Gothboy2018-02-06 14:41:16
Good to hear from you guys for once! Good topics.
Gothboy2018-02-02 13:45:06
@MICROWAVE fuck maps they were terrible and did not support dynamic shadows / daycycle : the game is not full of bugs unless you have some shit add-on installed that overwrites or interferes with default functionality. The GUI's could use a bit of work but its easily navigable and doesn't look like complete shit at least
Gothboy2018-01-12 21:12:35
Very Nice
Gothboy2017-12-15 19:35:01
Badspot, you should try doing a few small political comics, I bet they would be really great!
Gothboy2017-12-07 10:34:43
I don't blame those aliens for being pissed off. They were lied to, bamboozled, made a fool of, you might even say they were "tricked" into believing something they thought was true their entire space journey!
Gothboy2017-12-07 10:31:10
they outta start a gofundme to get there! 150 billion dollar goal for some cool pics and they might even throw in a half believable video of their neat CGI adventure : cant wait to tune in and watch it for real!
Gothboy2017-11-14 04:04:35
BURN! I mean those are some very nice shelves. It looks very organized and neat :)
Gothboy2017-10-10 09:17:40
All this time I've spent working hard in a factory could've been spent shitting out some half believable idea and asking for donations. Damn.
Gothboy2017-09-18 07:39:31
Loved playing this for GB back in the day
Gothboy2017-08-31 00:21:08
Love this one. So damn true. I'm gonna make sure my kids first handheld is my old gameboy color I still have tucked away somewhere
Gothboy2017-08-30 10:56:58
I'm glad you're still working on this, I can't wait to play the finished game
Gothboy2016-01-23 12:09:45
The Magical Girl Crowbar Sceptre definetly looked the most fucked up. I mean, did you see the shape of that thing?
Gothboy2016-01-23 12:06:37
Amazing research o.o