Red Squiggles

The google chrome browser has a built in spell checker. When you are filling in a form and type a word that chrome does not recognize, it will underline it with a red squiggly line. Listed here are a number of words I have found that chrome does not recognize, but are in fact real words and curiously are even recognized by the google search engine. I have not done any research or datamining for this, I've just written the words down as I encounter them through normal usage.

Perhaps a poem could be written using only these words.

The List
  • amongst
  • haptic*
  • polycarbonate
  • leidenfrost
  • stupidness
  • briar
  • lingua franca
  • dialogs
  • Walther
  • ethernet1
  • unironically
  • unsalvageable
  • upvoting
  • pixelated
  • oxytocin2
  • qualia
  • incentivize
  • strappy
  • relatable*
  • fahrenheit
  • ethnicities
  • opioids
  • passivate
  • prosthetics
  • incentivize
  • gimbal
  • algorithmically
  • toxoplasmosis
  • mundanity
  • ad hominem
  • hypnogram
  • entendre
  • trapezius
  • commenter
  • judgements
  • pathologies
  • rasterization
  • inferencing
  • brainer3
  • opioid
  • theming
  • rpg
  • animatic
  • apologizer
  • styrofoam
  • Mossberg
  • Overton
  • 5G
  • covid
  • strawman
  • strawmen
  • veritas
  • chambering
  • pulverizer
  • supernormal
  • misandrist
  • autistically
  • outsized
  • donator
  • gatorade
  • recalibrate
1 Originally a trademark of Xerox, and hence capitalised, but this was relinquished during the standardization process, and it may now be written in lower case.(

2 Ocytocin is a hormone. Chrome offers to correct it to Oxycontin, which is the trademark name of a narcotic pain killer.

3 As in no-brainer.

* Fixed at some point after being added to this list.

G2020-12-19 06:14:53
Chrome in general seems to be a curious thing.
Antares2020-12-29 18:42:18
So I wasn't crazy at all. Most words in Dutch are also not recognized by the spell checker but in the search engine it is..
Blockland2021-01-10 22:49:30
so whens my next update?
Blockland2021-01-10 22:50:00
Czar2021-02-19 11:54:35
It's the end of the world!
FitnessGram2021-02-26 18:58:43

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