Are you quitting on me? Well are you? Then quit you slimy fucking walrus looking piece of shit! Get the fuck off of my obstacle! Get the fuck down off of my obstacle! Now! Move it! I'm gonna rip your balls off so you cannot contaminate the rest of the world!

-- Gunnery Sergeant Hartman, Full Metal Jacket

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Ronin2016-02-22 04:26:11
my body is ready
trogtor2016-02-22 05:06:55
i got that guys autograph
SWAT One/Tuevon2016-02-22 11:31:58
Now I'm imagining the drill sergeant with a Dress helmet. Gg.
Hitius2016-02-22 12:18:18
Jytgiugfuydutrdu2016-02-22 16:14:45
Avenger2016-02-26 01:58:03
CRITAWAKETS2016-02-29 20:16:49
This is MY OBSTACLE! Get the fuck down!
TheWoodenDoor2016-03-09 02:02:04
i need that autograph and i need it now
Cochroach2016-04-21 19:48:00
This is what happens when you are qutting Blockland and Badspot know that you are.
Grand Autismo2020-05-23 14:40:02
rip r lee ermey :((

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