rgd table couple


Can someone please draw my girlfriend and I?
Coming up on 4 years and I'd like to get an image of us printed and framed.

I deliberately sabotaged this image by moving her hand to the front, making it look like there are some shenanigans going on under the table. One commenter picked up on this remarking, "it looks a little bit like there are shenanigans going on under the table".

Requester seemed unconcerned. I can only assume this piece is now hanging proudly on their wall, making company feel awkward.

Bester Bageler2013-12-13 00:22:03
It's nice how she is smiling about it.
Goldstein2014-07-16 20:00:41
Moving her hand was a douchey move. Nice art regardless. Haven't been on this website in quite a while.
Shrek2014-10-27 06:32:59
Oh god his eyes
Donkey2015-03-18 21:43:35
what the2020-11-24 21:23:39

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