Badspot2024-06-15 16:15:40
I'll have you know that copy of DOA came straight from a certified real life dumpster along with the xbox.
Badspot2024-06-10 17:43:23
I have added entries for Hades 2, South of Midnight, Star Wars Outlaws, Silent Hill 2 Remake, Metal Gear Solid Delta, and Perfect Dark. This makes the article inconveniently long, but the world is not a convenient place.
Badspot2024-05-22 19:18:05
I made two posts in the BLF furry thread about this:

Note that the post is 8 years old, and the image it quotes is 16 years old. But my main complaint about furries is still aesthetics. If every fursona just had an normal-ish looking face instead of a big slobbering jowly Don Bluth dog mouth, I don't think there would be nearly as much conflict.

But for a lot of furries the disgust reaction seems to be the goal - they get off on it, like a flasher. I have a theory that this may be autism related in some cases, where the offender misinterprets the signals they are getting from others, so when they see someone be disgusted they feel arousal.

It may also tie into the intestinal-parasites-make-you-gay theory, where disgusting activities are connected to sexual desire in order to spread parasitic worms.
Badspot2024-05-11 04:34:37
Thanks for letting me know.

The HDD filled up due to mysql logging a complete database restoration. It should be fixed now.
Badspot2024-05-09 08:39:40
Solvespace is a CAD program. OpenSCAD is a programming language. They're not even remotely comparable.
Badspot2024-04-27 22:06:45
If I want to play Zelda, I have the grey and gold carts to choose from. This yellow version of the cart was only issued to Nintendo authorized repair centers and thus has a very high value as a collector's item. The internal board and rom are the same as the commercial release.
Badspot2024-04-14 10:23:44
@WhiteShark Thanks for heads up. You can post URLs, you just cant do html or bbcode links, because spam bots do those like crazy.
Badspot2024-04-13 01:35:00
Yes, that's the joke. You found it. Good job.
Badspot2024-04-06 19:57:15
You can hold Q to suicide.
Badspot2024-04-04 16:05:52
>gets up, grunting, brutally disarmed

None of these things effect the shape of the model.

>You also chose the 240p video for the source

I took the screenshot directly from the video game myself. You can view it on my steam profile here:
You can even see fraps running in the corner.


Here is a plain screenshot of gameplay: She has been purposefully de-sexualized from her prior appearances, even from prior games within this reboot arc.

>Her ugliness is not political. Her image is supposed to convey a mean, naturalistic, brutal emotions, not cause sexual arousal

Even assuming this is true (it isn't), this would be a change from her depiction in previous games and indeed, any depiction of an "amazon" and even common usage of the word. "Amazon" implies an tall, athletic, attractive woman, not a brute, not an anti-hero. Wonder Woman is an amazon.

Sure you can subvert that, but you'll be making a statement - especially if you're subverting an already existing character.

>How would this be of any relevance?

Because Harmony is presented sexually, in a performative defilement of aesthetics. The characters in GTA:SA wear greasy tank tops, they get hair cuts, they go to the gym - they are intentionally banal and profane. Harmony is on a stage, in fantastical clothing, presented as a sacred object, with the goal of confronting and challenging normal heterosexual desires. And I'd bet that if you asked the designer (tactfully) they would agree with me.
Badspot2024-03-29 16:24:38
I have added entries for Pokemon GO, some Microsoft BS, and Battlefield 2042.
Badspot2024-03-28 23:28:15
>Lara from the new games is still hot, but you deliberately picked some mishap of a screenshot to demonstrate otherwise

I don't know what to tell you man. It's an unmodified screenshot from the game. You can watch the cutscene here: The male character is fucked up looking too. I think they de-sexualized everyone by shrinking the shoulders and inflating the waists. Given the high graphical competency of the rest of the game, I figure it must have been done on purpose.

>the muscle argument maybe only proves some technical/design issues

The technical issue is that women don't have muscles like that, so when you add them artificially in a post process, it looks weird.

>She's supposed to be ugly

So you're saying she's... ugly on purpose? [opening theme song plays]

>the characterless anime-like doll from your "excellent fanart" makes me cringe a little bit

Why do you hate women?

>Bet you didn't cry about Big Smoke from GTA:SA being a lardass, did you?

I didn't play San Andreas. Did Big Smoke make bedroom eyes and twerk into the camera while morbidly obese black men seal-clapped and shouted "yass king represent" on social media?
Badspot2023-12-28 22:56:19
17 years later, I finally watched End of Evangelion and I was surprised to see that Rei is actually consumed by a giant fat guy who looks like this. It's in the movie. I inadvertently made an ingenious reference to something I hadn't seen.
Badspot2023-11-22 16:01:46
Bruh I didn't overdose, I was poisoned.
Badspot2023-10-01 16:27:25
Only honest comment so far.
Badspot2023-08-28 20:24:09
The machine itself was only $150 off craigslist, but I replaced the monitor and built a custom control panel with light up buttons and a trackball. All in it's probably north of $2000.
Badspot2023-08-10 11:06:41
I'd consider it completed rather than abandoned. It's been running on my arcade machine for over a decade and does what I need it to do.

I did hack in support for the PACLED led driver on my local build to make my buttons blink, but I've done zero compatibility testing and it's been several years since I've looked at the code.
Badspot2023-08-04 16:35:39
This is the bizarro world version of "she breathes through her skin"
Badspot2023-07-02 22:11:47
What if you posted about Blockland in the Blockland article instead of spamming under a list of ugly video game women? Your lack of respect for organization does not bode well.
Badspot2023-06-30 00:10:09
Just to clarify, I'm not angry at you if you like borderlands. It's just that my time playing it was pure suffering.

It's not a moral failing if you like a bad game.
Badspot2023-06-29 21:20:35
I have no idea how you could possibly think that. Everything about the game is terrible. The shooting mechanics, the writing, the voices. Oh god the voices, a wacky voice dripping with irony and pop culture references is not funny. Being annoying on purpose is still annoying.

There's a whole video essay about the writing style:

The problem is he tries to say that Borderlands fell off and it used to be good, which is just not true. It was always bad. He was just to young to know better during the first two games. His brain turned on and finally realized it was shit. Gearbox makes shit games. Literally every game after Half-Life: Opposing Force has been garbage.
Badspot2023-06-26 16:00:29
I made a lego game. I like legos. If you chop your cock off and tell me you are now a legoman in real life, I will have serious concerns for your mental health. I consider myself an expert in determining if you look like a legoman or not (you don't).
Badspot2023-06-24 23:39:14
FAQ Updated.

>Ever notice how there are no bald video game heroes?
Hitman 47. Kratos. Kratos even did the beard compensation thing. If you're trying to make a lolbaldspot joke, I already did that in the Diablo 4 section.
Badspot2023-04-22 22:05:17
I have played Amid Evil and didn't like it.
Badspot2023-02-22 19:10:20
Badspot2022-07-05 11:47:20
If you're using some random garbo controller, you're might have to rebind the controls. It just uses direct input, it's not programmed for your special controller.
Badspot2022-05-28 19:11:59
Just press jump on player 2. I just tried it and it works.
Badspot2022-03-07 14:36:43
I wouldn't have to filter by word if rom dumps didn't include tens of thousands of unplayable garbage roms. The issue is further complicated by GoodTools messing up their utilities intentionally to protect their precious database.

Maybe some day I'll go full cat rodeo and make a comprehensive game and rom un-fucker, but not today.
Badspot2022-03-07 14:31:49
It should work with any game controller that works in windows. You might have to reconfigure the controls. Feel free to just plug things into your computer and find out.
Badspot2022-03-04 12:45:26
>Use multiple xbox controllers or rebind controls in options menu
Badspot2022-03-02 23:27:45
Badspot2022-01-29 17:13:52
5 new ones added.
Badspot2022-01-16 17:38:53
Yes. Serial Experiments Lain, Appleseed Alpha, Angel's Egg, Vivy - Flourite Eye's Song, and Angel Beats are recent additions. I also watched Redline but haven't added it to the list yet.
Badspot2021-11-04 19:48:06
One guy I banned joined the kiwi farms (founded by another banned blocklander) and then became a school shooter. Another guy swatted a wallmart and his forum records were subpoenaed. Overall I'd say my character judgments have proven quite accurate.

Blockland is not a subscription service. It is not early access. My development efforts enabled thousands of user add-ons, which is more than enough. I owe you nothing. The kids at the school you are planning on shooting up do not owe you their suffering. Leave them be.
Badspot2021-08-18 00:34:04
Online multiplayer in a game with strong player interaction like this is not easy to implement. A video streaming solution like steam's remote play together might work.
Badspot2020-12-09 13:51:57
I have never played dark souls. It honestly doesn't look very fun, looks very slow and punishing with long commit times to attacks and arbitrary boss patterns to memorize.
Badspot2020-11-15 12:20:23
The server runs on a VPS instance that I need for other purposes, so putting AoT on it as well doesn't really cost anything. A few years ago I set it up to automatically restart once a week and I haven't checked on it since.
Badspot2020-10-09 23:17:32
If this works for you, be sure to post a follow up.
Badspot2020-09-07 23:22:53
Badspot2020-06-15 14:54:36
Yeah Apple pulls the rug out from under developers for the 500th time and Badspot won't even re-engineer the entire rendering pipeline from scratch so 4 idiots can keep playing on their shiny overpriced shit boxes.
Badspot2020-05-07 00:04:35
z. Read the description.
Badspot2020-03-29 11:50:09
In the browser version or the download version? What is your monitor resolution?
Badspot2020-03-25 22:48:17
About 40% of my comics here do not feature a hot girl.
Badspot2020-03-21 16:12:30
You may have to reload the page with ctrl+F5 to clear the cached version.
Badspot2020-03-17 21:47:05
>i'm not sure any of the red menace are still alive

Maybe you should try visiting a university or viewing social media.
Badspot2020-03-17 19:18:48
True surrealism has never been tried.
Badspot2020-03-04 06:02:45
It actually does work on chrome mobile if you enable OTG and plug in a keyboard or Xbox 360 controller. Might be worth fixing up a little, but I'm not interested in touch screen platforming.
Badspot2020-02-27 04:25:58
Believe it or not, yes. I have abandoned it at times but I am actually making a push to get it done now. The scope has somewhat spiraled out of control with level and avatar mods, unlockable hats, and all sorts of gizmos. Way too many levels.
Badspot2020-02-18 13:45:06
>Also what the fuck, you can't just say they're "manipulating autocomplete results" with no evidence.

There is literally a video of it at the top of the page that I recorded myself.

>What? No he's not.

Yes he is. He came to this page right here and commented that I have "no care for gender equality". What the fuck does manipulating auto-complete results to show male insults but hide female insults have to do with "gender equality"? His comment only makes sense if you understand "equality" to mean "active discrimination".
Badspot2019-11-29 14:04:12
There, I converted it. It's getting grainier and grainier because I don't know where the original file is, if it still exists anywhere.
Badspot2019-11-27 18:29:50
I haven't made all the gifs yet. I needed a breather, there's a lot of text on this page.
Badspot2019-11-27 18:28:26
The files are still there, they're just .flv format and flash player is pretty dead now. I have the original .avi files for some things, I just have to re-encode them.
Badspot2019-11-19 10:06:47
I made romshelf to actually play games, and as you pointed out, DS emulation was shitty, and honestly it probably is still shitty and always will be because of the dual screen hardware and having to map touch screen elements onto controller buttons.
Badspot2019-11-05 22:00:39
r2001 fixed an issue with connection retries stopping early (found by rotondo) and fixed script/exe version mismatch on MAC. It may also have broken sound on MAC, but I can't test it because my mac won't recognize any sound devices any more, also the version of macOS that I have is no longer supported by steam, also new versions of macOS are going to drop support for openGL which is required for Blockland so I don't really give a fuck about anything on the mac anymore.
Badspot2019-07-26 18:56:50
>seriously the Wii remote still does not work
The browser version uses a magical subset of direct input, I don't know how it works. If you have a problem you're on your own. Plug in an xbox controller.

The downloaded version uses real direct input via sdl, it should display the name of the controller and everything. If you're using some ghetto hacked wiimote driver that doesn't support direct input correctly, you're on your own. Plug in an xbox controller.
Badspot2019-05-21 03:00:35
This appears to be a bug. Change your "Rom Directory" to be an absolute path, like "C:\roms\NES" or "C:\romshelf\roms\NES", then click "save settings", then click "regenerate rom list"
Badspot2019-05-19 03:43:02
>error "double route"

I don't understand what this is.
Badspot2019-04-30 22:26:43
No, all lego stuff was removed before retail release.
Badspot2019-04-14 17:24:49
I can't believe retards are still getting BTFO'd by a cartoon I drew in 5 minutes 11 years ago.
Badspot2019-04-13 19:56:38
Badspot2019-04-12 19:35:47
That's a feature my dude.
Badspot2019-01-05 23:42:25
Running through the exits, and the interactive bonus and Daisy rooms are design decisions and I think they're fun. I would rather interact with something than watch a canned animation. A lot of people get a laugh when they discover that they can preemptively kill daisy with super balls.

Music looping is tricky because they're midi remixes I found online rendered into .ogg files. Also some sound functions are broken in the browser, which is why coin collection sounds stack up instead of repeating - so looping seamlessly might not even be possible.

>After second boss I loaded to the left of an invisible barrier

From dying to Daisy or just from spawning in? Do you have an ultra-wide monitor?
Badspot2018-12-28 13:31:28
What features would you like to see in an update?
Badspot2018-12-11 14:54:51
The thing is that I don't enjoy the experience of playing a game on a phone. The only reason I would dive into mobile development is to make a non-action game or to rake in cash from idiots.
Badspot2018-12-11 11:35:21
Probably. The browser version already runs on my 5 year old phone with an xbox controller plugged into it.
Badspot2018-11-01 12:48:37
There's a few hours of planned maintenance at the hosting provider.
Badspot2018-10-26 12:47:04
I have no idea what you're doing. Just download the zip file and extract it, don't try to save the web page or whatever.
Badspot2018-10-26 11:54:13
I made this in Macromedia Flash over 13 years ago. But I do still have the files and I have uploaded them for you if you really want them
Badspot2018-10-22 21:42:24
All of these games are working for me. If you're having a problem, describe it.
Badspot2018-10-18 03:19:00
Yeah that sounds like an oversight on my part.
Badspot2018-10-07 23:50:03
Currently it's hardcoded for multiplayer. I think you could make the other players join, control the one you want, then hold the suicide button on the others to remove them.
Badspot2018-08-19 18:27:28
You can also directly load a map from the command line like so:
MarioLandfun.exe -map 1-1
Badspot2018-08-19 18:25:45
The color filtering is part of the map data. You can edit the data/*.map files in any text editor and change the "COLOR" lines. Be careful because the map parser is not very error tolerant.

You can also open the .tmx files in a program called TilEd if you want to make your own levels
Badspot2018-07-31 18:38:04
I assure you they are separate parts and can be pressed. They are both made out of aluminum though.
Badspot2018-07-24 21:19:49
There's maybe $200 worth of parts in the prototype bot here, then another $150 or so for the controller. The whole project including mistakes, spare parts and tooling was probably around $2000

If you were going to make a just-for-fun kit, you could probably reduce the price by using plastic gears, a smaller battery, and a simpler way to put the frame together. There would still be too much hand labor involved in attaching the gears to the wheels though.
Badspot2018-07-18 22:33:41
^^^ South America ladies and gentlemen.
Badspot2018-07-06 17:31:17
To clarify, it was not some mass brigade of toxic Blocklanders that brought the site down, it was just me clicking 20 times the same way any other user would when the page doesn't respond.
Badspot2018-07-06 16:29:57
Well if that's true, at least the correct people will be suffering. Anyway it's a moot point because it looks like they already figured out the proper solution of removing the feature.
Badspot2018-07-06 15:09:39
Twitter also sucks. I did a rant
Badspot2018-07-06 14:11:27
>would you ever consider changing forum software?

I think I'm going to end up writing my own.
Badspot2018-07-06 13:23:08
>Badspot, are you trying to implement key authentication & ads into SMF 2.0.15? That would explain why it's taking so long to "setup"

There are almost 10 million posts, just restoring a backup takes a few hours. Then there's the upgrade script which takes another few hours, then you gotta copy over 6GB+ of attachments, etc. I've got it set up now but it requires a bunch of hacks just to make it usable and not retarded.

Just now, I accidentally took down the official SMF forum by clicking the topic sorting links too fast a couple of times. It's complete clown shoes.
Badspot2018-07-05 17:22:31
Most of the posts were made from proxies, but several compromised accounts were logged into from the IP
Searching Blockland activity for this ip shows Blockland ID 214800, tied to the banned forum account "sock-o", email address [email protected]
Additionally, after kompressor's account was compromised, the email was changed to [email protected]
His steam account (NSWF) has a profile picture of a naked man with an erection with the name changed to "<-- Visolator", with the ascii arrow pointing to the picture.
Badspot2018-07-05 14:41:58
The login system on the SMF 1.1.20 forum is compromised in some way that allows an attacker to log in to seemingly any account. I received reports that this is from a vulnerability in the email password recovery feature, but some compromised accounts did not have the email recovery triggered and did not have their password changed. Perhaps there is more than one vulnerability.

I am going to setup SMF 2.0.15 at least as a temporary measure.
Badspot2018-06-22 21:58:28
3D Studio Max
Badspot2018-06-10 02:13:17

You can post urls, you just can't post html tags because that's what spam bots do.
Badspot2018-04-09 01:03:20
This is a single existing cabinet that I have converted to MAME and replaced the control panel on.
Badspot2018-01-11 01:08:40
Just by making that comment here on this page, you're tacitly admitting that "gender equality" is code for anti-male discrimination. Being simultaneously anti-discrimination and pro-privacy is not a contradictory position. If making a strong argument for this position makes you not like me as a person, that really says more about you than it does about me.
Badspot2017-12-03 20:06:14
There is a log, and if you open the console (~), type trace(1); and press enter, it will log every function call. Do this, duplicate the crash, post your console.log file, and I will attempt to figure out what dumbass thing you've done to make a basic directory listing not work.
Badspot2017-11-24 09:29:41
A user level program can't hard freeze your computer on its own - the problem would have to be at the driver or hardware level. You could fiddle around with the driver or power saving settings for your video card or just make the thing not sleep.
Badspot2017-11-13 09:53:29
Yes, there are many compartments for small parts.
Badspot2017-11-08 21:06:44
Muzo has actually been delivered to backers.

ElectroBOOM review:
Badspot2017-10-12 14:53:37
Hmm, the juisir doesn't have the drm fruit bags and it hasn't reached the delivery date yet, so we'll just keep an eye on it for now.
Badspot2017-10-12 14:29:12


>How about the Juicero?

That wasn't crowd funded though... but wtf I just googled and there's an identical scam JUISIR that got $570k on kickstarter. And apparently there was a direct pre-order magic credit card thing called "plastic" that got a cool 9mil. The ride never ends!
Badspot2017-10-10 20:35:22
>Cicret Bracelet?

Oh yeah, that was a good one. I've added it.
Badspot2017-10-10 00:14:55
The LGBTQ2AIIPPoC cannot exist, xe is too pure for this world.
Badspot2017-10-08 17:29:22
Hmm, I guess I'll make it link to their website even though it's terrible.
Badspot2017-08-30 09:18:21
That's the commentators's desk. Calling robot fights for 3 days is rough on your voice.
Badspot2017-08-30 04:32:53
I thought you were dead.
Badspot2017-08-29 02:11:38
In nestopia, options->preferences->Switch to fullscreen on startup
Badspot2017-08-27 18:30:14
You have to set the command line parameters. Something like this: