PixelCrunch2020-09-21 18:08:52
Where the fuck is Fist of The North Star or JoJo's Bizarre Adventure?
PixelCrunch2018-11-22 14:47:22

Panel 1: Pie Crust falls onto the ground with a plop, with a crowd of people looking at him.

Panel 2: Pie Crust, with very suppressed laugh, says in a whispery voice: "I fuck dogs."

Panel 3: The group of people explode upon one another, arguing about whether dogs should be or not be fucked. Translation: CHAOS.

Pie Crust with a smug grin walks off panel.

Hope you liked my script.
PixelCrunch2018-11-22 14:41:04
It's Call of Duty, Plus facts, times realism.
PixelCrunch2018-10-28 10:08:53
Super Mehrio Lande!
PixelCrunch2018-10-28 10:08:08
This game is actually a base for my current Engineering project.

A simple Game o' Life program, running on Win7.
PixelCrunch2018-10-28 10:05:53
This would make for a good Single-Level doom wad.

PixelCrunch2018-10-28 10:03:39
I'm a Pices, so I think I got a good horoscope.

PixelCrunch2018-10-26 11:05:52
What program did you use to make this? I wanna expand on this beauty.
PixelCrunch2017-04-03 18:46:59
I like the tractor beam effect.
PixelCrunch2017-03-29 17:02:41
I want to make a 12 lb hobbyweight robot someday, but this so soo cool!
PixelCrunch2017-02-18 18:28:52
good guide
PixelCrunch2016-12-14 19:31:46
"The caring meter is down to 5! If it reaches zero, Care-a-lot is finished! And no one will care anymore...:

Fucking good...
PixelCrunch2016-12-14 19:27:13
Holy fucking Christ...
PixelCrunch2016-12-14 19:05:46
Dam...I've always been afraid of spiders, but this is a new level of fear...
PixelCrunch2016-12-14 19:02:37
The more compressed thumbnail looks like something from the Game Boy Color
PixelCrunch2016-12-14 18:58:26
Good job m8, you deserve two cookies for that, here you go!
:cookie: :cookie:
PixelCrunch2016-12-14 18:53:02
In the first panel she looks like Pearl from Steven Universe
PixelCrunch2016-12-12 18:15:30
:cookie: :cookie: :cookie:
PixelCrunch2016-12-12 16:57:33
Nipple Destroyer 9000
PixelCrunch2016-12-12 16:56:49
I like the 3d effect of the sun, the clouds, and the buildings.
PixelCrunch2016-12-12 16:54:17
can you tell me the name of the program? if not, then that's ok...
PixelCrunch2016-12-12 16:53:15
that boob jiggle tho...
PixelCrunch2016-12-12 16:52:00
Kompressor's a dick for removing the terrains and maps...
PixelCrunch2016-12-12 16:51:04
I have seen the activities of a god...
PixelCrunch2016-12-12 16:48:46
dang, I feel bad for the players who got into this shit
PixelCrunch2016-12-12 16:46:46
The woman's boobs are HUGE!
PixelCrunch2016-12-12 16:45:47
PixelCrunch2016-12-12 16:44:17
I have a -1 second rule, meaning a NEVER eat off the floor, like, ever...if it falls on the floor, it doesn't exist anymore to me.
PixelCrunch2016-12-12 16:43:23
PixelCrunch2016-12-12 16:40:46
Oh god, now I'm TWICE as scared of Ebola now...
PixelCrunch2016-12-12 16:36:17
True dat, fox...
PixelCrunch2016-12-12 16:33:24
When it's finished, are you gonna enter it in a tournament, or just show it off as a tech demo with your friends?