Steam Game Rankings

I have well over 500 games on steam. Here I shall rank them all, not only into one to five star categories but against each other, unreasonably comparing different genres and even different decades.

This not even remotely objective or fair. I am randomly factoring in cost, expectations, historical influence, nostalgia and mood.

This is a living document, a bunch of stuff is in the wrong order and competition for top and bottom slots is fierce. At any point I could replay a game and change my opinion entirely.

Points of Pride:

Completed - I finished the game. That probably counts for something.
100% Completed - After completing the game, I spent extra time finding all secrets, completing extra difficulty modes, or unlocking all achievements.
Cat2 Graphics - There are 3 categories of computer graphics:
  • Category 0 - Graphics so bad they drive players away.
  • Category 1 - The entirely irrelevant middle ground.
  • Category 2 - Graphics so good they bring players in.
Runs Well - Native resolution, high refresh rate support (120hz+) and a generally problem free experience contribute significantly to the quality of the experience. If I have to edit a config file the game cannot get this award.
Sex Appeal - For all the media huff, there's shockingly few games that actually have sexually attractive characters in them.
Profit - I some how made money on this game.
Cooperative - Game features a significant online co-op component.

Points of Shame:

4:3 Aspect Ratio - Widescreen monitors have been standard for well over a decade. There is no excuse.
Cat0 Graphics - The other category of graphics that matters.
Runs Like Shit - Has some significant technical problem that hurts the experience, including bad framerate, broken net code, compatibility problems, or bugs.
Game Cancer - The modern phenomenon of day 1 DLC, season passes, ludicrous paywalls, retailer exclusive content, pointless online logins, intrusive DRM, and general anti-consumer antics.


All Tags - You can filter the list of games by clicking on the tag images in this key. Click this one to show all games.

5 Star Games
My favorite games on Steam. Immediately compelling and fun games that are worth exploring to completion and revisiting.

4 Star Games
These are all exceptionally good, but not quite to the legendary status of the 5 star titles.

3 Star Games
Good games that I would recommmend, but they may have some problems or be slightly forgettable.

2 Star Games
Meh. Either there's something wrong or there's just nothing right. You might find something okay here if you're into a specific genre or get a game cheap, but I can't' recommend them.

1 Star Games
The exceptionally bad. Many of the games here actually make me angry to think about.

Nonnel2016-01-08 00:09:04
You've never played Garry's Mod? That's so weird to me.
FrankMHWhite2016-01-17 06:33:37
You mind if I borrow some of those disinterested games?
HellHound2016-01-18 14:35:44
It seems that there is a tag, "open-world" that is not mentioned in the beginning.
Badspot2016-01-18 21:20:46
You are mistaken.
Swollow2016-02-03 01:08:51
When you rank your own game 4 stars
Lord Tony2016-02-03 07:27:39
A 4 star rating on Blockland?
Lord Tony2016-02-03 07:35:07
I see Dead Space is on your unplayed list. It's kind of similar to Resident Evil 4 in terms of gameplay.

I liked the first game but I have no interest in the sequels.

I 100% the game on the PS3 only because I like collecting every trophy but I don't recommend it because my god it shows how tedious the game can get.
Nickel2016-02-04 15:20:20
I'm glad you rated Spelunky 5 star, you should try to complete a hell run on it, it adds some extra depth rather than just get to the end of the level.
Badspot2016-02-05 14:10:39
I have completed a hell run.
Rednakin2016-02-13 18:25:54
The source version of Half-Life is considered "notoriously buggy" by a lot of people. The original version also has lots of mods and an active community, so I wouldn't consider the game "irrelevant".
Taiku2016-03-02 04:30:54
You played F.3.A.R. but none of the previous games? You're missing out.
Pecon2016-03-07 20:36:34
I like how Skyrim is in both graphics tiers.
Weaver2016-03-11 11:04:23
If you haven't played Fable: The Lost Chapters, I recommend it. It's much more entertaining than Fable II and III.
2016-04-03 08:17:29
Blockland should be in both "runs well" and "runs like shit".
Majorth2016-04-16 20:44:04
>Runs well

Majorth2016-04-16 20:48:21
Very interesting list nonetheless. Also I find that Terraria runs quite well? Or am I mistaken?
Taiku2016-04-19 04:31:23
Half Life: Source takes out the ability to gib dead bodies and replaces it with some rubber chicken bullshit. 0/10
Trudeau2016-05-08 05:53:30
when you rate blockland higher than fucking half-life 2
SuperSuit122016-06-23 00:46:10
For Q. U. B. E., the Director's Cut thing has dialogue, and the original didn't. Story's irrelevant and you don't get a choice in the ending. Wait until your computer dies because trusting person B isn't an option or trust person A and not person B. It's like the Portal dialogue, except it isn't funny and has nothing to do with the game. So, basically, someone's talking to you and you can't respond, then you jump into a door whether you want to or not because the game isn't programmed to respond to a player who just doesn't.

Fun game though.
Dominus2016-08-08 10:52:16
strange to see skyrim in the "4 star category"
if you think the graphics are shit, download some 4k ENB's.
Badspot2016-08-08 14:42:56
Skyrim doesn't stand up to anything I've put in the 5 star category. It's not even close. Also if you look carefully, you'll see I placed it in both the "bad graphics" and "good graphics" categories because somehow Bethesda makes quantum entangled graphics that are simultaneously amazing and shit.

Also I can't be bothered to try and piece together the right mods to fix the game and worry about compatibility issues and management tools and crap. I'm trying to play a game not develop one.
Blueham2016-08-24 14:25:42
Hey, the YS I part has some sort of issue as in there's two sets of text on top of each other.
Badspot2016-08-25 02:00:33
>two sets of text on top of each other

I'm not seeing this problem.
2016-09-09 07:39:02
Sanctum 1 is a really fun FPS/tower defense hydrid, you should give it a go since it's great in co-op. Didn't care for the second one as much even though it actually has a story.
mann2016-11-01 00:16:32
why isnt blockland at the very bottom
Blueham2016-11-19 19:09:22
Oh, sorry about that (3 messages above me), I don't see any problem now, should've refreshed.
Kore2017-06-27 00:26:31
Play The Long Dark
Badspot2017-07-03 07:27:50
>The Long Dark

I'm not really interested in crafting systems or unfinished games.
Taiku2019-09-28 21:45:44
Receiver got an update to its codebase that's supposed to drastically improve its performance, so its point of shame of running like garbage probably doesn't apply anymore.
Dummy2020-09-05 01:03:54
The content isn't being displayed
Badspot2020-09-08 03:22:53
manteuro2020-12-08 23:02:32
where is dark souls ?
Badspot2020-12-09 18:51:57
I have never played dark souls. It honestly doesn't look very fun, looks very slow and punishing with long commit times to attacks and arbitrary boss patterns to memorize.
manteuro2020-12-10 00:30:00
understandable, unless the game grabs you its not going to be a very good experience. same goes for something like bloodborne. theres immense levels of satisfaction on par with something like a hell run in spelunky. but it is presented through mechanics that not everyone will agree with.

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