Death Car

Drive and shoot in a scorched earth inspired side scroller. Features hover car with extremely questionable physics and artillery style aiming. It uses pixel based collision (using that term loosely) so I could just draw a level in paintshop or whatever.

It builds on the particle system from Rockshow5 with some added explosive particles. Red pixels are considered explosives, so if a fire particle hits a red pixel it will explode as well.

  • Arrow Keys - Move
  • > - Aim clockwise
  • < - Aim counter-clockwise
  • Space - Shoot
  • 1 - Previous weapon
  • 2 - Next weapon
  • Escape - Quit

2019-04-13 19:32:36
it won't work
Badspot2019-04-13 23:56:38
f2023-03-09 16:50:58
with that many particle on the screen that must have run like a snail on 1990s computers. How smooth was it?

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