Comic Perfect Design
"The design is perfect, it's just never been implemented properly"

unova2020-03-17 23:11:35
mind explaining the joke?
Badspot2020-03-17 23:18:48
True surrealism has never been tried.
cum2020-03-17 23:32:55
badspot is still a closeted transwoman
unova2020-03-17 23:33:08
that's... i'm not sure any of the red menace are still alive to approve of this comic anyway
Badspot2020-03-18 01:47:05
>i'm not sure any of the red menace are still alive

Maybe you should try visiting a university or viewing social media.
louka2020-12-27 15:16:40
^2021-02-22 01:58:01
He mad lol
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