Comic All You Can Eat
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Comic 'All You Can Eat'

Panel 1
[In front of the Blockland Buffet]
Mr.Hat: Well I guess I have literally no choice but to eat here.

Panel 2
[Inside the buffet, 7 years later]
Mr.Manager: Sir, you’ve been eating here for 7 years. Maybe it’s time to move on. At least stop defecating in your seat. The smell is bothering people.
Mr.Hat: Fuck you tyrant!
Mr.Manager: Sigh... please leave

Panel 3
Mr.Hat: Dear yelp, worst restaurant ever. SEND!

dezcaban2014-06-28 04:23:18
"strawman may be a logical fallacy, good thing i have thousands of blocklanders to back me up"
Pecon2014-06-28 04:28:46
Just some people.
SeventhSandwich2014-06-28 05:34:13
"there's nothing really wrong with this analogy, but as long as I call it a strawman, someone's bound to agree with me"
Muslim2014-06-28 07:09:28
this is very accurate
Tezuni2014-06-28 07:44:49
spot on
dezcaban2014-06-28 09:12:18
except it IS a strawman. that's exactly what it is. he's exaggerated the shit out of the argument and left out every logical point made so it'd be easier to attack.

do i have to read it out to you
Badspot2014-06-28 09:51:54
Would you like me to add a panel where hat man explains that he had serious mental health issues for the first 6 years?
dezcaban2014-06-28 10:31:32
You could add in the part where the manager is a hasty, offensive asshole who makes absolutely no attempt to show any form of empathy or understanding for his consumer base.
ConcernedCartoonist2014-06-28 13:40:50
Actually, this resembles not just the Steam Reviews, it's basically all the reviewers who are negative and have this "long experience." Regardless of being a straw man or not, it is a fact that people are claiming to be all that when really they are just trying to get a following from their rants because of something they did.
Jackass2014-06-28 14:00:55
Is Dezcaban literally stalking everything badspot makes?
dezcaban2014-06-28 14:32:38
Not sure what you mean, Badspot has made Blockland and an assortment of comics, this is the only comic of his i have ever commented on
BanHammer2014-06-28 16:44:40
This is a comic, what do you expect, for it to have no fallacy?
dezcaban2014-06-28 17:09:08
Just find it a little amusing that he has to resort to exaggerated comics is all.
.::Taboo::.2014-06-28 17:39:45
Not everything is a big scary plot against you, faggot. Have you ever considered that this was just to make fun of the issue?
Electrk2014-06-28 17:47:33
Jokes are exaggerated to make them funnier.
Numb2014-06-28 20:29:36
It's not even targeted towards dezcaban, it's basically the major idiots on any review just acting like superior assholes who rant to start a club of followers.
Redconer2014-06-28 23:32:43
Very accurate
dezcaban2014-06-29 01:47:40
It could've easily been targeted towards me, badspot has brought up this same analogy before and I specifically mentioned having 7 years on my review lol

And lookie here, Taboo doesn't even know what the fuck he's talking about but he's still parading around like he does. How typical for an arrogant weeboo dipshit lmao
.::Taboo::.2014-06-29 07:29:49
I don't know who you are; what makes you think Badspot does?
dezcaban2014-06-29 08:46:51
you're an idiot if you don't think Badspot knows who I am lol. I'm marked as a 'habitual problem user' and he keeps track of my bans. the guy fucking hates me. also lol @ you comparing yourself to badspot, do you think that earns you brownie points or something?

inb4 some moron takes this as boasting
Numb2014-06-29 11:49:09
This comic isn't about dezcaban directly, it is actually alluding directly to this guy, unless you're similar/exactly that account too.
dezcaban2014-06-29 13:34:57
See? I can impersonate people too you immature fuck

@numb I like how you guys are going to project this entire thing onto that guy anyway because you know that he'll be less likely to defend himself here. It's still disgraceful behavior lol
.::Taboo::.2014-06-30 01:35:15
I'm also marked as a habitual problem user. Him recognizing a name as "that guy who fucks up a lot" does mean he knows who they are.
.::Taboo::.2014-06-30 01:35:30
does not*
Steam Anon2014-06-30 05:15:21
Dang, Badspot seems bound and determined to prove what a bad developer he is.
words here2014-06-30 20:51:34
I like how perfectly this whole thread fits the link Badspot included in the description.
dezcaban2014-07-01 15:04:04

'stalks everything he makes'
he has made Blockland and this comic (which directly concerns me). Yeah, 10/10 stalking right there. Lol. Fucknut can't even form a valid argument.

Doesn't care about anything relating to Blockland? How about the $60 I got stolen from me? Just move on right? Yeah, whatever, I'm sure letting everyone step all over you will get you far in life.
.::Taboo::.2014-07-01 17:30:16
You spent the $60. It is your own fault that you might have lost them.
dezcaban2014-07-01 23:38:08
>i'm at fault for buying the game

Thanks for proving why people shouldn't buy blockland
Jackass2014-07-02 17:41:18
Wow, came back and still arguing over something that is risky.

Hell, every game you buy into is a risk regardless of opinions and how the game is, they will end, they will close down, you will lose interest. You lose money they gain money in the end.
dezcaban2014-07-03 11:23:08
Being banned from the game for no reason is not a concern I usually take into consideration before I buy a game.
somebody2014-07-05 22:17:46
Space2014-07-09 14:40:08
This is so true that I cringed. Why people play the game for a long time then one little thing comes up at them causes them to rage has always mystified me. Another sad truth about this is how he didn't even bother to send the whole story as to what happened. I have played BlockLand for four solid years and I still am, and it is still a great game.
Please, people like this. Kindly get off the internet and go to a therapist. Please.
Kaz2014-07-10 17:51:57
Bloxers2014-07-11 01:58:44
Momentum2014-07-12 02:31:10
nice :^)
Goldstein2014-07-16 19:29:45
"I have literally no choice but to eat here"
The buffet is right next to Minecraft, Garry's Mod, and Roblox, which still regularly receive similar meals in the exact same cuisine style.

It's not as if the old Blockland players are actually stopping anyone foolish enough to buy the game.

Blockland's recieved very few content updates in years. Version 21 introduced the new game-modes system, as if different game modes were physically impossible before.

If this is the best you can respond to criticism, with a lazy, stereotyped straw man to argue with, I don't think anybody can help you.

In fact, most players have pretty much left or are slowly playing less and less by the day. The least Eric can do is respond to criticism with calm counter-arguments and control his anger to some extent.
L's & D's2014-07-17 06:53:42
"control his anger to some extent."
Funny. He made a comic about that too:
s2014-07-18 06:05:53
Nickel2014-07-18 09:57:57
Good job completely missing the point goldstein. He was implying what you said sarcastically, just saying "strawman" doesnt really help your argument either
Das2014-07-25 16:34:39
extremely accurate
Zack The Zapper2014-07-26 12:34:25
He had no choice to eat there because Blockland Buffet was miles away from any other food place.

All these bad reviews simply because of a few bits of plastic in your food, seriously, get over it. Plastic is tasty when you get used to it.
XR_72014-07-28 21:01:51
Oh look. It's Pacnet.
holomanga2014-08-01 10:16:14
I was considering buying Blockland for a bit, but looking at this kind of stuff I guess not.
No Care2014-08-04 14:17:08
Holomanga go play your babygrounds
Excalibur2014-08-04 20:44:43
wow, I thought this comic was directed at kalph, but then dezcaban piped up
holomanga2014-08-08 15:45:23
No Care: Explain further, please.
SuperCat2014-08-09 13:55:01
Kalphiler in a nutshell
2014-08-11 01:07:37
Blockland is the all-you-can-eat buffet where you have to make your own food. At least, you are given the materials, so it's not bad at all. But then they decide to remove tables because they are ugly and replace it with pretty napkins and garnishes.

Why do you need tables when you can just make them out of food? It's the same thing.

After this, the "buffet" has been around for several years and people were already getting tired of it, so they start giving it negative reviews. The owner responds by yelling at these people.

All this yelling leaves little time for content upgrades.
2014-08-24 10:11:33
Blockland was a interesting game, but I think badspot should move on and create better games, it's obvious that this game has effected him in some negative way.
ReD_eYe2014-09-03 14:39:50
For an online game about building this has a really hostile playerbase. Can't any of you kids get along for at least 5 minutes without lashing out against each other?
Miargentino2014-09-07 23:19:10
No more updates?

SWAT One2014-09-24 05:29:13
2014-10-12 22:12:18
"why cant all you gay nerds just live in peace"
goy2014-10-17 22:17:11
"you are all a bunch of fucking entitled idiots, i hate all of you and wish you would die. by the way, buy my game that will never update again, only ten dollars" - Badspot
Crymore2014-10-18 08:50:27
I don't own this game that everyone is going on about but have been doing about 4 hours of research and have to say this. If you have put more hours into a game then dollars the game was a good buy ie. if you have played 5000 hours for a $20 game you have not been ripped off. What this means is you are the problem with gamers. This man poured his own time into the game and for you to harass him for something that was obviously enjoyed by you means your the bad guy.
notkaje2014-10-29 20:02:07
Where's the part about the restaurant owner shitting on his patrons and grossly misrepresenting their opinions to other patrons?
Styx Gamer2016-10-19 16:28:36
I don't mind that the game doesn't have any new updates. I keep to myself and mostly play on a password LAN server with my Brother and Cousins, so I don't get the drama... But this is very accurate.
On the other side...2020-09-04 07:33:32

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