Headphone warning, sorry for the clipping but I didn't want to re-record it. Also on the list of things that suck today: the default chrome video player which doesn't have a volume adjustment?

To be fair, I probably should have just sent the issue to the SMF team but it's not a security issue, it's a basic feature that doesn't work. It's not even obscure it's at the top of every page.

But yo if there's a link on any of my pages that crashes the server please tell me and don't click on it.

RET2018-07-06 19:42:01
I feel the site's held by glue and tape at times. That Twitter "technical limitations" thing actually tells you if there are excess replies; however this garbage you're experiencing is random and caused by unreliability AKA you aren't deemed significant enough for such a feature.

Additionally, there's a slew of users unable to view their own Tweets in general.
Professor Shoulders2018-07-06 19:51:25
Stop justifying2018-07-06 20:00:08
Stop trying to justify your bullshit. You encourage people to, in your own words, "DoS the Simple Machines forum" on your Twitter account. It's not a top-secret thing, but you still encouraged a community of actively malicious people to DoS a website.
Badspot2018-07-06 20:29:57
Well if that's true, at least the correct people will be suffering. Anyway it's a moot point because it looks like they already figured out the proper solution of removing the feature.
2018-07-06 20:46:01
"stop justifying" is probably the same twit that posted this on the main support forum
I posted a reply and so far have been only met by fanboyism for a forum software with swiss cheese security with a server held up by string
Badspot2018-07-06 21:31:17
To clarify, it was not some mass brigade of toxic Blocklanders that brought the site down, it was just me clicking 20 times the same way any other user would when the page doesn't respond.
Weathernerd2018-07-06 22:43:02
The fact that there is a forum that would DoS if you did that is absurd. I honestly laughed at the fact that you caused it to happen in that way.
Fuck SMF2018-07-07 01:12:49
Use something modern and actually good/fast like XenForo. (It's still php)
ellis man2018-07-07 03:12:21
why not use the same forum thing that roblox used
joe4112018-07-07 03:30:29
Is there any other, better forum software out there?
fuvkasz2018-07-07 03:52:53
i bet even proboards works better than this shit
chappers2018-07-07 07:06:42
he probably blocked you tbh
eth2018-07-07 19:47:39
Trogtor2018-07-07 19:49:10
Here at Simple Machine Forum, we spend our days living by the honor system. We expect all of our users to be kind and to not take advantage of our fragile forum system.
nul2018-07-08 05:32:13
"i mean, sorry, but its something you should have revealed to the retard team of smf themselves instead of the people viewing your profile waiting for your SMF forum to go up"

This is the reply if you wanted to see it.
SPRITE2018-07-08 18:29:58
just use mybb or phpbb
ChexGuy2018-07-09 09:18:59
it's funny when you click outside of an expanded tweet (to close it) and it takes you to the previous page instead of just closing the tweet

probably doesn't describe it well so for me it's like

looking at a user's profile -> click home -> expand tweet on TL, then close and end up back at the user's profile instead of twitter home

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