Roy2021-01-04 10:01:18
What the fuck?
Antares2020-12-29 18:42:18
So I wasn't crazy at all. Most words in Dutch are also not recognized by the spell checker but in the search engine it is..
louka2020-12-27 15:16:40
Jubees2020-12-27 05:49:56
raccoon eating grapes 2: fox edition
G2020-12-19 06:14:53
Chrome in general seems to be a curious thing.
sdrg2020-12-16 16:56:26
Download game?
Blake2020-12-11 02:07:38
Is there a demo of the game I could try out and download? I would like to give this game a shot and I'm willing to give feedback on this project if you can.
manteuro2020-12-10 00:30:00
understandable, unless the game grabs you its not going to be a very good experience. same goes for something like bloodborne. theres immense levels of satisfaction on par with something like a hell run in spelunky. but it is presented through mechanics that not everyone will agree with.
Badspot2020-12-09 18:51:57
I have never played dark souls. It honestly doesn't look very fun, looks very slow and punishing with long commit times to attacks and arbitrary boss patterns to memorize.
manteuro2020-12-08 23:02:32
where is dark souls ?
CookieKilla2020-12-07 04:43:45
omg! the comments still work
Shitting Dick Nipples2020-12-01 20:58:11
The moon is always depicted as being bigger in Tv shows and Movies and what not
Roy2020-11-30 07:36:29
what the2020-11-24 21:23:39
anonie2020-11-24 04:38:27
i hope i can be at peace someday. anyway, i'm still going to tell the rest of you guys to reconsider suicide, even though i genuinely don't care, and no one will listen to me anyway. we would all probably be happier dead. hope it doesnt hurt too bad tho
2020-11-18 19:12:49
damn tysm for this ganna try it out this week lol
Badspot2020-11-15 17:20:23
The server runs on a VPS instance that I need for other purposes, so putting AoT on it as well doesn't really cost anything. A few years ago I set it up to automatically restart once a week and I haven't checked on it since.
GMO2020-11-14 10:29:48
It's an oddly comfy feeling walking around this game's world as the only one online, playing through it just as players would have fourteen years ago. Even more interesting is reading through old forum posts from 2006-2008 as what's become the game's lore, visiting forgotten locations and learning about old groups of players. I wish I could have been a part of this game's community in its creation, but instead I get to enjoy it as something completely different- a virtual fossil lost to time, somehow still clinging to existence. Is there a reason you still keep its ghost server running over a decade since last updating it?
2020-11-12 18:54:50
wow eric, very funny!
Dan2020-11-10 15:04:10
thanks for this phantastic game. It's absolutely beautiful, nice work! I encountered a problem when I play in ultra widescreen 2560x1080, aspect ratio 21:9 (fullscreen). At the end of level 1-3 in the room with Daisy I am not able to reach her like there is a hidden wall. Must be a problem with this resolution I think. When I play in full HD 1920x1080 everything is fine. Are there any plans to fix this? Cheers!
2020-11-07 14:33:48
marmita2020-11-06 22:21:51
what is the pinout of this arduboy
insta- xx_brin_xx2020-11-05 20:06:52
follow me because i wanna die :)
I xx2020-11-03 11:27:56
Wow! Thanks so much for this, i've been wanting to commit for about the last year, my dad is a horrible person and my life is horrific, I just want to leave this world peacefully so thank you so much <3 Goodbye Piece of shit world
a2020-11-02 15:02:23
this forum is alive
Antares2020-10-31 16:06:07
@Mister Lonely - The biggest thing that made Blockland great and fun was that people could make their own maps with interiors. In these maps you had the chance to unleash your fantasy and make a space, planets, medieval or city map with lots of fun places to discover.

Check out this trailer video about a space map I made in Blockland Classic Mod. Blockland Classic Mod is an upgraded version of the prototype Blockland with Retail-like features and style.


If you saw the video, you'll know why Blockland has become bored.
Amdexo62020-10-30 13:01:28
the game is not dead people still play it they think its dead because you badspot quitted development from your own popular game
Amdexo62020-10-20 16:10:04
that game
Amdexo62020-10-20 16:09:45
you have to sue the orange block that copied the death animations
Amdexo62020-10-20 16:02:27
badspot what do change in config.cs to turn on vertical aiming
Amdexo62020-10-19 17:14:24
i wanna play
2020-10-19 17:14:06
Jesus Bro2020-10-19 07:24:57
Eve is terrible. I'm sorry to say this, but the game mechanics and UI make you feel like you are at a computer desk job, clicking through endless lists of processes for little blinking icons. You can't really fight a space battle zoomed in, you have to be way zoomed out and watching the numbers on the general window and then BAM some autistic faggot rolls in and blaps the fuck out of your shit and you're out 100m isk with no recourse. It's irritating to play. It feels more like a job than a game.
Dorso2020-10-18 03:19:30
Also @Badspot, would you ever consider selling AoT?
2020-10-15 18:48:38
Brad2020-10-15 06:49:23
I think Ranger with a Beard is perfect and completes his design.
Blockman's Cousin Fred2020-10-10 05:48:15
Notice the resemblence?
not the real Bernie Sanders2020-10-10 05:46:40
hey, you kids! I've still got a lot more years to go!
foxes are allergic to grapes2020-10-10 05:35:32
many species in the canins family die if they eat too many grapes, actually.
Good Point2020-10-10 05:34:46
exactly 100 million what are the odds
Badspot2020-10-10 03:17:32
If this works for you, be sure to post a follow up.
nobody⩿2020-10-10 01:13:15
layla2020-10-09 17:12:55
OoO im gonna try this this is a way out of my life i tried to jump off the golden gate bridge didn't work now i got to do this tysm
2020-09-29 01:09:15
RetroMan44432020-09-26 23:45:31
why "<>"
lol2020-09-26 23:11:13
too much filler
Dorso2020-09-23 15:23:23
@Antares - if you return to these comments, shoot me a message. Lets talk AoT.
SadPepe2020-09-23 03:36:17
normies ruin everything
PixelCrunch2020-09-21 22:08:52
Where the fuck is Fist of The North Star or JoJo's Bizarre Adventure?
2020-09-21 13:31:33
Is this game only for PC or is there a Mac version?
charlie2020-09-18 15:46:58
you are asome everyone is amazing please don't commit suicide
charlie2020-09-18 15:43:37
please none commit suicide it will not help the pain plase contact
the suicide prevention hotline
REALLY2020-09-17 21:49:06
Im kidding
REALLY2020-09-17 21:47:07
you are really a troll
Ben2020-09-16 13:11:59
Thanks for the tips!!!! I wanna die SOOO badly :D
vidlub2020-09-16 06:24:00
Hey, in response to

I'm pretty sure that SNES sprite you use as a comparison needs to be scaled to 4:3 aspect ratio, to correctly show how it was intended to be displayed on CRT. You will find that the size of the sprite becomes wider and will match the size of the arcade and Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix sprites.
2020-09-10 01:24:08
Thanks for the tip ive been doing it without a rope my brother will enjoy ths (joking)
Badspot2020-09-08 03:22:53
Brooke2020-09-06 10:44:35
Thanks for the tutorial. I'm 10 and I thought it was just how you tie shoes. tysm
Dummy2020-09-05 01:03:54
The content isn't being displayed
On the other side...2020-09-04 07:33:32
2020-08-18 19:09:07
20 ter byt
Grey2020-08-18 18:33:34
People cant shut the fuck up about this game being dead wtf
nausssjs2020-08-17 06:35:54
i wana hang selfd suond func
mimi2020-08-17 06:33:20
yay I can t wait to hang myself now i can get way from bullys i 7 year old my name mimi the poeple bully me at shhool now i get way from them and ican finlay meet my dad mom say he in hevan i love my dady
Briaa2020-08-17 06:26:38
ty for teaching me how to hang myself i wanted to hang myself when i was 4 im 10 now by the time u see this im already dead i cant wait to leave this horrible world
K2020-08-16 18:06:12
This game is basically dead. But I will never forget the great times I had with it.
2020-08-15 16:27:50
i need this ! im olny 11 i wanted to die since i was like 5. really thank you :D
mariofan32020-08-13 19:32:20
Zooboomafu2020-08-13 18:41:31
Hello hello hello
celau2020-08-10 04:34:45
if i didn't leak all keys blockland would be good

here is my friends
1. compix
2. radio star
3. dumbmatt
5. cca
6. other hackers
celau2020-08-10 04:32:27
you mother fucker i cant belive you just mother fucker badspot

this is why i leaked all keys
AB2020-08-06 07:23:28
2020-08-02 03:30:07
Sorry dude, maybe you're new around here but this game won't be updated at all, ever.
Hannah2020-08-01 21:40:22
OMG, THANK YOU!!!! I STARTED WANTING TO DIE IN 2018 AND STILL DO RN... I GOT BULLIED FOR 5 YEARS, IM 13 TURNING 14 DECEMBER 21. MY DAD HATES ME (he told me 500 times) I GET ABUSED BY MY BROTHERS, I'M UGLY (people say I'm pretty) I AM FAT ( 5'4 and 125 pounds.... I CAN'T WAIT TO DO THIS.... Good luck in life everyone
how2020-07-16 14:53:49
how the fuck did i even find this
Jj2020-07-12 06:10:29
Bug. Test drive games get black listed
Mister Lonely2020-07-08 15:14:24
I've been playing blockland for the longest time now, and it's a great game (besides all the toxic players), but the game seems to be untouched at this point. I remember when there were 200+ players every day, but now its just cut down to 60 or less, maybe you could release an update with new bricks/weapons? it'll probably get the game back up to at least 100 players

Updates are so rare now and it'd be a fresh game with returning or maybe even new players if you do get the time to, and decide to update it.

Though, im not demanding this, this is just a recommendation.
Thanks for reading.
2020-07-06 00:20:12
Joka2020-07-02 18:11:31
Hi there Badspot!

I use this front-end for years now, and would be great if you updated the application to accept more consoles. Thank you!
poop2020-06-22 05:16:18
this fucking sucks
Badspot2020-06-15 18:54:36
Yeah Apple pulls the rug out from under developers for the 500th time and Badspot won't even re-engineer the entire rendering pipeline from scratch so 4 idiots can keep playing on their shiny overpriced shit boxes.
someone .-.2020-06-15 14:51:34
"also the version of macOS that I have is no longer supported by steam, also new versions of macOS are going to drop support for openGL which is required for Blockland so I don't really give a fuck about anything on the mac anymore."

no wonder the game is dying, badspot basically doesn't give a flying shit about the game anymore.
Barcode2020-06-15 14:49:10
I linked my steam to the MAC version of blockland, and for some reason its telling me that the build is too old, its up to date (no recent steam updates)

Also, for the LONGEST time, you couldn't see any player decals or add add-ons to blockland on the steam>mac version, for the love of GOD please take notice of the mac version for once
Osama Esam2020-06-14 20:11:45
what is size the game
Chris2020-06-05 12:07:23
This is the best remake ever, I was wondering, can you make Mario have actual colors when its single-player?
anonym2020-05-31 19:48:15
Java dava doo!
2020-05-29 20:40:42
theres this girl in my class who wears the last one and she is above average ^w^
2020-05-29 20:39:30
the first one xD
2020-05-29 20:38:58
lol this is so funny
fuck2020-05-28 21:42:14
blockland dead motherfuckers
peebs2020-05-26 15:52:30
i came
National Rail2020-05-25 23:57:58
Okay this is pretty cool actually
hot2020-05-25 22:01:36
Grand Autismo2020-05-23 14:40:02
rip r lee ermey :((
Table2020-05-20 18:19:31
Anyone got change log for 2027 update? Also thanks for responding to me badspot.
sentry2020-05-19 23:12:16
( )
Gothboy2020-05-11 02:10:46
They now have a DuckDuckGo extension for chrome. Makes perfect sense

"The search engine that doesn't track you"

"With a new extension for the web browser that does" #everythingGoogle

It still stands
Gandalf2020-05-10 09:11:48
does anyone still play this? add me on discrod if u do
@Antares2020-05-10 04:51:08
Badspot probqbly has no intention of making any games whatsoever.