3D Printed Battery Cover for Alarm Clock

I have an old Spartus 1108 alarm clock. The battery cover broke, so I designed and 3D printed a replacement.

The Clock
Spartus 1108
This is my alarm clock. It tells the time. It has red LEDs (not blue). It does not connect to the internet.

I took this picture at 5:14pm.

The Problem
Broken Alarm Clock Battery Cover
The plastic simply became brittle over time and broke at the flexible tab on the battery cover. Things become less flexible when they approach 40 years old.

The Design
3D Printed Battery Cover Slicer
3D Prints are weak along the layer lines, so I designed the replacement cover in two parts - one for the flat base, and one for the flexible spring. The spring is printed sideways so there is no stress on the layers boundaries. The original part was injection molded so it has no overhangs that would get trapped in the mold. A 3D print doesn't have these restrictions, so I exaggerated the locking tabs for a more secure fit.

The Print
2 Part Print
The two printed parts. Only takes a few minutes.

Assembled Print Top Assembled Print Bottom
I glued the parts together with weld-on 4 solvent glue, but CA glue would also work.

The Install
Battery Cover Install 1 Battery Cover Install 2 Battery Cover Install 3
You have to know what you're looking for to even tell that it's a replacement part.

The Download
Contains STL file and Solvespace CAD file.

Also available on:

2024-04-13 01:24:00
"Things become less flexible when they approach 40 years old."
yeah, you'd know
Badspot2024-04-13 05:35:00
Yes, that's the joke. You found it. Good job.
Krack2024-04-17 22:38:06
give them a cookie and a firm handshake by god they found the joke

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