Gothboy2023-07-10 11:03:15
Please start doing comics like this again Badspot, this stuff was super great
Gothboy2023-07-10 09:23:41
found myself back at this article again for a good laugh and to read the comments. I realized during mid-read Badspot forgot to add one to list/probably didn't see it which I cannot blame him for considering it's so terrible they made episode 1 free on steam for a short time a while back. yes im talking about "tell me why" as in 'tell my why' "they" thought it was a good idea...
Gothboy2023-06-29 12:54:19
check out gantz too
Gothboy2020-05-10 22:10:46
They now have a DuckDuckGo extension for chrome. Makes perfect sense

"The search engine that doesn't track you"

"With a new extension for the web browser that does" #everythingGoogle

It still stands
Gothboy2020-02-05 20:35:04
if you haven't already, I recommend checking out attack on titan, hajime no ippo, devil may cry, and yu yu hakusho. If you've watched any of those I am interested in what you thought of them
Gothboy2018-12-03 00:09:59
Occasionally I go through these again and I noticed I commented back in just trying to figure out who the hell I was responding to and why lol. I don't see anyone named Shell in the comments here. I supposed I posted in the wrong place that day. Whoops :3
Gothboy2018-12-02 23:56:44
oh gosh this brings back memories! blood does make every game better >:D
Gothboy2018-12-02 23:48:24
"strangely, many of them run slower on a 3+ GHz computer with Windows 10 than they did on a Pentium-200 with Windows 95. Thanks Microsoft."

I've noticed some games that ran on xp/vista/7 smoothly - but when ran on windows 8/10 you get mass FPS drops - one game that comes to mind is Hard Time
Gothboy2018-02-06 09:41:16
Good to hear from you guys for once! Good topics.
Gothboy2018-02-02 08:45:06
@MICROWAVE fuck maps they were terrible and did not support dynamic shadows / daycycle : the game is not full of bugs unless you have some shit add-on installed that overwrites or interferes with default functionality. The GUI's could use a bit of work but its easily navigable and doesn't look like complete shit at least
Gothboy2018-01-12 16:12:35
Very Nice
Gothboy2017-12-15 14:35:01
Badspot, you should try doing a few small political comics, I bet they would be really great!
Gothboy2017-12-07 05:34:43
I don't blame those aliens for being pissed off. They were lied to, bamboozled, made a fool of, you might even say they were "tricked" into believing something they thought was true their entire space journey!
Gothboy2017-12-07 05:31:10
they outta start a gofundme to get there! 150 billion dollar goal for some cool pics and they might even throw in a half believable video of their neat CGI adventure : cant wait to tune in and watch it for real!
Gothboy2017-11-13 23:04:35
BURN! I mean those are some very nice shelves. It looks very organized and neat :)
Gothboy2017-10-10 05:17:40
All this time I've spent working hard in a factory could've been spent shitting out some half believable idea and asking for donations. Damn.
Gothboy2017-09-18 03:39:31
Loved playing this for GB back in the day
Gothboy2017-08-30 20:21:08
Love this one. So damn true. I'm gonna make sure my kids first handheld is my old gameboy color I still have tucked away somewhere
Gothboy2017-08-30 06:56:58
I'm glad you're still working on this, I can't wait to play the finished game
Gothboy2016-01-23 07:09:45
The Magical Girl Crowbar Sceptre definetly looked the most fucked up. I mean, did you see the shape of that thing?
Gothboy2016-01-23 07:06:37
Amazing research o.o