Taiku2021-06-10 13:21:38
Years later, I'm happy to report that these do in fact exist
Taiku2021-03-20 00:06:45
Coffee Stain Studios is another one but I think that's a little on the nose.
Taiku2019-11-27 10:46:57
Some of the gif links don't work. They just send me back to the top of the page.
Taiku2019-09-28 17:45:44
Receiver got an update to its codebase that's supposed to drastically improve its performance, so its point of shame of running like garbage probably doesn't apply anymore.
Taiku2016-07-28 23:42:39
"Modmaker Garry Newman passes off the few comic strips fans have made saying 'some are really awful; actually, most are awful.' Still, the potential is there."

Taiku2016-04-19 00:31:23
Half Life: Source takes out the ability to gib dead bodies and replaces it with some rubber chicken bullshit. 0/10
Taiku2016-03-01 23:30:54
You played F.3.A.R. but none of the previous games? You're missing out.