOOOOOO MEAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE ZBLOCKLguipfaewaruosghkp oduhf UNBvjbmdjewhvg werg
Table2019-11-05 16:18:37
Can someone tell me what is in the new revision r2001? It just happened today and I can't find it in steam update history for Blockland. So does anyone have the change log for r2000 or r2001?
Badspot2019-11-05 22:00:39
r2001 fixed an issue with connection retries stopping early (found by rotondo) and fixed script/exe version mismatch on MAC. It may also have broken sound on MAC, but I can't test it because my mac won't recognize any sound devices any more, also the version of macOS that I have is no longer supported by steam, also new versions of macOS are going to drop support for openGL which is required for Blockland so I don't really give a fuck about anything on the mac anymore.
DukeofLeet2019-11-07 05:51:41
Ooga Booga Steam Workshop when?
bruh2019-11-21 15:06:32
does anyone know if it is possible to download maps?. I know what happened after v20, but i want to know if it is
Maps2019-11-26 18:49:55
@Bruh there's a cool mod on the Blockland forums called Static maps, or static shapes or something along those lines. It lets admins load in 3D models into the game, which can be used to replicate interior maps such as Bedroom or Kitchen.
BlocklandRunner2019-12-30 12:43:35
"We talked about the"
-Eric Hartman, game developer
Dinosaurcar2020-01-23 16:17:57
Not enough blocks and lands
bruh the coming2020-01-25 16:55:59
bring back blockland 2020 plez
Antares2020-01-26 08:25:41
The best move would be to remake Blockland on Torque 3D, Badspot. T3D lets users create realistic terrain maps.

See how BeamNG started on Torque 3D in January 2013.

Video -
2020-01-28 18:30:22
Any chance of the game becoming free?
2020-02-12 16:49:01
Hi Badspot,
You're probably going to dismiss this comment, but I'd just like to say thank you for making this game. You might not see it as your best work, but it brought me many great memories. Hope you're doing well in life, and best of luck.
Echobo2020-02-13 23:24:50
Please bring back Interiors & Terrain... The game feels stale ever since it was removed even though it was a big part of the modding community.
2020-03-17 17:11:52
I started playing this game when I was 7-8. I'm 18 now and this game brings me back to my childhood. This game has always been my #1.
I just wanted to give thanks to the creator for bringing me joy for so may years. Hope life has been treating you well. :)
A Skeptic2020-03-27 01:44:29
The case of this man and his game baffles me... A self sufficient game developer who created an impressively successful, almost entirely independent video game in 2007, and has a library of semi-completed game projects collecting dust sits back day to day ignoring the wails of his games' patrons on one hand, yet relies on that very game as his main source of revenue - and has a giant banner on the top of his website saying "BUY MY GAME: BLOCKLAND" with the addition of "It helps me pay the bills"?

Eric, I have no idea why you keep the illusion of giving a crap about Blockland lingering in front of everyone. The games' run its' course. That's fine, most people can probably accept that. Now can you just say it aloud to give players some closure? The sooner you just say it aloud, the sooner swarms of uninformed new players will stop asking "Can you update/fix please?"

I don't know what your motivation is to stay silent about your disinterest in continuing development of this game. I assume you dislike it being regarded as your one hit wonder? That's a popular theory I've heard. But if so, why not just finish some of the games you started on? I mean, Two Guns, Age of Time, Perennial, Sons of Valor... These are all games you could complete - AND make money on. Mark my words, if you added a couple more maps, difficulty settings, level progression, bug fixes and mod support to Two Guns, I'd fucking buy the shit out of that for like $10. I mean it is old, and some people would be put off by the low fidelity, but, I almost guarantee there are a ton of people on the Blockland Forums that would create models and give their input on any one of the games you haven't finished.

From my perspective, I really think you should just complete another retail game, and just make Blockland freeware.
A player2020-04-25 15:01:21
Honestly, amazing game, I remember years ago when I watched my nephew play Blockland and I was just like, "wow I have to get this game one day!" Eventually I got it for my 10th birthday, and it was just such an amazing game, this game has given me so many good memories and dam sure did test my creativity as I made many things I won't ever forget. I don't see what kind of updates all of these people are expecting as the game is practically perfect, it's just sad it's not as active anymore. I stopped playing the game for about a year and a half but when I returned I just had such a big hit of nostalgia. I wish I still had all of the things that I created but addons, etc., only save locally so rip that, but I guess that's good as it will give me the chance to recreate some of the things I made as a child and possibly even more. :)
Table2020-05-20 14:19:31
Anyone got change log for 2027 update? Also thanks for responding to me badspot.
Barcode2020-06-15 10:49:10
I linked my steam to the MAC version of blockland, and for some reason its telling me that the build is too old, its up to date (no recent steam updates)

Also, for the LONGEST time, you couldn't see any player decals or add add-ons to blockland on the steam>mac version, for the love of GOD please take notice of the mac version for once
someone .-.2020-06-15 10:51:34
"also the version of macOS that I have is no longer supported by steam, also new versions of macOS are going to drop support for openGL which is required for Blockland so I don't really give a fuck about anything on the mac anymore."

no wonder the game is dying, badspot basically doesn't give a flying shit about the game anymore.
Badspot2020-06-15 14:54:36
Yeah Apple pulls the rug out from under developers for the 500th time and Badspot won't even re-engineer the entire rendering pipeline from scratch so 4 idiots can keep playing on their shiny overpriced shit boxes.
Mister Lonely2020-07-08 11:14:24
I've been playing blockland for the longest time now, and it's a great game (besides all the toxic players), but the game seems to be untouched at this point. I remember when there were 200+ players every day, but now its just cut down to 60 or less, maybe you could release an update with new bricks/weapons? it'll probably get the game back up to at least 100 players

Updates are so rare now and it'd be a fresh game with returning or maybe even new players if you do get the time to, and decide to update it.

Though, im not demanding this, this is just a recommendation.
Thanks for reading.
2020-08-01 23:30:07
Sorry dude, maybe you're new around here but this game won't be updated at all, ever.
K2020-08-16 14:06:12
This game is basically dead. But I will never forget the great times I had with it.
Grey2020-08-18 14:33:34
People cant shut the fuck up about this game being dead wtf
Amdexo62020-10-30 09:01:28
the game is not dead people still play it they think its dead because you badspot quitted development from your own popular game
Antares2020-10-31 12:06:07
@Mister Lonely - The biggest thing that made Blockland great and fun was that people could make their own maps with interiors. In these maps you had the chance to unleash your fantasy and make a space, planets, medieval or city map with lots of fun places to discover.

Check out this trailer video about a space map I made in Blockland Classic Mod. Blockland Classic Mod is an upgraded version of the prototype Blockland with Retail-like features and style.


If you saw the video, you'll know why Blockland has become bored.
Czar2021-02-19 07:07:59
"release an update with new bricks/weapons? it'll probably get the game back up to at least 100 players"

"Updates are so rare now and it'd be a fresh game with returning or maybe even new players"

"This game is basically dead."

Download some mods. Or some friends for that matter. That's what makes it fun. This game isn't dead, and won't be until the majority of its player-base stops saying it's dead under a false pretense that "60 players equals dead game lol" and the internet crumbles to ash as a whole. Seriously. I still see new players joining the fun and old players alike coming back to the game even if it's being overshadowed by the new and shiny Brickadia. I've been playing for a solid 5-6 years and don't think it will ""die"" anytime soon. I took a 3-year long break and came back with a majority of the player-count still standing strong. If you honestly believe Blockland is dead, you've got a genuine issue with how you perceive a NUMBER on a menu that is one click away every time you boot it up. Even at the crack of dawn I still see a handful of players, so I feel like people can genuinely settle down on the matter as a whole. Not to mention a now almost seven year-old article about a game where you build stuff.
retard2021-03-05 10:47:18
dear badspot Just give us the old blockland back people ask for updates yet bitch about it
Waddles2021-05-31 18:58:00
This game gave me so many good memories It pains me to see that nothing has happened to the game in such a long time, and that caused people to stop playing it. I remember going on prison escape and boss battle servers and having so much fun.. please bring the game back!!! start updating it we might get more people back!!!
illidan2021-06-14 10:59:35
I thought about Blockland (and RTB) for the first time today in a long, long while. I can't believe it's already been 14 years since I first downloaded it. 2007 seems like a lifetime ago. I wish so badly I could take a trip back to 2008. Even for just a day, to re-meet all the friends I made. To reexperience the first feeling of building something more impressive than an 8x8 house with no windows. To relive the filming of Idiots of Blockland. I owe so much of my childhood to this game. I really miss everyone and I hope you/they/we/he/she/me/wumbo are all doing alright nowadays.
THE MYTH2021-07-15 15:23:29
YO BADSPOT. When i started playing this game back in 2008 after my friend put me on. still in my top 10 games all time. I must know if the secret second bedroom on the original bedroom map was real. Not the one made of bricks but a whole second bedroom which was rumoured back in the day.
fuzztoast2021-07-19 14:55:16
unban me pLEASEEEE
Poro Stomper2021-07-27 14:59:19
Man, seeing all these salty people at Badspot for not updating is really disheartening. Imagine someone builds you a car from scratch and when you find out there's something wrong with it, you harrass that person to fix it. So weird man.
Po o Stomper2021-11-04 02:00:53
Maybe it was the part about lying the exciting new possibilities that would be opened up after removing terrain and interiors?
luloz2021-12-21 19:07:22
>Tfw badspot could've just sold Blockland to someone who cares but chose not to
Rafa120Hojaz2022-01-20 15:00:36
Hello good morning Badspot, excuse me could you return the maps? It's the only thing I ask of you. This is my favorite game. If you return the maps, I would really appreciate it. Thank you for reading
modman2022-01-26 13:04:42
hey baddy. i was thinking about you today for some reason and just wanted to wish you well and say i hope you're doing good. i also wanted give you a quick thank you for making blockland. the 14 years i got out of it was pretty life changing and put me on the good path into what i do today. thank you
Lol g@y2022-04-04 15:06:04
Above user is g@y as heck olololololololo
why are we still here2022-04-04 22:10:58
just to suffer
Goth2022-04-08 06:41:00
I agree with/relate to everything modman said, Blockland made an amazing impact in my life as well and helped me to become the programmer and 3D artist that I am today. Thank you Badspot
uKiito2022-04-08 17:41:25
SuperGlue2022-04-09 04:02:12
uKiito. BE QUIET! I won, you know that!
uKiito2022-04-09 04:02:38
Durrrr Im stoooppeeddd
claykid2022-04-11 14:03:38
you need to finish the development section im genuinely interested in hearing how it went
Badsport2022-04-30 09:42:18
I fucking hate this game!
Badsport2022-05-08 10:37:31
raulix2022-05-08 10:37:46
Im_memesssfff2022-05-19 13:25:36
devvy maccorripio cruo2022-05-24 13:10:17
more like cockland
the actual raulix2022-07-15 13:24:47
hey 19 can you stop impersonating me just to cope with the fact nobody likes you? please and thank you
raulix22022-07-15 14:37:49
ezraph lostold2022-07-20 04:00:54
This game is my childhood.
stan twice2022-07-20 04:01:06
2022-08-02 10:59:37
"we talked about the"
finish the goddamn sentence badspot
Azatsky2022-09-22 08:57:05
Please, Update your game Badspot.
Derek2022-10-04 22:49:26
Removing maps from the game was about the stupidest thing any dev could do
Daniel2022-10-07 11:45:26
Are you still paying for the game to be playable?
EliKowlu2022-10-22 22:39:59
Bruhh Badspot pulled a epic gamer move my removing maps from the game and basically made his own game not worth the playing until they're added back, so bring em back
Bf2_King4202022-10-22 22:48:42
Haven't played since 10-10-2010, logged into my ancient account, and was like ok how do I load up GSF San Andreas map from 2009... kept searching... finds out you removed maps, requests refund from steam, bring back maps and maybe people will actually play the game they remember and not a crumb of what it was
deadlyblockhead2022-10-30 02:04:36
I'm glad the game lasted for as long as it did
sanguine2023-01-13 08:29:12
enter brickadia 2023
wolf1052023-02-13 03:32:31
Hey badspot, just wondering why forum registration was disabled and if its ever coming back? i made a few add-ons and wanted to post them on there for other people to use.
the beeboy2023-02-25 10:25:18
will the engine source ever be put on github?
HTML Or Bb Code2023-02-25 13:44:48
Wheres my ban badspot
Hating ass stan2023-05-23 02:42:17
Badspot, are you going to be a punk forever? It was close to charming in 2008. I'd reckon now is the time to man up and admit you fumbled the bag?
dwaif2023-06-01 18:22:35
the most fun ive had playing a game ever. badspot, please save blockland
Marge2023-06-02 03:47:41
i feel you badspot
Joe2023-06-11 12:47:16
Miss the game, you should sell the rights to somebody and get one final bag off of it.
P2023-06-27 22:50:17
Blockland is the Greatest Game Ever Made
Celaus gay retarded twin2023-07-15 15:51:26
Damn if only Kenko posted here instead of shitting up the ugly bitches in games article
Test2023-07-15 18:26:35
kenko? the bussysauce guy?
HTML Or Bb Code2023-07-20 22:00:24
Still waiting fo that ban
Pope Rural2023-08-24 21:38:15
Badspot how much would you charge for someone to use the Blockland name for a sequel? Or are you more of a snagging royalties kind of guy?
bedpost2023-10-02 19:07:30
ded gaem
Jwhipple2023-10-25 10:54:49
How much would you sell me this game so I can bring it back to life?
Jwhipple2023-10-25 11:30:06
Or let me continue version releases
2023-10-25 13:44:04
move on
Blocky builder2023-10-25 16:11:44
Big brain idea just came up in my head while sleeping.
You could make an update that improves performance and rendering optimization and relaunch Blockland as a new and improved version while still keeping compatibility with everything that came before.
Could add some more popular community addons in the default install to celebrate the new improvements.
Maybe even bring back terrain maps but just have shaders and day cycle disabled while on those maps.
Could add some quality of life feature improvements.

The new update could be called something like Blockland 2 or Blockland Revived
Blocky builder2023-10-25 16:30:56
Obviously a Blockland relaunch would have a price increase but you could add a discount to promote the relaunch
napulis2023-10-27 10:13:39
this game gud but no ppl :(((
Peebis2023-11-29 14:36:18
Hey Badspot,
Hope you're doing well! I Love this game and was an essential part of my childhood.
Peebis2023-12-04 13:20:51
Hey Badspot,

I used to have a Blockland Forums account but now I can't access it or post, is there anyway I could access this?
2023-12-25 19:47:14
@Blocky builder you are a ducking moron
wanker2024-01-12 11:35:17
Is that a real game?
2024-02-20 11:58:35
Whens the next update?
RobloxianGirl2024-03-01 14:56:28
Blockland truly is the best PC game of all time.

Just wish Badspot would keep on updating the game with performance improvements or improved quality of life for user experience.
Just a thought release Blockland 2.0 Ultimate idea.

Love ~ Angela
Blockgamer2024-03-25 15:55:57
True If Blockland received updates with improved performance and modern quality of life improvements supporting up to billions of bricks while still keeping 60 fps while keeping all its addons modding compatibility it would be the most legendary pc game of all time.

Blockland Remastered please make it happen
Whittle2024-03-26 00:30:29
Unban me from the forums.
Ben2024-04-07 01:44:40
Hey Badspot, i know you get asked this a lot but is there ever a chance we might see a blockland workshop or something? this game used to be my child good and just seeing it shoved away like this kinda makes me sad.
Bitplayer2024-05-11 00:35:57
Website errors as of 11:30 PM May 10th returns an HTTP Error code 522 error from cloudflare making it impossible for players to download server cache when attempting to connect to game servers through cdn. also gets an HTTP Error code 522 making it impossible to load the forums.
Badspot2024-05-11 04:34:37
Thanks for letting me know.

The HDD filled up due to mysql logging a complete database restoration. It should be fixed now.
2024-05-11 07:17:00
When are you gonna enable steam registration again?
Legodude2024-05-11 08:53:30
Alll thank our lord and savior Badspot !

All hail Badspot!

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