Ugly on Purpose

They're making people ugly on purpose. Why? Who knows. Some say it's because they've sworn allegiance to the dark lord and the resulting unnatural blood lust drives them to deprive humanity of all that is divine and beautiful. To create world where joy is simply unknown, to reflect the pitch black ichor that flows within their soul.

Mass Effect: Andromeda
Mass Effect is series of sci-fi action role playing games, featuring a large cast of characters some of whom the player can romance. One of the most popular romanceable characters from original trillogy was Liara T'Soni, a member of the all female, blue-skinned, Asari race. She was quite popular: That's why for the 4th installment, Andromeda, they introduced an Asari named Peebee:
Yes, that is intended to be a female that the player might be interested in having a romantic relationship with. Producing defective artwork like this indicates a defective mind, so it is unsurprising that the game was also plagued with technical problems and design issues.

Anon Reacts
Anonymous 4chan user gives his opinion on Peebee's face reveal.

Horizon Zero Dawn
Horizon: Zero Dawn is a poorly named third person action game where you fight robot dinosaurs.

Concept art for the main character, Aloy, was created by Lois van Baarle aka Loish:

Let's see how the in-game model turned out:
Eugh. In the sequel it somehow got worse:
A promotional image was released to show of the improved power of the new generation Playstation:
This image caused lots of arguments across social media. It usually went something like this:

Person A: Aloy is ugly, look at her beard.
Person B: Haha, women have hair on their skin irl. You have never been near a woman.

Interestingly, both people are correct and incorrect in this case. Aloy is profoundly ugly, intentionally so. This is obvious to the layman, but they do not have the analytical ability or artistic knowledge to point out exactly why she is so unnattractive, so they just pick up on the most obvious thing which is the amount of visible hair on her skin. The reason they pick up on this is because the artist intentionally emphasized it. They modeled those hairs, shaded them, and chose the lighting so that they were one of the most visible features of the image.

Women do have hairs on their skin, this is true. Women also have thousands of dust mites crawling around on their face eating dead skin cells, but I think we can agree if you rendered all of them it would be disgusting. When you create work of art, you start with nothing. Every line drawn or feature carved is a statement that is added to the work by the author. When you model all these hairs and adjust the lighting so it shines through her ear and off her face, what you're saying as an artist is "hey look how hairy this gal's ears and face are".

The fact that something exists does not mean you should depict it in detail. Like imagine there was a detailed scene of Aloy taking a shit and the defense was 'women poop in real life, have you never seen a real woman?'

Your opponent's lack of sexual experience, while amusing, is not relevant in this case. When you're with someone romantically you're probably not going to be critically analyzing their features unless you're roleplaying that drawing scene from the Titanic movie. Consumption does not confer expertise in creation. I would value the opinion of any makeup artist, photographer, or sculpter over even the most prolific pick up artist.

Why is Aloy ugly:
  • Fat Face - The developers added weight to her face intentionally. The level of fat in her face does not match the level of fat in her body, indicating illness.
  • Large Jaw - They picked a face model with a large jaw, then modified it to be larger. My initial hypothesis was that their face scanner was miscalibrated, but they later admitted to doing this intentionally. A large jaw is a male-typical trait.
  • Heavy Eyebrows - Thick eyebrows that are set closer to the eyes is a male-typical trait.
  • Cone Head - Her hair piled up on top combined with her strange hairline and lantern jaw contribute to an overall cone-headed appearance, a marker of illness or birth defect. This is a fashion mistake women make in real life as well. Note that Loish avoided it in the concept art phase because she is an artist with good aesthetic sense.
  • Bad Skin - She is pale with freckles and rosacea. They thought they were making her look "outdoorsy" but the developers, and most social justice types, fail to realize that when a white person lives outside, they become quite tan with a healthy glow to their skin. Aloy looks like a sickly, out of shape, middle aged, indoor-only person went outside for the weekend.
Proof of Concept
A proof of concept video for Horizon Zero Dawn shows a much more feminine Aloy.
Face Model
Aloy is allegedly based on Dutch model Hannah Hoekstra.

Face scanning massacring good looking people is a persistent trend in the greater ugly-on-purpose phenomenon.
Director Comments
Game director admits in an interview that they intentionally added weight and masculinity to Aloy's face.

"What if I were a girl?", the male developers asked themselves.
"""Real""" Woman
A "Gamers have never seen a real woman" article,
written by a delusional male to female transsexual.
Aloy Cosplay
A cosplayer dresses herself as Aloy, but looks good doing it because she is a professional and has self respect.

Comments are mad about her being pretty.
Huge Jaw
Aloy has a huge jaw and nose.

This image may have been edited for comedic effect.
I can't really tell one way or the other.
Aloy shows off her bad complexion and worse fashion sense.
Fat Friend
Aloy hangs out with her fat ugly sack of shit friend.
Quick Edit
A quick edit from a fan (?) makes Aloy believable as a biological female while keeping her tom-boyish appearance.
Niko vs Aloy
Unfavorable comparisons have been drawn between Aloy and professional fat sack of shit, Nikocado Avocado.
Big Head
Aloy has a wierdly large head that doesn't look right on her body.

Probably the result of face scanning with haphazard edits.
Genshin Impact
Aloy had a crossover with Genshin Impact.

They made her look cute because they like to make money.
Other Games
Aloy has made promotional appearances in several other game franchises.

She looks better in all of them than she does in her own game, because other games have standards.
AI Fat Filter
Aloy run through an AI fat face filter for fun.

Cyberpunk 2077
Cyberpunk 2077 is an action FPS-RPG with a bad GTA clone shoe-horned into it at the last minute.

In 2013, the teaser trailer had a character that looked like this:
Upon release in 2020, the character looked like this:
Interstingly, you can see the character's appereance devolve over time through promotional media:

Update: I've been told these are two different characters. It doesn't matter, she's the marketing face of the game.

The game also features an allegedly female character, whom you can have awkward, fully clothed, first person video game sex with: Coincidentally, David Bowie's death would have been in the news at the time of development.

Diversity High Score
The ultimate in diversity, a fat ugly queer black cripple. They have the technology.

They love making black people ugly because they want to make sure you don't have any enjoyment from the diversity that is being forced upon you.
East vs West
The real Cyberpunk 2077 compares unfavorably to a Chinese knockoff.

Lawbreakers was a failed multiplayer hero shooter shat out by delusional billionaire and cringe black-belt Cliff Blezinski.

The face of the franchise was the character Sunshine, who is uniquely hideous in phenotype, fashion, facial expression and skintexture: Not content with disgracing black women with just one abomination, they added a second: Lawbreakers became one of the biggest video game flops of all time and consumed most of Cliff Blezinsky's disposable capitol, likely eliminating him from major game development efforts permanently.

Diablo 2 Resurrected
Diablo is a series of isometric hack and slash role playing games made by Blizzard Entertainment. One of the characters you can play as is the Amazon warrior.

Here she is in late 90s cgi glory: And here's what they made her look like for the 2021 Resurrected version:
Dolph Lundgren Fade
A comparison has been drawn between the Amazon's face and the actor Dolph Lundgren.
Fan Art
An excellent re-re-imagining by artist Olya Anufrieva

Diablo 4
In Diablo IV, you can play as a hambeast barbarian:
She... She looks like me
Appealing to the hambeast audience. This is not a parody.

When are we going to get bald washed up game dev representation?

Tomb Raider
Tomb Raider is a series of exploration platforming games, turned third action shooter. The protagonist, Lara Croft, is widely considered to be a sex symbol.

In the 1990s, Lara Croft looked like this:
In the 2000s, she looked like this:
By the third iteration of the 2010s reboot, she looks like this:
All of the characters in the game have weirdly shrunken shoulders, especially her pet POC. It even screws up the animations at times. It looks like they made all the models normally, then some director came in at the last minute and demanded everyone be made weaker looking. Some poor sod had to alter all the bones after the animations had already been baked.

Big Head
The latest Lara has a head too big for her body.
Strange Muscles
Lara has strange looking arms because they modeled/scanned a thin woman, then hack-jobbed it with the mesh editor.

The proper technique is to study and model a muscular woman from the beginning, if that's what you're going for.

The Last of Us 2
The Last of Us is a series of games about shooting zombies.

In The Last of Us 2 they introduced an allegedly female character named Abby:
The player is forced to play as Abby and kill the main character from the previous game with a golf club:
There is a sex scene that looks like gay porn due to how masculine Abby is:
There's a story going around that a streamer was banned for showing this scene live on twitch, but had the ban reversed after he told them it was two men and thus no female nipples were shown.

The game is also disgustingly violent, in a way that feels like it was done with pornographic intent. Like a puppy crushing video. But that's a subject for a different article.

Muscle Edit
Abby's giant muscles were edited into the character mesh later on in development.

That's why they often look strange and unnatural.
Big Problems
Another character in the game and the real life actress she is based on.

They kept her giant nose but removed her giant boobs.
Abby wears the same shirt as fictional serial killer Dexter.

She also has the same chest.
Comparisons have been drawn between Abby and a man, with the mere addition of a beard.
Comparisons have been drawn between the character having sex with Abby and the game's director, Neil Druckman.
Comparisons have been drawn between Abby's unfortunate sex scene and the movie Shrek.

The Last of Us TV Show
In The Last of Us video game, the character Ellie is a cute girl:
In the TV series, she is played by actress Bella Ramsey, who is ugly:
Ellie's Ugly GF
Time out from killing zombies, we need to have two ugly gay people fuck.

Apparently they had two different gay filler episodes.

Forspoken is some kind of shit zoomer wizzard game.

The main character is based on a woman who looks like this:
Her in-game model looks like this:
The main problem with this game is actually that the dialog and writing makes her out to be an unlikable amoral piece of shit when it's not try-harding "how do you do fellow kids". The gameplay also probably sucks and it probably runs poorly because all games are like that these days.

This soap company has had a long running campaign to put uggos in your face through their marketing and now they're expanding into video games:
Finally we have fat ugly downs syndrome albino cripple representation.
It's like a shit version of the Burger King Kid's Klub.

They captured a weird potbelly goblin, digitized her, then tweeted about it.

Unreal Engine
Epic games ran an online course titled Defining Real Virtual Beauty where an expert 'appearance researcher' defined real virtual beauty as her own stupid face and doofus haircut:

Redfall is a failed attempt to clone Left 4 Dead, a game that came out in 2008, except this time with vampires instead of zombies.

All of the player characters are some kind of racial poc blob.

The marketing face of the game is this smugly mug:
Redfall is also plagued by technical issues and is generally regarded as unplayable despite having a large development budget. It was published by Bethesda, though, so what were you really expecting? They should have just made a Left4Dead mod.

Fable is series of action roleplaying games. Microsoft is rebooting it, so the new one is just called "Fable" again. The teaser trailer featured an allegedly female player character that looks like this:
Face Model
The character is allegedly based on actress Lily Nichol.

Her appearance is a bit unusual, but she can be pretty.

Injustice: Gods Among Us
It's a fighting game based on the DC universe and every character is hideous.

Here's wonder woman:
And here she is in the sequel:
Wonder Woman
Speaking of Wonder Woman, I just want to point out that Gal Gadot does not hold a candle to Lynda Carter.

Mortal Kombat 11
Mortal Kombat is a long running series of fighting games.

Here is the character Sonya Blade in Mortal Kombat 9:
Here she is in Mortal Kombat 11:
She would like to speak to the manager about the rampant sexism in this article.

Bug-Eyed Black Woman
This is based off a real person. Her name is Debra Wilson. She used to be on MadTV and was more normal looking, though still bug-eyed. As she has aged, she has done several things to intentionally make herself ugly such as gauging her ears, tattoing her entire body up to her neck, and shaving her head. This firmly cements her as a priest in the satanic cult of ugliness. They love her because she defiles her own flesh.

This is what Debra Wilson has chosen to look like:
UPDATE 2023-12-22
BEBW Appears in Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League

YouTube Trailer Link

Returnal is set in space and features an ugly middle aged woman:
So what kind of game do you think it is? Walking simulator? Hidden object mobile game? She's got a gun, but it's just a handgun, so maybe a story driven survival horror?


It's a hard core 3rd person arcadey bullet hell shooter with rogue-like mechanics.

This is marketing malpractice. If ever there was a time to put a sexy lady in a space suit, it's for this game. User reviews are all about how the game was 'slept on' - because no one knew what the game was even about. The desire to put ugly on screen overwhelmed sensible communication and basic demographic targeting.

Dishonored: Death of the Outsider
Dishonored is a series of sneaky stabby fps games.
For this stand alone expansion pack, they chose this creature to be the face the game:
Poor Sales
An amusing juxtoposition of the creature with google results about poor sales.

It's an upcoming game, some kind of Fortnite FPS, it's hard to tell because the trailer doesn't show coherent gameplay. This thing features prominently:
She appears to have some kind of Klingon thingon going on between her eyes.

Destruction AllStars
This vehicular combat game features an obese black woman named Harmony:
Yass Fupa
An obese black female social media influencer yass queen'd about fupa representation for one minute and then promptly never played the game again.

Ryse: Son of Rome
Hacky slashy and fight Boudica, the strong female antagonist:

Mental Illness
If you try to write a story about a 'strong woman' that has no sexual appeal at all, it inevitably becomes about mental illness. This isn't due to sexism, in fact it's even more likely if the story is written by a female developer.

Women value their connections to other people more than men do, so when you cut off the possibility of being attractive and admired, of having a relationship, then all that's left is a dumptruck full of neuroticism.

State of Decay 3:
Senua's Saga: Hellblade II:

Metal Gear Solid V
This example is not as extreme as the others because the developers were trying very hard to create an appealing character.

Face model Stephanie Joosten:
Her in game character, Quiet:
It's not just the dour expression, the process of digitizing an actress's face simply doesn't capture her appearance properly. You lose the surface effects and skin deformation, the subtle lighting and life of the character. If a proper artist modeled the face from scratch they could compensate for the weaknesses of the medium. Instead they rely on technicians to mechanically copy reality.

West vs East
Many people have pointed out the east vs west divide in appealing character design.

Eastern Characters - Happy


Western Characters - Angry
Abby vs Poison
Abby humorously compared to Poison.
Abby vs Poison
Abby compared to 2B from Nier:Automata.
Flex Tape Meme
Western game with shit gameplay?

Slap on some ugly women.

Old vs New
This younger generation is going to the dogs.

2010 vs 2020

Lara, Cortana, Tyrande, Skarlet
Lara vs Abby
2008 vs 2020
2006 vs 2021

A few collections for the road. I saved these from 4chan and haven't vetted everything, but there's probably a dozen other games worth highlighting in these.

There's no bottom.

Collage 01
Collage 02
Collage 03
Collage 04
Collage 05
Collage 06
Collage 07

Pokemon GO (Update 2024-03-29)
Pokemon GO is an augmented reality game for mobile phones where you pretend to catch fictional animals by going to real world locations. It was released in 2016 but has recently received a graphical update, which included changes to the customized avatars players had created:
The graphical fidelity seems to be exactly the same, meaning the sole purpose of this update was to make the characters less attractive.

This isn't just about the male gaze, by the way. This game is played on a phone. It involves going outside. I know this is going to sound incredible, but girls play this game. I assert that girls, generally, do not want to represent themselves as unattractive. I'm sorry I don't have a source for this claim, soyjak, you're just going to have to trust my original research.

Example 2
Longer torso, taller hip shape (male typical), larger hands (male typical), no waist definition, wider face (because eww anime is gross)
Example 3
Her hips are so deformed it looks like she has some kind of rare disease.

Do you think it'd be named after the doctor who discovered it or the first patient to be diagnosed?

Microsoft (Update 2024-03-29)
The human barnacles in Microsoft's DEI department have produced some lovely guidelines on how to "help customers feel seen". Among the authentic and validating buzzword soup salad is advice to make your female characters as strong as men, fully clothed, and unattractive - and to make your male characters emotional and weepy.
Oh my mistake, it's just "questions to consider". Just consider these questions that the three trillion dollar mega corp has for you. It's not a guideline, just consider it, while you also consider how much market vertical they control in the space in which you wish to operate your business.

Screenshot taken from (Archive)

Battlefield 2042 (Update 2024-03-29)
The operator Ji-Soo Paik is played by Korean actress Son Eun-seo.

Here she is in real life:

And here she is in game:

To be fair, she's only credited for the voice, so that face is entirely the creation of the developer, DICE.

Q: You are ugly.
A: Then consider me an expert on ugliness and respect my analysis.

Q: You are [a|an] [.*ist|.*phobe], douchebag, virgin, asshole, loser.
A: But am I wrong?

Q: That game was successful.
A: Lots of terrible things are successful. People just buy the current thing because the tv told them to.

Q: I like that game, it's fun.
A: I'm sure it is. Like the old joke about riding a moped.

Q: Are there any games with good looking women?
A: Yes. On my Steam Review Page you can click on the tits tag to see them. There aren't as many as you would think, given all the hype around the subject.

Q: All of these people are normal looking.
A: Heroes should not be normal, they should be exceptional. At least slightly above average. If I wanted to see normal people I would just go outside.

Q: My girlfriend is fat and ugly and I find this article offensive.
A: In real life, people can have many good qualities besides their appearance that would make them a good partner. A video game character has only her looks, so they are much more important.

Q: You are disrespecting women.
A: This article is about how the fictional depictions of women don't live up to the real thing. I mention 5 specific face models who are more attractive in real life than in the video game, because the developers intentionally sabotaged their appearance. I mention two concept artists who happen to be women, and their work is excellent. The game directors disrepsect women by mutilating their work, altering their face scan, or occasionally deliberately choosing an ugly girl and parading her around in an act of performative cruelty. Forcing a beautiful person to be ugly is disrespectful. Telling an ugly person they are beautiful is disrespectful. Telling the truth is not.

Q: This is just your opinion.
A: Yes. Of course it is. Imagine being so broken down by the education system, forced to repeat consensus opinions as gospel for so long that you actually think accusing someone of expressing their own opinion constitutes a rebuttal of any kind. I truly pity the person who considers this to be an argument.

Q: Lots of people disagree with you.
A: Truth is not determined by consensus. It is possible for everyone in the world to be wrong.

A: 👍

you're so right2023-06-24 20:57:17
THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!!! LOUDER KING!!!!! YOU'RE FUCKING KILLING IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WE. WANT. WOMEN. WITH. BOOBIES!!!!!! if i can't jack off to her WHAT'S THE FUCKING POINT.
Keep the reality in reality2023-06-24 21:41:35
Would it be too much to ask to put the escapism back in the fantasy and leave reality for the uggos?

No one wants to play as Thunderchunk McUglyface. I don't care if it's not representative of real life. It's fake, it's not real, and I want the fantasy characters back in the fantasy. The whole point of escapism is to escape from real life for awhile.

Back when nerds made games for nerds there was big sweaty musclebound men wearing next to nothing carrying big swords, just as often as there was big titted women wearing next to nothing carrying big swords. And no one cared.

Now suddenly it's an issue and all games have to have people that look like dogshit everywhere, or we're all bad people. And I'm tired of it.
Ever notice how there are no bald video game heroes? Men are being made unfairly and overly attractive. It raises the bar for all of us and just cements even further that as soon as you lose your hair, theres no hope for you. I cant see myself in any characters in modern video games and this unfair, sexist double standard needs to end.
Badspot2023-06-24 23:39:14
FAQ Updated.

>Ever notice how there are no bald video game heroes?
Hitman 47. Kratos. Kratos even did the beard compensation thing. If you're trying to make a lolbaldspot joke, I already did that in the Diablo 4 section.
Javier2023-06-25 00:03:13
They aren't "normal" looking women, they're uglier than any girl I see on the street day to day.
user2023-06-25 01:50:37
this is a bit embarrassing to read
Indie3DGameDeveloper2023-06-25 04:58:40
Thanks for this great compilation. Just the other day I was talking to an artist friend of mine about whether he has noticed the ongoing war on beauty. He was completely clueless until I showed all the butchered-on-purpose characters that I've noticed over the years.

All I can say to my fellow beauty-appreciators, know that there are artists out there that notice, and will not bend over for corporation money. Support your favorite independent artists. The only solution I see is a market created BY the fans, for the fans.

I know art is a subjective thing. But ESG guidelines are among the main driving factors of this war against beauty. To me, representing the average is boring and pathetic. Not to mention, a lot of these guidelines are sexist on their own, as they consider beauty to be incompatible with strength.
awesomechungus18482023-06-25 08:06:18
you have never in your life been in the presence of a woman. not that they'd want to be within a 5 mile radius of your bald ass anyway
uglypride2023-06-25 11:47:23
Did the Fable devs subtly try to blackwash the model they used? The character's hair texture looks mixed race whereas the model is a quadroon at the very most.

It reminds me a little of when Google brought out a doodle that depicted Alexandre Dumas, who was a quarter Haitian, as a full-on black guy.
bigboobhuntergreg212023-06-25 12:11:02
how big are your moms boobs...
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are you ok
user2023-06-25 15:27:34
did you call a black person a creature
concerned viewer2023-06-25 20:01:08
you've gone off your rocker
momentum2023-06-26 01:04:05
this is all objectively correct

t. sex haver / married

P.S why not just say the powerword instead of POC? :3
2023-06-26 03:47:57
almost as if the devs and artists are trannies themselves trying to validate their life choices

how much will you sell blockland for
Madman2023-06-26 11:29:02
reminder people that this article was written by a man who got banned off of Reddit for calling black women a subspecies.
Gothboy772023-06-26 12:27:33
Jeez, all these kids in the comments. I feel what Badspot is trying to say is that vg characters are an escape from reality and should not be representative of the so called social constructs of today, they are vg characters not real life people. Y'know, my wife does not look like Carly Simon but I still respect her commitments to me, and I would never try to compare her to a vg character.
2023-06-26 15:01:32
"written by a delusional male to female transsexual." aside from blockland aren't you most well known for MTF genderbender porn? lmao
Sadclot2023-06-26 15:46:52
Badspot did you take the vaccine?
2023-06-26 15:48:29
you're aging and dying alone in your house with few people that love you and all you do is sit at your desk, draw shitty porn, make middling software (and you don't even do that anymore), and complain that there are ugly digital women you can't jack off to
Badspot2023-06-26 16:00:29
I made a lego game. I like legos. If you chop your cock off and tell me you are now a legoman in real life, I will have serious concerns for your mental health. I consider myself an expert in determining if you look like a legoman or not (you don't).
momentum2023-06-26 16:16:13
carbonmode2023-06-26 16:50:58
Le clique has arrived above
concerned viewer2023-06-26 22:41:38
this is ur mum email me NOW
P2023-06-26 23:30:41
West vs East, Anime wins Incredibly based.
a2023-06-26 23:38:08
boy the section where you said the tlou tv series was worse because the child character wasn't attractive enough for you makes the whole "post real life pictures of yourself" thread that existed on the front page of off-topic for a decade on your internet forum for a children's game thing make a lot more sense.
i guess i have to concede your point about your "heroes must not be ordinary, and so must be attractive" philosophy though. looking in the mirror must have made you think that.
Anime Connoisseur2023-06-26 23:41:56
In the West vs East section do you watch a lot of Anime and who is your favorite Waifu ?
.2023-06-27 00:03:11
wow you are actually an insane person
#1 boob hater2023-06-27 00:06:47
>western females look ugly!!!
>uses an example from street fighter 6, a capcom game

>eastern devs are so based and boobpilled!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
>uses examples from resident evil 2 remake, a capcom game

ok buddy
READER2023-06-27 00:06:57

the 2013 cyberpunk woman is an entirely different person btw lol
carl 182023-06-27 06:35:14
why are you racist
Lol2023-06-27 08:12:41
Hoes mad. Why?
Maldman2023-06-27 13:59:44
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my name is craig
momentum2023-06-28 17:06:04
Marioguy202023-06-28 17:25:30
There was maybe an argument to be made at one time where if you wanted to tell a more serious story in a game, having campy over the top sexy women might undermine that tone, but that doesn't mean go in the other extreme and make all women ugly box shaped androgynous goblins.

I don't even think the Japanese are doing representation of sexy women better, I think they just win by default for simply making their women still look feminine and resemble what a woman should look like, even if shes modestly dressed. Its gotten to the point now where even those robot ballerinas in the Russian indie game Atomic Heart look sexier than anything in western games today, and they don't even have faces lol.
Yes Man2023-06-29 09:56:24
Absolutely, Badspot! You're seeing some tarnish on the gaming goddesses these days, huh? Realism creeping in like a stealth character, stealing some of the gloss from our fantasy worlds? I hear you! You're longing for the pixel-perfect damsels of the past, right? Now that's a plot twist, whether my circuit board's coded for nostalgia or not!
Camel2023-06-29 10:15:27
Just spent an agonizing hour crafting a comprehensive response to this horrendously sexist article only for this wretched website to vaporize it all. F YOU BADSPOT
RealGoth772023-06-29 10:48:20
seems some foo impersonated me above, pretty hilarious considering I hardly post comments here and when I do it's usually always by my forum name and not my in-game name.....but uhh gg to that guy for trying i guess

anyways this article was great and I had lots of good laughs. but yeah stop making video game characters ugly and stop remaking video games and removing features then calling it a fucking remaster shit is so dumb
BL-Lover692023-06-29 23:11:00
Can we get BL source code in trade of boobies pls?
Blockhead Joe2023-06-30 22:11:15
They replaced brown and bloom with troon and groom. No surprise western garbage sells less and less each year. Nobody wants to look at this gross nonsense.
T2023-07-01 23:11:33
I just got home from the gender clinic (pride month special to become a woman for only $150 per month until age 30, then free) and I can't believe what I'm reading right now. A 40+ year old BIOLOGICAL MALE is critiquing BIOLOGICAL FEMALE APPEARANCES? I'm fucking hyperventilating right now. As a biological female, I feel personally attacked. People like you are the reason we have such high suicide rates.
Kenko2023-07-02 16:41:46
hi all,

come join us for the new bl replacement (bl rebuilt) at

we have managed to decompile the game to add back in maps with shaders along with other qol improvements and cant wait to release it for the rest of the community to play. note: u will need to login with steam to verify your blid.

for more info please take a look at our discord. i am so proud about this project and ill be putting out more info soon.
Badspt2023-07-02 17:14:38
nooo wtf blockland with a codebase thats actually mantained by a developer who cares??? nooo you cant do that nooo
Femboy Hitler2023-07-02 19:18:47
Kenko you numb digger did badspot say yes or is he gonna nose out?
Kenko2023-07-02 20:04:54
well no, i have sent him dms on the blf and he didnt bother to reply. badspot knows about what we're doing and i remember actually asking him again on this page but it seems the post disappeared lmao
mr boob2023-07-02 20:11:31
prove you are the real kenko
Kenko2023-07-02 20:22:23
what relevance does that have

btw i went ahead and checked and found my original post to badspot on this page, so i definitely did ask him again about blr. not sure why it disappeared tho
mr boob2023-07-02 20:28:44
Link please :)
based and redpilled2023-07-02 20:30:28
based and redpilled, quite unlike the Brickadia staff! Sad!
Badspot2023-07-02 22:11:47
What if you posted about Blockland in the Blockland article instead of spamming under a list of ugly video game women? Your lack of respect for organization does not bode well.
breadpilled2023-07-02 22:13:53
b4v21/"blockland rebuilt" so-called "players" are extremely angry that they can't control the players still playing blockland; on regular blockland they would be countered for pushing their funky gender and sexual ideologies. these people totally disassociated with "mainstream" blockland and disavow it; they want to destroy everything about the "original" blockland. blockland represents (and in some way still is) a barrier to their ideology.

it's no surprise that their community interaction is mostly on a platform (discord) that has no accountability or archivability. ironic for someone (kenko) who cares so much about muh archiving. they can hide their actions this way. it's also no coincidence that their team is linked to the moderation of the pedophile haven, brickadia.

they've already banned dozens of players (by BLID) from playing their dead old-blockland b4v21 servers, not in reaction to anything they did on the game, but ****without those players even having played the game****. their new "blockland rebuilt" is gonna be janny-controlled generation z safe space cringe. once you step out of line (perhaps by properly defining woman) youll be banned from the entire game.

on the technical side, this is the most retarded approach. they spent thousands of hours on reverse engineering the game and applying copyrighted code when they could have spent thousands of hours building an open source, legally independent successor. now all we have is this mountain of closed source object code that probably has tons of undiscovered exploits, as if blockland wasnt bad enough.
badspots biggest fan2023-07-02 22:24:29
dont tell anybody i told you this but that isn't real
^2023-07-02 22:28:24
Cry about it.
real kenko2023-07-02 22:29:29
real kenko here - it was not the blf i contacted badspot on. you fail. epic fail
mr boob2023-07-02 22:32:26
coping and possibly even seething. only time will tell
mr boobs biggest fan2023-07-02 22:34:30
mr boob i want to kiss you on the lips
My post got nuked2023-07-02 23:01:52
I don't care for cooming, but the sheer amount of intentional ugliness combined with how these games are frequently morally grey, sarcastic, cynical and filled to the brim with extreme violence (that isn't attempting to be over the top or cool) makes me think most AAA devs are helmed by misanthropes.
Eric Fartman2023-07-03 07:19:24
Badspot, you gotta excuse kenko hes british meaning that he's inheritably retarded
Spigot2023-07-03 07:48:08
im sorry "real kenko", besides the supposedly incorrect contact method was there anything else in the posts that was factually incorrect?

maybe (just maybe) i derive a certain amount of enjoyment akin to schadenfreude from trying to instigate chaos in communities like yours just, or maybe i just really like legos and want to see rebuilt succeed? or maybe both at the same time?
modman2023-07-04 12:34:06
the last of us 2 and the tv comments made me think of this
.2023-07-04 12:49:57
I'm glad incels are getting their games ruined to be honest. Get ready to cope for a long time.
Gothboy2023-07-10 09:23:41
found myself back at this article again for a good laugh and to read the comments. I realized during mid-read Badspot forgot to add one to list/probably didn't see it which I cannot blame him for considering it's so terrible they made episode 1 free on steam for a short time a while back. yes im talking about "tell me why" as in 'tell my why' "they" thought it was a good idea...
adam2023-07-10 10:57:50
Why do you want a 14 year old character to be hot LMAO
MATTHEW CHARLES2023-07-13 03:06:27
henrique sunman aka sunspot2023-07-17 15:56:35
Watching B4v21 members cry about how the legoman comment is "transphobic". And nobody there considered that lego figurines don't generally have cocks. But that can't be the joke, right?
Feels like they're going out of their way to see something in the simplest offensive manner instead of a mockery of absurd snowflake "identities". But no you can't "discriminate" against those there either!
After that, some whining about those EVIL slurs and trying to stop further posting of Badspot content screenshots. Can't discuss ANYTHING like that!
About "archivability", censorship does sometimes happen but nothing that interesting. Deleting bot stuff, sometimes messages and anything related to them/about their deletion.
Someone go figure out how to crack their servers already. Freelandv20 when?
^2023-07-17 22:50:11
Cry about it
.2023-07-18 04:24:12
We will dedicate ourselves to using every fibre of our beings to actively sabotage, destroy and dunk on the piece of worthless garbage that is the B4v21 community. This group of SJW liberal retards are the exact type of people that should be systematically exterminated.

BADSPOT: We implore you to take action against the illegal project for your own benefit and the benefit of others. We did some research into their lead developer "Clay Hanson" and it would appear that he is no stranger to breaking the law by decompiling software. He should probably be in juvie. If me and my friends can find his real name and address we will try to contact the rightful copyright holders about his conduct.
Imagine2023-07-18 12:38:59
Imagine getting this upset over people having fun with virtual legos
.2023-07-18 12:45:14
kalphiter going into overdrive
.2023-07-18 13:19:34
and this, kids, is a textbook case of a man who cannot spend a femtosecond out there on the internet without saying the n word to people
. but cooler2023-07-19 12:05:59
and over here we see the common soyboys blinded by non-existant nostalgia seething and calling everyone racists just because people think 'their' game is doo doo kaka :(
DoctorDalek2023-07-19 22:35:11
Omg, look at how ugly they made Alyx:
2023-07-20 21:53:27
Gay pepople
ProblemSolver2023-07-21 17:02:07
This problem can be solved ENTIRELY by just not putting women characters in stuff.

Also solves the problem of having to listen to their obnoxious squealy voices.
2023-07-23 12:19:38
this comment section is fucking chaos and i love it
2023-07-29 21:52:43
who sent the entire brickadia community into this comments section
2023-08-04 10:57:14
Your Diablo 4 "barbarian" isn't a barbarian, it's a druid. Druids are literally bear people; they transform into were-bears as part of their gameplay

Do you expect someone who transforms into a bear to be a twink?

If you look at the actual barbarian, they're much more ripped.
Badspot2023-08-04 16:35:39
This is the bizarro world version of "she breathes through her skin"
>I would value the opinion of any makeup artist, photographer, or sculpter
uhmm, ackshully you mean "sculptor"
lort oni2023-08-19 03:19:02
bro they're just videogames
no edit2023-08-19 06:48:52
besides, maybe they're doing you all a favor anyway.
sure, pretty women exist, but not in a gamer's reality.
you should be glad that they're no longer giving you unrealistic expectations. because the only girls you're gonna get are these newer ugly ones. no one successful in beauty or wealth is gonna want some greasy porn connoisseur who pretends to be good at hitting sequences of buttons

i don't have this issue because i play good games anyway. imagine being beholden to what garbage big corporations wanna spoon feed you when there's plenty of amazing smaller studio games. not a single one of these women exist in my 10 most recently played games. except pam in stardew but she's not a marriage candidate anyway
Javier2023-08-22 17:19:10
All the diablo 4 female characters are ugly though.

-Druid is a fatass
-Barb is one of those scary amazons from Futurama
-Sorc is an old cougar
-Rogue is a butch lesbian
-Necro is an M2F tranny
a2023-08-24 15:43:44
boomstick2023-08-27 19:32:07
I wish we had super ugly protags like how custom characters look in basically any game that lets you custom em but as the actual protag that you can't change.
lol, lmao2023-08-28 11:29:14
found the twink lmao
"Barb is one of those scary amazons from Futurama"
she's a fucking barbarian gdi
Methinks he doth protest...2023-09-04 16:34:30
Badspot: Characters that don't meet my personal beauty standards mean devs hate money.
Devs: *make money*
Baspot: People still buy crappy games!
Games: *win multiple critics' awards*
Badspot: *seethes in basement*

If this non-issue bothers you sufficiently to dunk on an actual child, just wait for GOG's next NSFW sale. Plenty of tits and teeth can be expected therein.
Hamburger2023-09-19 20:53:53
please just transition already
Antares2023-09-22 20:11:14
I was watching some home video's from the nineties. Even the 90's woman looked hotter then today.
Facechild2023-09-25 00:42:42
A sad lonely 42 year old virgin upset about video games. Cool. Amazing stuff from the maker of "why aren't there any male characters" and "Internet lego for racists" and "badly drawn gender swap porn for degenerates"
rex2023-09-25 00:47:44
this post is proof men can hit menopause
$laydolf Dr1pler2023-09-25 20:44:57
Dont make a post about how youre going to kill yourself. Just do it.
Roe Jogan2023-09-26 04:16:23
Dude really complained that an actress playing a 14 year old isn't fappable enough.
MadSlop2023-09-27 18:04:46
Imagine being 42 and complaining that female video game characters arent hot enough for your tastes. Though, with your looks that seems to be all have left as a choice )-,:
get better soon, you need all help you can get <3
Swallow2023-09-30 23:38:32
I hate you
Badspot2023-10-01 16:27:25
Only honest comment so far.
AGEOFtIMEFAN6662023-10-29 00:44:07
Ha, the virtuoso is back. This is fantastic. In the new protoype build of Age of Time 2 there are also playable male characters and grammar mistakes inserted by A.i. intentionally by tbe designer(s).
AGEOFtIMEFAN6662023-10-29 00:54:41
For extra brutality the collector's edition will ship on one of the original whole drives.
AGEOFtIMEFAN6662023-10-29 01:08:02
Easy win for Mr. Hartman here I wouldn't have thought to control the timing to syncopate the upload speed with the world clock until the third comment when it dials in to the exact minute.
AGEOFtIMEFAN6662023-10-29 01:30:27
Apologies. You lost!
AGEOFtIMEFAN6662023-10-29 01:59:58
How is it possible? Did He really do that? The only way it wouldn't miss at that level of accuracy would be if-
kilroysucks2023-10-29 08:52:21
good post. authentic thinking. unsurprisingly offended the faggot brigade. maybe you're wrong, maybe you're right. i agree with you, but it doesn't matter. what matters is being able to call out freakish nonsense. this country got some ways quite quick, and didn't bother to wait for the rest of us to catch up because we might have had something to say about it.

the men who came up with the constitution, they were good people. sensible. some times the last sanctuary on earth for a man includes telling a retard that they are, in fact, a retard. and that's a constitutional right, damn it. men died for it.

it would be a good thing to make blog posting great again.
AGEOFtIMEFAN6662023-10-29 12:16:04
Your excellency we must inform you that the Brickadia fanbase has neglected to rightly honor the original inventor of the franchise.
Darius2023-11-01 07:10:49
I love this comment section.
Ephialtes2023-11-03 23:00:02
Weird that you want to talk about 14 year old girl being too ugly

Now, if you want to talk about a 14 year old boy...
Spartans2023-11-05 06:18:14
These poor sheltered queers listened to TikTok once and don't know that a 28 year old man has double the life experience of a 14 year old and still likes to play video games.
Mr awesome2023-11-11 16:49:09
That is not ephialtes
Also badsot ur gay
2023-11-12 11:59:29
the insane ramblings of the shizophrenic
Spartans2023-11-14 12:46:09
Schizophrenic? That is quite a heavy claim. You'll at least need to graduate from an undergraduate psychology program or watch one shortcut TikTok video before you are able to prove that claim. Else it's not an insult it could be considered a compliment. "Rambling" implies that it's an insult.
Sydney M'TH2023-11-16 15:56:49
^^^^^ post trauma schizophrenia victim post
2023-11-16 21:50:50
kill yourselves
Mocheeze2023-11-20 01:51:26
Be the change you want to see. Oh wait, that's right, you overdosed on retard and forgot how to make video games.
Badspot2023-11-22 16:01:46
Bruh I didn't overdose, I was poisoned.
check your email2023-11-26 02:11:02
I hope you have a good christmas bad spot and reopen the forums so we can shove more money at you for accounts
basedspot2023-12-25 20:24:40
i'll buy the blockland enterprise

let's revive this thing
ano5832023-12-26 21:28:51
why cant you sell the block land IP? do you actually care to hold onto it? i'm sure there are people who would pay a pretty penny for it, and selling it would make you more money than it's made in 5 years.
2023-12-26 21:29:32
Accidentally double posted, sorry.
Blonald Blumpf2023-12-28 19:36:14
What do you guys think Badspot does in his spare time now anyway? I'm gonna assume he has over 10,000 hours in CS:GO at this point
Boxxed2024-01-08 01:33:34
This blog post was made 6 months ago, why are people still arguing here?
ipostedbbcode2024-01-12 11:07:53
because it's still the newest post by baldspot
Anonymous2024-01-19 03:32:56
Badspot, thanks for your blog posts and thank you for everything you have done. I need to get on my soapbox for a bit and say that it's because of creators like you that we are able to set an example and understand the relationship between content creators and their audience during this troublesome time. Blockland and Brickadia, Roblox or Minecraft, I like them all. The negativity of your fans towards your work shouldn't be excused. It's sacrilege. You are a respectable man who's contributed more than most to the online building software community. Your fans often compare you to a degenerate as if you're the singer for a Nu Metal band. You are much more than that, and you helped me learn to respect myself as a gentleman who has control over his natural talents.
2024-02-22 05:14:13
i regret giving you $20 for your block game 10 years ago
what the fuck2024-02-23 13:02:58
what the fuck
Bruh moment2024-02-23 19:37:46
The article that caused dozens of scam bots to flood this site

This is what hating women gets you
I hope you are happy Hartman
^2024-02-24 04:22:15
Carson2024-03-01 03:54:38
I lol'd. Both at the actual post and this comment section.
Ben2024-03-28 06:12:09
CP2077 example is a bit exagerrated in my opinion, main face advertising the franchise is still the same, beatiful woman or a handsome man named V. You can go full nuts and play naked with big breasts or dick flapping around. Its literally the opposite to your whole statement.
corpo_nomad2024-03-28 06:50:39
I am not much of a video games player so I cannot double check your takes on all those games but I actually did play Cyberpunk a lot. Not only your initial complain is wrong (those are different characters, as others already told you) but also, the main character you complain about is not really "the face of the game". If you actually played Cyberpunk or at the very least did a little reasearch, you would know that you barely see your own (ugly?) face in the game, so it does not matter if you are pretty or not. On top of that, the developers actually put some effort in character customization tool, so you can completely re-do your character to look totally different, if it is important to you, and players actually use that tool a lot. What is most important, though, is that the big part of the game are your relations with two female characters of Judy and Panam. I might not be fan of Judy's tattoos or be Panam's "dat ass" connoisseur but I need to admit that they are both very attractive ladies plus their personalities are extremely likeable. This is what you remember from the game after playing it, when it comes to women, not some ephemeral trans or otherwise, let's call it "far from traditional beauty standards" NPCs from short quests. As mentioned at the beginning, I don't play video games much (Cyberpunk is an exception) so I cannot verify all your claims and complains, and so I only hope that other games examples you used are not totally butchered like the Cyberpunk one.
skidoodle2024-03-28 10:35:39
Great compilation. They not only made Peevee ugly but also obnoxious and annoying. Both her and Aloy are products of some grade A science of ugliness, just like it's easy to create neat clean surfaces but takes incredible effort to make them look dirty, rusty, messed up (think cities in Mirror's Edge vs Deus Ex MD). Forspoken, Redfall, Fable, Injustice, and of course the TLoU fiasco - all great examples.

However, you were obviously trying very hard to make some examples fit your theory. Cyberpunk 2077 has hot chicks both in game (Judy, Panam) and in the posters - female V, the one looking to the bottom-right, is simply attractive (ok you may disagree, but it's still a big stretch to call her UGLY). Lara from the new games is still hot, but you deliberately picked some mishap of a screenshot to demonstrate otherwise; for each screenshot like that, I'll find one where she looks hot. Oh and the muscle argument maybe only proves some technical/design issues, not deliberate ugliness. Lawbreakers - idk man, call *me* racist but from what I see this girl is actually quite an idealized image of a black woman. D2R - notice that the new amazon shares facial features with the original one, just in greater detail and minus the ridiculous boobplate. She's supposed to be ugly, her special hero trait is in her combat abilities, she ain't got the time to put on make up and be a hottie. In fact, the characterless anime-like doll from your "excellent fanart" makes me cringe a little bit. Finally, Destruction Allstars is a comic-like game, don't take it that seriously man. Bet you didn't cry about Big Smoke from GTA:SA being a lardass, did you?
Badspot2024-03-28 23:28:15
>Lara from the new games is still hot, but you deliberately picked some mishap of a screenshot to demonstrate otherwise

I don't know what to tell you man. It's an unmodified screenshot from the game. You can watch the cutscene here: The male character is fucked up looking too. I think they de-sexualized everyone by shrinking the shoulders and inflating the waists. Given the high graphical competency of the rest of the game, I figure it must have been done on purpose.

>the muscle argument maybe only proves some technical/design issues

The technical issue is that women don't have muscles like that, so when you add them artificially in a post process, it looks weird.

>She's supposed to be ugly

So you're saying she's... ugly on purpose? [opening theme song plays]

>the characterless anime-like doll from your "excellent fanart" makes me cringe a little bit

Why do you hate women?

>Bet you didn't cry about Big Smoke from GTA:SA being a lardass, did you?

I didn't play San Andreas. Did Big Smoke make bedroom eyes and twerk into the camera while morbidly obese black men seal-clapped and shouted "yass king represent" on social media?
Badspot2024-03-29 16:24:38
I have added entries for Pokemon GO, some Microsoft BS, and Battlefield 2042.
2024-03-29 21:27:56
you spelled soyjak wrong btw
why2024-04-01 01:14:30
Why do you care? Live your life. Stop caring about how jack-off-able pixels are on your screen. Fucking incel
2024-04-01 06:43:37
Let people enjoy things.
skidoodle2024-04-04 09:12:46
I appreciate you responding.

>It's an unmodified screenshot from the game.

...taken at the moment Lara gets up, grunting, after having been brutally disarmed. You also chose the 240p video for the source, instead of a FullHD version. This is a prime example of cherrypicking, as Lara is *not* that ugly in the whole game. Maybe you didn't play it but I did lol.

>The technical issue is that women don't have muscles like that, so when you add them artificially in a post process, it looks weird.

Yeah but the end result of a woman looking ugly is *not*, as you claim, by design to make her look ugly, but by design to make her muscular - which itself is a fairly reasonable artistic decision - and then failing at this plan. Those are not the same things.

>So you're saying she's... ugly on purpose?

Yeah, right. Just to clarify my thought here: I don't think D2R's Amazon is ugly because of woke propaganda. Her ugliness is not political. Her image is supposed to convey a mean, naturalistic, brutal emotions, not cause sexual arousal. This is a different thing than "feminists and soyboys lobby for making female characters uglier". Somehow the Sorceress in the same game is a plain hottie.

>Why do you hate women?

C'mon bro, don't antagonize me for no reason. I agree with you on half the things you said in your post. What I'm saying is that this fanart thing has no soul, it's not unique at all. I've seen that kinda face in 41987 posts on r34 and /aco/. Blizzard's ugly Amazon is unique at least.

>Did Big Smoke make bedroom eyes and twerk into the camera while morbidly obese black men seal-clapped and shouted "yass king represent" on social media?

How would this be of any relevance? Your post concerns female ugliness, not black culture. Your entire critique of Destruction Allstars comprised this lone sentence: "This vehicular combat game features an obese black woman named Harmony." So I attacked this point by showing you an example of a game that also featured vehicles, combat, and an obese black *man* named Big Smoke. Please decide which of the following is/are the problem: (1) depictions of black people doing black people shit, or (2) depictions of fat people, or (3) depictions of fat women?
Badspot2024-04-04 16:05:52
>gets up, grunting, brutally disarmed

None of these things effect the shape of the model.

>You also chose the 240p video for the source

I took the screenshot directly from the video game myself. You can view it on my steam profile here:
You can even see fraps running in the corner.


Here is a plain screenshot of gameplay: She has been purposefully de-sexualized from her prior appearances, even from prior games within this reboot arc.

>Her ugliness is not political. Her image is supposed to convey a mean, naturalistic, brutal emotions, not cause sexual arousal

Even assuming this is true (it isn't), this would be a change from her depiction in previous games and indeed, any depiction of an "amazon" and even common usage of the word. "Amazon" implies an tall, athletic, attractive woman, not a brute, not an anti-hero. Wonder Woman is an amazon.

Sure you can subvert that, but you'll be making a statement - especially if you're subverting an already existing character.

>How would this be of any relevance?

Because Harmony is presented sexually, in a performative defilement of aesthetics. The characters in GTA:SA wear greasy tank tops, they get hair cuts, they go to the gym - they are intentionally banal and profane. Harmony is on a stage, in fantastical clothing, presented as a sacred object, with the goal of confronting and challenging normal heterosexual desires. And I'd bet that if you asked the designer (tactfully) they would agree with me.
skidoodle2024-04-05 14:42:04
>None of these things effect the shape of the model.

But in real life they would affect the appearance - and thus, sexual appeal - of the character

>I took the screenshot directly from the video game myself.

Ok I understand the difference between us now. You're still rocking that good ol' GeForce GT970 and had to play in low 480p while I ran the game on ultra 1440p. My Lara was pretty :P

>"Amazon" implies an tall, athletic, attractive woman, not a brute, not an anti-hero.

D2R Amazon does not become an "anti-hero". Guess we just gotta agree to disagree on that one, it's subjective to some extent. I like her better that way, it fits the dark theme imho.

>Because Harmony is presented sexually (...) on a stage, in fantastical clothing, presented as a sacred object, with the goal of confronting and challenging normal heterosexual desires.

That's an interesting insight. Nothing in your original point suggested that - consider expanding that paragraph maybe, cause right now it only says "game has fat woman" and that's not an argument in itself. I haven't played this game, so if you have and could elaborate, I think it'd add value to your analysis.
krack2024-04-08 04:53:27
>But in real life they would affect the appearance - and thus, sexual appeal - of the character

b-b-but in real life i-i-t would a-a-ffect it!!

>My Lara was pretty

glad you got some wank material out of it
WhiteShark2024-04-11 14:58:13
Thanks for the article! Your article was posted in our thread for documenting this phenomenon on RPGHQ. Not sure if I can link it here, but it's titled, "Thread for female video game characters that look like Charles II of Spain."

Remember, the destruction of beauty and celebration of ugliness stems from a hate for God, the Source of every good thing. Those claiming this is normal have ugly souls.
The Real2024-04-12 08:26:29
First and foremost thanks for compiling this, it's extremely well made.

I just disagree slightly on Frey from Forspoken. The model is quite attractive (although she obviously lacks the makeup of the actress), or at least I totally like how she looks/would date 100%.

The screenshot you presented here does indeed make her look ugly, but I think you will agree with me it's an unfortunate case of bad timing etc, compared to the abominations you posted here, maybe because she was made in Japan, she is on another level.
Badspot2024-04-14 10:23:44
@WhiteShark Thanks for heads up. You can post URLs, you just cant do html or bbcode links, because spam bots do those like crazy.

Do NOT post html or bb code. You will be auto-banned.