2019-10-09 10:14:26
Tom Cruise is that you?
James2019-10-08 03:08:27
I would pay for a romshelf that didn't blacklist roms
(You)2019-10-01 02:50:20
im still mad
Jaamez2019-09-29 01:45:40
Please update to fix accidentally blocking of games with test in name. Please
Taiku2019-09-28 21:45:44
Receiver got an update to its codebase that's supposed to drastically improve its performance, so its point of shame of running like garbage probably doesn't apply anymore.
DigitalTiger2019-09-26 14:41:29
Whatever this threat is... it's bad. REAL bad!
You don't have that face unless you KNOW you're about two seconds away from becoming whole wheat toast!
Junko2019-09-23 22:23:23
Asking "when is u gon updat blockland?" or "hey u let bliockland duie" isn't gonna motivate Badspot. You are fighting a non-existent battle. Accept the facts, just all I am saying.
gman2019-09-12 15:08:15
everyone is so quick to ditch a good solid game for an empty shell of one, how disappointing. I guess the true fans of BL will just keep on playing
connor2019-09-10 01:58:40
hello world from 2019
nex2019-09-08 18:58:48
fanfiction.net yes
nex2019-09-08 01:53:58
thank you for watching the show
???2019-09-01 04:21:02
BaldSpot2019-09-01 02:39:17
Blockland 2: Electric Boogaloo when?
?2019-08-31 04:26:25
Rocket man2019-08-27 20:04:25
I as well am having test rom problem. Is there a fix?
Anon2019-08-23 03:05:00
Runs like ass, neat though.
The truth2019-08-21 17:25:47
Failed game programmers be like
daniel2019-08-20 17:18:35
my thing is a school Chromebook
PGgamer2019-08-14 15:43:08
Can you share the engine? Pls mario land fun is epic
rafa1202019-08-07 21:13:29
2019-08-07 21:13:00
do you like to eat bee2019-08-06 20:58:24
Who knows.
blocklandman2019-08-03 00:42:49
we need blockland 2

someone make it in Unity
dddd2019-08-01 15:02:02
i think
dddd2019-08-01 15:01:54
The Download got cancelled years ago
Dinosaurcar2019-07-29 16:02:43
Still not as dead as r/blockland
(username) Blockman3432019-07-28 03:00:35
After blockland
2019-07-27 16:12:31
Oofio2019-07-26 23:18:06
But what if you dont have an Xbox controller?
Badspot2019-07-26 22:56:50
>seriously the Wii remote still does not work
The browser version uses a magical subset of direct input, I don't know how it works. If you have a problem you're on your own. Plug in an xbox controller.

The downloaded version uses real direct input via sdl, it should display the name of the controller and everything. If you're using some ghetto hacked wiimote driver that doesn't support direct input correctly, you're on your own. Plug in an xbox controller.
daniel2019-07-26 19:43:13
seriously the Wii remote still does not work
Oofio2019-07-24 20:40:13
Oh wait nevermind I figured it out now.
Cheesepizza22019-07-24 19:57:08
i agree with the above person agreeing with the person above them
Oofio2019-07-23 16:54:09
How do you play Multiplayer? Is there a button to press that says Multiplayer?
dddd2019-07-21 03:56:55
i've already gotten Blockland for free by using demo and put the master key in 2019. when the game was an Udentified developer on my mac, i started using the security and started playing. 1 more question. can you bring back the 2004 Blockland Prototype i'm pretty sure that will be awesome if you let me play it.
dddd2019-07-21 03:53:10
i died a lot of times on the robot it kept on swinging at me and i got game over. not fair
dddd2019-07-21 03:51:19
my mother didn't play this when it was realeased.
dddd2019-07-21 03:49:38
Wow! my favorite Mario series on Game boy! good graphics badspot! but the only thing is how do i unlock the other features for Mario land fun

Mario Bros: Since 1985
dddd2019-07-21 03:47:39
Badspot need help my first account in 2019 i cant join because its authencated with master server
Ramjammer2019-07-13 04:22:18
Please fix test rom oversight. I want to use this front end. It is everything I want. However the test oversight is a small problem for me.
NoNo2019-07-05 17:40:11
Escuchen, Este tipejo tan solo lo resubio de la cuenta que hizo esta porqueria.
Lillie Aether2019-07-05 00:30:25
Excuse me, why are not my advances saved? Gladion is upset that his departure is not saved.
SalivalTheSecond2019-06-22 10:11:48
13 years later, still nothing
Okas2019-06-22 10:08:47
So sexy
Abdo2019-06-18 22:50:19
I Have a question
Can you Add Color mod for this fangame
Thank You
Failsafe2019-06-07 01:31:03
Quake II is cool, dud
Failsafe2019-06-06 22:21:37
why are people asking "rEvIVE tHIs GamE AAAAAAAA" the game's death is imminent, there is no avoiding it. unless some HUGE youtuber starts playing it normally. but when's that gonna happen? everyone thinks this game is a roblox ripoff, anyways
Failsafe2019-06-05 22:08:21
@IMAGINE "what the fuck, that's the asshole who destroyed my castle!?"
Failsafe2019-06-05 21:48:04
c o l o r
Failsafe2019-06-05 21:47:22
Failsafe2019-06-05 21:45:16
@Calem hi
Failsafe2019-06-03 23:52:19
v0002 is EpIC
Failsafe2019-06-03 23:50:18
i agree with the above person
Furnite2019-06-03 23:49:55
Fake and gay, Badspot has no friends.
daniel2019-06-03 15:20:51
um count the buttons on the Wii remote, now count the buttons on the Game Boy, they line up nicely. that's why
hp help support2019-06-01 16:35:42
who would use a wii remote for a game that was originally on the gameboy
daniel2019-06-01 15:48:38
what is controler #-1
daniel2019-06-01 15:40:50
ok Badspot how is it "a feature my dude"
Se bing2019-05-30 20:15:33
Shut The fuck Up SOnl ine.
daniel2019-05-28 00:04:16
why do all four players have the option to pause, but only Mario can actually pause. answers please!? please!?!??!?!?!?
where did this meme come from???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

too many question marks I think not
Mario is about to get a mushroom2019-05-27 23:27:47
troll! mushroom does not exist
daniel2019-05-27 17:09:49
could you add the game genie option and a way to make the original Gameboy style for the startup
Orianne2019-05-24 20:45:30
I can't wait!
Alkhymia2019-05-21 19:52:49
Thanks, now its working.
Badspot2019-05-21 07:00:35
This appears to be a bug. Change your "Rom Directory" to be an absolute path, like "C:\roms\NES" or "C:\romshelf\roms\NES", then click "save settings", then click "regenerate rom list"
Alkhymia2019-05-19 22:30:59
Thanks for the reply btw
Alkhymia2019-05-19 22:30:45
My config
2019-05-19 22:29:54
Sorry my bad english, here is a screenshot
Badspot2019-05-19 07:43:02
>error "double route"

I don't understand what this is.
Alkhymia2019-05-18 14:01:42
Hi Badspot, i was looking a clean and easy FE to use, i found your project and fall in love, but i have some trouble making work it. I try a lot of things but cant pass the error "double route" launching every game, im using win10, i put the folder on c:, use ./rom or c:\romshelf\rom, and nothing, i missing something?
b-man2019-05-13 15:29:53
Why are people still commenting on a 13-year-old post
Calem2019-05-08 17:12:44
@3d Woah there...
sonic_knx2019-05-04 08:20:00
so weird to see some of these fuckers that I've grown up with say some of the most outlandish shit. Luquado, you're almost 40. You're a faggot, your irc was shit and speckz licked your asshole at your command. KYS. Keeping the drama alive. sonic_knx out
Badspot2019-05-01 02:26:43
No, all lego stuff was removed before retail release.
Princetheking2019-04-29 16:01:52
Wasn't this the v9 model
dan2019-04-28 15:16:46
hu The Wii Remote does not work
dan2019-04-28 15:12:51
okay I got my Wii remote connected but I can't make it work with this
l0l2019-04-27 21:40:28
html or bb code.
fuzztoast2019-04-18 03:13:20
plz unban me from fourms
Braydon2019-04-17 17:10:07
Badspot it looks like Blockland is on life support will bring it back to life before it fully dies
bruh2019-04-14 23:03:12
bruh moment
Badspot2019-04-14 21:24:49
I can't believe retards are still getting BTFO'd by a cartoon I drew in 5 minutes 11 years ago.
HumanBeing692019-04-14 17:21:49
This was trash then, and its trash now.
name too long2019-04-14 15:27:51
taking forever to load
Badspot2019-04-13 23:56:38
2019-04-13 19:32:36
it won't work
daniel2019-04-13 15:29:43
dan2019-04-13 15:24:08
I want to try that
Badspot2019-04-12 23:35:47
That's a feature my dude.
daniel2019-04-12 21:06:09
glitch pause the game and press left or right
gaming king2019-04-12 19:39:49
wtf badpot!?!?!?!??!? i thought you were gamer!!!!!!!!!
sonlinne2019-04-11 03:07:47
hello :)
tomekmix2019-04-10 12:54:49
hello everyone, i am Tomek from Poland.

Hmmm, i am developer from 17 years. I would to help.
2019-04-09 15:07:18
⬿2019-04-07 04:56:09
macaroni & cheese2019-03-30 09:52:07
this game is absolutely lovely!
Vendetta2019-03-28 06:37:23
fuzztoast2019-03-27 20:14:29
Hi its me
Renderman2019-03-24 23:16:35
Error 1212321 Badspot terminated heheheheheh When I caME bADSPot Died