Mario Land Fun

The Game
It's a remake of Super Mario Land!

Made using the same engine Perennial uses. It runs a lot better than the gameboy version, and has some neat features:
  • 4-Player Couch Co-Op
  • Parallax backgrounds
  • Joystick support
  • Wide screen support
  • High refresh rate support

The graphics have been improved slightly. The goal was to recreate the game how you remember it, not how it was or how it would have been on a more modern system.

There is also an option to make it look like the original gameboy graphics, complete with greenish tinge and pixel grid.

The browser version uses javascript and WebGL. I have tested it in firefox and chrome. I recommend using chrome, especially if you have a high refresh rate monitor.



Promotional Art

TableSalt2015-02-12 09:12:18
Mario2015-02-12 10:15:17
Freakishly awesome
Blockland Forums2015-02-12 13:46:03
you will never forget me! I will spread my autism onto here!
TBD2015-02-12 14:06:31
Looks cool I'll be sure to try it out
Xhozer2015-02-12 15:07:04
Cca2015-02-12 20:12:15
I have over 10 confirmed kills on the game before dying. Pretty legit
SalivalTheSecond2015-02-12 20:46:52
Childhood, comming back. Old times, very precious and fun.
SalivalTheSecond2015-02-12 20:47:37
Forgot to say? I need a joystick?
Fuck that.
Badspot2015-02-12 22:05:29
>I need a joystick?

You can use the keyboard. Arrow keys + z/x are the default keys, and you can reconfigure them in the options.
freek2015-02-12 22:38:28
it was worth the wait
Badspot's long lost brother2015-02-13 15:16:03
Wow! Nice job!
SalivalTheSecond2015-02-13 18:11:54
Oh lol, i missed the "support" part lol.
JBlitz2015-02-14 21:35:38
Woo hoo!
deprisun2015-02-17 01:24:17
Feels just like the old one. And I still hate that sphynx.
i only have a mac osx2015-02-20 01:42:42
can you make it compatible for mac?
...2015-02-26 03:04:02
It don't let me download it.
Badspot2015-02-26 20:34:55
>It don't let me

This is always a useless statement. Provides no information at all. You might as well just kick your legs and scream.
SalivalTheSecond2015-02-28 09:29:59
First rule of Salival, never use chrome to download spesific stuff.
SalivalTheSecond2015-02-28 09:31:53
>Kick your legs
So, your saying he has more then 2 legs to kick his legs?
My brain is melting,
Dave-2015-03-01 05:16:51
Dave-2015-03-01 05:22:08
I just recently got Super Mario Land on the Gameboy, heh, funny.
:v2015-03-06 16:46:48
For this game you not worked in Blockland? Dear...

But this game is very awesome.
NumberOneTuxedo2015-03-07 19:53:07
Badspot, this is one of your greatest games.
Jopojoseph2015-03-07 22:06:52
The Killer Cop #3112015-03-13 11:23:40
Radical, I'm totally gonna try this later today.
JPC2015-03-27 17:53:14
Goob work, dude
Bob772015-03-29 10:59:03
Cool! Thanks a lot :)
Alarm2015-04-16 06:14:07
Looks very sexy and hot like that chick at the end of Saw 7.
Miga2015-07-16 08:16:36
Cool and all, but admittedly the title "Mario Land Fun" sounds bootleg as hell.
Badspot2015-07-20 04:24:52
I guess it's a good name then because it *is* bootleg as hell.
MiniDaws2015-08-10 15:26:40
How Do You Get MultiPlayer I cant Find Out
Badspot2015-08-11 03:14:01
>How Do You Get MultiPlayer

It is local multiplayer only. Plug in more than one xbox controller, start game, press A to join.
Rmi2015-08-24 16:50:28
The Best Remake of the Best GB game ever !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Thank You !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
riki2321gamer2015-09-29 22:26:28
Eric Hartman2015-12-06 01:22:51
Va11Jrvm2015-12-21 04:44:18
Blockland2015-12-22 18:22:01
Make me RTB compatible please... I used to be fun!
Blockland2015-12-22 18:22:02
Make me RTB compatible please... I used to be fun!
Va11Jrvm2015-12-27 02:05:42
My Activation code
Blockland2016-01-12 04:10:05
Rmi2016-02-19 12:41:38
Make Mario Bros Fun !!
(Super Mario Bros Remake)
gay2016-04-13 18:51:46
what the fuck is with your greentexting badspot
Badspot2016-04-14 01:23:55
>what the fuck is with your greentexting

Wow, you actually think 4chan invented using the ">" to quote things? Kids these days. That's just how you quote when all you've got is text. It's been happening since the 80's on listservs and usenet.
Sidescroller642016-04-23 19:24:23
This looks really cool. Any potential for full color support in the future? Any other GameBoy remakes planned for the future?
Badspot2016-04-24 02:49:37
I actually think there's too much color in it already. My enthusiasm for color palettes in perennial leaked into this a bit and I think it detracts from the Gameboy aesthetic.
Badspot2016-04-24 03:47:25
I don't have any immediate plans for more remakes, but there are a few DOS games that I'm interested in.
Redey12902016-05-31 19:25:45
Is DOOM one of those DOS games? Because you should make your own source port, that'd be freaking awesome.

also commander keen pls
Badspot2016-06-01 04:44:22
I'm pretty sure we don't need any more DOOM source ports...
Metronom2016-06-17 10:03:30
This is amazing. The music, the slightly improved animations, the parallax AND you fixed the shitty jumping. KUDOS!!

If by chance you're considering doing another one of these remakes, Links Awakening could use some love IMO.
Bricktronic2016-06-18 21:19:46
Great job, dude, I really enjoyed trying this out. Some nice yet comical music and great gameplay. Your game Blockland will always be my very favorite PC game, though.
Cannon6662016-07-26 18:01:10
I should try this out.
Deathkiller902016-08-30 19:05:40
Look out for nintendo, they will DMCA this and this will be another victim to nintendo's bullshit copyright system.
nerds2016-10-30 02:33:19
Axel2017-01-29 21:56:09
Development discontinued?
Axel2017-01-30 02:03:54
Playing with other player via network/internet would be very nice :)
Lets_Drink_Windex2017-03-11 04:43:09
Just as good as last time ;)
Brahim6192018-01-31 14:43:48
Very Nice !
-Improved controls
-better landing
-improved graphics

i Think i would like to make another remake using tradicional 2d hand drawn animation with vintage effect and black and white colors ! fully voice acted voice version with the 80s cartoon style ! if any one want to work with me in this project then send me an email ( i do the art and animation and you do the coding !) [email protected]
Sir Leviatan Doom2018-08-18 22:10:16
Incredible work, how could I turn off the color filters? I just finished a color mod !! and I would like to share it, thanks for your attention.
Badspot2018-08-19 22:25:45
The color filtering is part of the map data. You can edit the data/*.map files in any text editor and change the "COLOR" lines. Be careful because the map parser is not very error tolerant.

You can also open the .tmx files in a program called TilEd if you want to make your own levels
Badspot2018-08-19 22:27:28
You can also directly load a map from the command line like so:
MarioLandfun.exe -map 1-1
Snoopi2018-10-08 01:40:43
So, um, I played this today, and I saw Luigi, Wario, and Waluigi. Is there any way to play as them in single player or there isn't?
Badspot2018-10-08 03:50:03
Currently it's hardcoded for multiplayer. I think you could make the other players join, control the one you want, then hold the suicide button on the others to remove them.
Snoopi2018-10-08 03:52:20
Well, I hope in the future you can do player select.
Isaiah Austin2018-10-25 16:57:02
I have downloaded the file on my PC, but when I click on it, it just accesses the game code. What do I need to do to play the game?!?
Badspot2018-10-26 16:47:04
I have no idea what you're doing. Just download the zip file and extract it, don't try to save the web page or whatever.
franNES2018-12-10 22:08:27
can you port to android lululul
Badspot2018-12-11 16:35:21
Probably. The browser version already runs on my 5 year old phone with an xbox controller plugged into it.
Calem2018-12-11 17:47:29
Just don't port it to IPhone, its a pain to port anything..
Badspot2018-12-11 19:54:51
The thing is that I don't enjoy the experience of playing a game on a phone. The only reason I would dive into mobile development is to make a non-action game or to rake in cash from idiots.
Calem2018-12-18 00:41:52
"The only reason I would dive into mobile development is to make a non-action game or to rake in cash from idiots."
Me too buddy... me too...
Help2018-12-24 06:46:09
How Do I Connect The Wii Remote To The Game, an instruction or video please???
dan2019-04-13 15:24:08
I want to try that
dan2019-04-28 15:16:46
hu The Wii Remote does not work
Abdo2019-06-18 22:50:19
I Have a question
Can you Add Color mod for this fangame
Thank You
Lillie Aether2019-07-05 00:30:25
Excuse me, why are not my advances saved? Gladion is upset that his departure is not saved.
2020-09-21 13:31:33
Is this game only for PC or is there a Mac version?
Dan2020-11-10 15:04:10
thanks for this phantastic game. It's absolutely beautiful, nice work! I encountered a problem when I play in ultra widescreen 2560x1080, aspect ratio 21:9 (fullscreen). At the end of level 1-3 in the room with Daisy I am not able to reach her like there is a hidden wall. Must be a problem with this resolution I think. When I play in full HD 1920x1080 everything is fine. Are there any plans to fix this? Cheers!
the holy gawd2021-08-05 06:09:52
will there be online mutilplayer
Badspot2021-08-18 04:34:04
Online multiplayer in a game with strong player interaction like this is not easy to implement. A video streaming solution like steam's remote play together might work.
Nintendo Fan2023-09-19 01:24:34
Great Game

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