Computer Gaming World #251 page 48 May 2005
Computer Gaming World had a little blurb about Blockland in the context of Garry's Mod.



Concerned that li'l bro might try restaging Caligula with the cast of Half-Life 2? Free, fam-friendly download Blockland ( lets you build whatever you want with Lego-like bricks.

legopoop2010-09-02 03:20:16
luckybuzz5102012-04-22 12:45:56
RobloxLover1234652013-03-27 19:23:03
Badspot2013-03-30 00:25:29

I know it's hard to believe but 2005 was a real year! It happened before you were born.
Legodude2013-06-18 11:13:06
Gytyyhgfffff2013-07-12 00:21:10
2005 was a real year? Trippy, dude.
Epicnoob2014-08-17 00:32:45
Why is Everyone Confused that 2005 was a real year? Of course it is a real year!
PlayerX2016-01-07 05:10:45
Your game was on the same page as Half-Life 2. That's something to be proud of, Badspot.
PlayerX2016-01-07 05:11:08
Whoops, I mean Garry's Mod. Thought it was Half-Life 2.
Superepic2017-08-17 06:03:39
Yep, really something to be proud of!
Badspotw2019-02-23 18:20:14
RetroMan44432020-09-26 23:45:31
why "<>"

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