Antares2023-09-22 20:11:14
I was watching some home video's from the nineties. Even the 90's woman looked hotter then today.
Antares2022-12-22 18:43:32
> Still weird how there's no male characters, and the player has the option to strip female avatar's clothes down to their bare nipples... Badspot, explain...

Only real men want a game filled with (naked) female characters. We need this Malibu Club in Port Town.
Antares2020-12-29 13:42:18
So I wasn't crazy at all. Most words in Dutch are also not recognized by the spell checker but in the search engine it is..
Antares2020-10-31 12:06:07
@Mister Lonely - The biggest thing that made Blockland great and fun was that people could make their own maps with interiors. In these maps you had the chance to unleash your fantasy and make a space, planets, medieval or city map with lots of fun places to discover.

Check out this trailer video about a space map I made in Blockland Classic Mod. Blockland Classic Mod is an upgraded version of the prototype Blockland with Retail-like features and style.


If you saw the video, you'll know why Blockland has become bored.
Antares2020-04-14 12:21:26
@Badspot - Do you have any plans to recreate Age of Time on Torque 3D once the newest 4.0 release is out?
Antares2020-02-25 12:03:13
Poor cats..
Antares2020-02-17 15:59:45
Any plans for making a new RPG in Torque 3D? It would be nice to see some kind of polished Age of Time version.
Antares2020-01-26 08:25:41
The best move would be to remake Blockland on Torque 3D, Badspot. T3D lets users create realistic terrain maps.

See how BeamNG started on Torque 3D in January 2013.

Video -
Antares2020-01-26 08:20:17
I have setup a playlist on YouTube with four tutorials to get into Age of Time. You can find it here:

We also had a party with 10+ people three days ago. See the video back here:
Antares2018-07-05 16:43:07
You should use the new SMF version 2.x. Wonderful software and much better.
Antares2017-12-28 18:10:42
> More people also have this issue


Put Blockland on your desktop and open it then. Blockland may be in a Administrator map were it can't write the key.dat file, as far I remember.
Antares2017-12-04 19:08:42
> Damn Torque had some good graphics in 2002.

Torque Game Engine was the most popular engine back in the days. GarageGames was pretty alone back then I've read. I hope they fix up Torque Game Engine and re-release it to the public with some shader update. Would be amazing.
Antares2017-12-01 20:26:51
> Torque IS open source, and he CAN release the source.

No. Torque 3D is open source, Torque Game Engine not.
Antares2017-06-27 08:59:01
> Have you ever thought about releasing the code for Age of Time? The game had so much potential I think if you passed the reins someone could pick it up and really take off with it. I would love to see a revival of this game.

Badspot can't release the source code of Age Of Time. This is against the rules of GarageGames since Torque Game Engine is not a free open source platform, if I'm correct.

What Badspot should do is bring back the Host and Join Servers back in Age Of Time. Imagine all the custom maps and add-ons that can be made for the game.
Antares2017-06-26 19:24:54
The joking comments are annoying right now.

Badspot, hopefully you will find a solution to rebuild the Blockland forum theme. Ever thought of upgrading to SMF 2.0.x?
Antares2017-06-26 07:05:04
@Crux GodzZ I captured some chatlog by other people.

> I'm supposed to be playing Blockland, but one error kicked my ass last night..
> Is it the crasher27?
> Yeah, the crasher27.
> Who is the crasher27?
> Some say the crasher27 was the first Blockland player ever, born from fire.
> I heard the crasher27 can take down a website with a single button.
> I once heard the crasher27 took down all Blockland servers with a single blow.
Antares2017-06-26 05:11:00
What happened to the forum last night?
Antares2017-01-31 18:40:04
Badspot, do you have more screenshots what Blockland was like in mid 2005? If I dig back into your archive you wanted to finish a new version for Blockland Vanilla, I'd believe it had to be v0003.

Antares2016-03-23 05:04:10
Dangit, the video doesn't work anymore.
Antares2011-12-21 14:27:14
Age Of Time should get her last version. Where you can host and join servers again. That would be awesome.
Antares2011-01-01 15:17:54
> Ok, I like!!!!!! Please make a AoT2 and make male models, with the base format of the old game, and jeeps, guns, tanks, whips... OOOOOOOOOhhhhhhh I am getting tingly just thinking about it!!!

Badspot isn't going to make a sequel to Age of Time. He can't keep two games into his hands, and Blockland is on the first place the important game for him. Because thousands of people play it now.
Antares2011-01-01 15:05:20
Woman love space too!
Antares2010-08-16 18:17:16
Wait the girl only carry an pink outfit without bra, panties or anything else? I would bang that slut on the kitchen table.
Antares2010-08-16 18:10:49
Lolol, this owns any other art work!
Antares2010-08-16 18:08:24
I wonder what would happen if an brunette girl broken into Eric's house, and entered the bathroom where Eric is taking a shower...
Antares2010-07-26 14:14:22
Because Badspot can prove he isn't gay.
Antares2010-07-17 13:10:19
The male models crashing Blockland. :C
The penis using 600,000 polygens. :C
Antares2010-07-17 13:07:45
@ (IP:
Download and purchase it on
Antares2009-09-05 05:37:22
Age of Time is still cool for new players.