Pinup painting

Nige1112006-04-11 03:38:25
Weasel2006-04-11 05:26:03
Zomg fap fap fap fap fap fap fap asfsmdopntq8932hbr8o4f78gf
Spation2006-04-11 07:28:24
Otis Da HousKat2006-04-11 07:31:59
I knew you were hiding it somewhere.!
O_O2006-04-11 14:02:13
Mocheeze2006-04-11 15:11:42
You guys still check this site?
Spation2006-04-11 15:36:54
Grim Ant2006-04-11 15:41:17
|Shadow2006-04-11 16:44:27
Bri Guy2006-04-12 20:32:42
Badspot is jewish.
Pimpin2006-04-12 22:27:21
Zero2006-04-13 03:10:40
i like
tay1042006-04-14 13:48:36
BADSPOT ME NEED MORE NEED MORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1111111!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11!1!111!1!oneoneone
Ratty2006-04-19 02:33:26
Nige1112006-04-20 04:45:52
maor2006-05-24 13:14:47
OMG badspot=jew?
Badspot2006-05-28 13:07:11
No... I think Bri Guy was trying to insult me. He doesn't like me very much.
Nige1112006-06-09 02:45:55
Isn't that like, THE worst ever insult, Calling someone a jew. HOW THE FUCK CAN THAT INSULT SOMEONE.
Otis Da HousKat2006-06-20 19:41:29
Ladios2006-07-13 11:53:11
i like how this got the most responces... lol
dUMBELLS2006-07-18 17:06:36
The hills have eyes!
gnat2006-07-18 18:09:49
Woah a bit of frontal nudity there! Just turn up your gamma :)

Very nice job badspot
w00t2006-08-25 23:01:46
omg pr0n
Packer2006-08-29 09:29:49
After reading the comments I suggest Badspot doesn't post any of his tuff on the Blockland Forums again... Also have you people heard of Self Control...
Badspot2006-08-29 16:28:35
I've never posted any of this on the Blockland forums (at least I don't think I have). It's listed as my website in my profile, that's it.
Badspot2006-09-04 02:40:09
That's my avatar from deviantArt
ladios2006-09-04 13:49:39
even though some guy is using one of these for his avtar
meangelsman2006-09-20 07:21:57
WOW just the sight of tits makes almost all the guys here wack off thats a shame =they have no life or have never had any or both lmao
Badspot2006-09-20 19:21:53
Man, don't try to play the "I'm cooler than you" card on the internet. It just makes you look like you're over-compensating for your own shortcomings.
SilentNinja2006-10-21 22:16:13
Why, I do believe someone just got pwnt. Anyhow, nice work on the assets. (I did'nt fap to this, someone gimme a medal)
LOZ2006-10-25 16:51:41
*puts keyboard on lap, looks at picture and keyboard splits in half
Fapinshower2007-01-27 21:45:58
Fap in shower plx
yuyu2007-02-18 03:24:18
Omg badspot likes porn... hes.. aww cant say :(
Loz2007-02-24 08:09:12
Lol did anyone else notice that Badspot has posted for this picture more than any other?
Neozuki2007-03-02 13:44:11
Its because everyone else has posted on this picture more than any other ones.
Badspot2007-03-21 00:26:56
I'm glad I did that horizontal scroll thing.
DarkChef2007-03-29 17:52:27
Monkey2007-04-07 10:12:14
Lol she looks like she is sad o_0
CaffeineBoy2007-10-20 03:10:22
OMFGboobies fapfapfapfap
CaffeineBoy2007-10-20 03:10:28
Skylord2008-01-24 22:27:41
2008-02-08 11:07:32
:D2008-03-12 23:36:49
Wow, I found this webbie on your GGE profile, and after seeing the frunt page I was like WTF? then I looked in artwork and saw this.
dsad2008-04-17 12:04:22
the things i wanna do now...
Sheezy2008-05-06 13:27:12
90% of the people who went crazy over this havnt seen hardcore porn
I like the picture though, good artwork.
Jervan2008-05-20 16:16:20
I agree with Sheezy :P
I like the possessed arm / skirt up / shocked face the best, because she looks like my ex :D
Jeorge2008-05-20 18:33:16
One person2008-05-23 17:23:58
Umm wow, the maturity of blockland went way down with this. Lets hope that the roblox people dont find it
maximosa (ROBLOXIAN)2008-08-03 02:09:26
Dvpainter2008-10-04 08:55:51
OooOOHHHH porn yaay!!!!
slacker2008-10-19 18:22:04
some of these people saying boobies need to grow up though.
Dvpainter2008-10-25 08:22:17
ya i was looking at your profile BUT i found more INTERESTING stuff HERE. LOL!
BladeOfTheHorizon2008-12-03 18:58:30
Looks like someone in AoT getting naked in that building with the easel on the balcony.
Pixl2009-01-02 10:53:57
Guys don't be imature, all it is- OMG BOOBS!
Digmaster2009-01-04 02:58:56
hey look the last post was yes-ZOMG BOOBIES!
LewnaJa2009-02-09 19:30:45
th fucker2009-02-15 14:43:34
who wants to fuck her........... meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
LewnaJa2009-02-17 15:57:10
lol boobies. hmm maybe we should mark this site for 18+, whos with me?
Lewenja is a fag2009-02-26 23:48:40
More more more2009-04-18 09:41:45
I need moooorrrree plz
[email protected]@IES
Bobthe5th2009-07-08 13:13:17
OMG i wana eAT this! :D
Why not2009-07-27 22:52:27
Show her pussy don't tint it full visibilty!!!!!!
Badspot2009-07-28 13:33:34
It wouldn't be visible from that angle even without the dark lighting. Also it would be in poor taste.
2009-08-09 11:33:02
this is going into bed tonight
qwertme2009-08-14 17:39:16
So, are you actually able to draw a vagina?
Badspot2009-08-15 17:27:09
qwertme, perhaps you should visit some other website.
Teh pwner2009-08-20 19:08:02
I think that you should keep doing stuff like this. I mean, this is rating GOLD. I suggest you keep making more. Oh and, when did you get SO into this kind of thing?
Kevin The Cop2009-08-31 19:19:17
Har har2009-09-20 17:09:26
badspots horny
Teh pwner2009-10-01 20:59:18
Will you just SHUT UP?
Geez, like theres enough f*cking noobs on the site, rubbing there dicks for self pleasure toward the picture.
Desert Eagle2009-11-30 04:49:42
moar porno?
cade 992009-12-08 18:50:31
you guys if you want to see boobies then don't come here for it
Kobewarrior2009-12-15 22:41:45
*Mouth drops*

WolfeH2009-12-19 10:56:51
Badspot has too much time on his hands... ;-;
Pixl2010-01-21 01:02:37
Or maybe something other than time

2010-02-04 21:12:16
Thor2010-02-04 21:25:56
Nice, but:
1. Where is her right arm, it looks as though it should appear behind her but it doesn't?
2. Those ankles and lower legs look a bit "unusual."
Badspot2010-02-05 06:27:18
Re: ankles

Hmm, looks like I accidentally reverted to an old version of the image when I moved to the new site layout. Should be fixed shortly.
jiab2010-03-17 08:10:12
if this is what some of you fap to... thats just sad
Pixl2010-06-14 01:40:46
This isn't porn, this is just artwork with frontal nudity. Porn would involve sexual interaction
Saint Christopher2010-06-15 10:00:30
tony02222010-07-27 18:24:01
Badspot, maybe you should work on age of time and make it retail, then you would have 2 income sources.
2010-08-16 03:14:47
Turn the lights on baby!
DrenDran2010-08-18 22:36:44
Pixl is right.
Nudity != Porn
-.-2010-09-24 05:58:53
badspot the creator of blockland and he makes this :( but cool blockland!!!!!!!!!!
Scatman2010-11-04 10:51:17
nice2011-02-18 17:30:45
very sensible. I like it. Love how you drew the the bulge. Wonder what it looks like under her legs...
Lil D2011-03-04 00:07:48
Nice job Badspot. I like it.
Trogtor2011-05-16 05:11:41
I'd tap that...
fapfapfap2011-08-31 13:04:53
DJ2011-08-31 18:51:12
I can see why there isn't any rules against Language in BL...
joe brickster2013-04-15 17:15:31
The fact that people hork to this and all the "hot girl" threads on bl forums is just sad. None of those, or even this image, really count as "porn". Everyone has nipples. Get over it.
Badspot2013-04-16 15:07:16
@joe brickster,
!?2013-05-12 13:58:00
Is that...MOM?!
joe brickster2013-05-18 07:14:41
okay you got me there.
Rectic2021-12-07 17:42:14
Steve Robux2021-12-07 17:45:20
I can't believe this is in my Twitter feed. I'm calling my lawyers.
Bombi Kilore2021-12-07 17:46:34
Wow. I laove.

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