Dan2007-07-08 01:55:29
I'd suggest mention retail to G4 it could cause thousands of new members (or maybe thats a bit of an exaggeration) but still only thing is idk how to or if it causts
Dan2007-05-28 17:53:35
Are you going to do that with the next blockland? (the bumps but in the blocko style)
Dan2007-05-28 17:37:45
lol nice
Dan2007-05-28 17:51:17
since when is there blur in ms paint....
Dan2007-05-28 17:48:58
right corner*
Dan2007-05-28 17:48:39
Is that a giant notebook in the top left corner?
Dan2008-07-21 23:27:54
Holy crap,the last girls I saw with the ponytail directly up like that, (retarded, do seem quite retarded. I might just have to agree with this.