Comic The Moon
No Refunds.


Panel 1
Earth Tourism Bureau Guide:
* Tides!
* Light at night!
* Menstrual Cycles

Panel 2
[Actual moon appears very small]

Panel 3
[Alien tourists are disappointed]

Spacedog2017-12-07 01:05:16
Nice comic man keep up the great work bud
Gothboy2017-12-07 10:31:10
they outta start a gofundme to get there! 150 billion dollar goal for some cool pics and they might even throw in a half believable video of their neat CGI adventure : cant wait to tune in and watch it for real!
Gothboy2017-12-07 10:34:43
I don't blame those aliens for being pissed off. They were lied to, bamboozled, made a fool of, you might even say they were "tricked" into believing something they thought was true their entire space journey!
GooderPudding2017-12-14 06:54:14
Very Good!
Sad Consumer2017-12-15 00:56:08
My Blockland copy on Steam doesn't work, my wont validate, I want a refund.
Sad Consumer2017-12-15 00:57:14
The key wont validate*
Sad Consumer2017-12-15 01:02:26
More people also have this issue

Gothboy2017-12-15 19:35:01
Badspot, you should try doing a few small political comics, I bet they would be really great!
gout2017-12-24 02:58:05
hows the gout
Antares2017-12-28 23:10:42
> More people also have this issue


Put Blockland on your desktop and open it then. Blockland may be in a Administrator map were it can't write the key.dat file, as far I remember.
Badspot'2018-01-03 23:35:25
I suck at this stuff unfortunately
Shitting Dick Nipples2020-12-01 20:58:11
The moon is always depicted as being bigger in Tv shows and Movies and what not

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