In my AP physics classroom in highschool, there was a macitosh computer of some kind. On that computer was a game called Boom, which was a Doom themed clone of bomberman. It supported two player coop, so a friend of mine and I played it a lot when we were finished with our work (and sometimes when we weren't). Neither of us had macintosh computers though, so I thought it might be cool to make my own version of the game in visual basic. I never finished it, but I got the basics working.

The code is somewhat bonkers and it's founded on a lot of flawed principles. I went back in 2018 and adjusted the window size and timing so that it works on current PCs, but I'm not going to try to fix any of the bugs and weirdness.

Some OCX files are required. I've provided a download and install batch file for them.

  • Player 1
  • Arrow keys - Move
  • Ctrl - Bomb
  • Player 2
  • WASD - Move
  • Q - Bomb
  • Escape - Quit

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