274 frames per second
A cube of 1200 bricks in Blockland 1.0. The number in the upper left is the framerate provided by fraps 2.8.2

This scene in Blockland v2 on the same computer gets 12 fps, making this an improvement of over 2200%

Badspot2007-02-19 11:12:26
hah. I typed %2200 instead of 2200%. I spend too much time in torque script.
Ladios/Kian2007-02-21 18:04:46
This is awesome. Too bad I can't post to say how cool it is >.>
Sumohz2007-02-25 05:30:11
In the demo I don't go over 200 with zero bricks.

-AMD Athlon 2.4GHz
-nVIDIA GeForce 7900GT 256MB
-1GB DDR 400 (PC 3200) RAM
Badspot2007-02-25 12:49:27
My system is weaker than that:
Athlon 1.8 ghz
ATI Radeon 9800pro 128mb

Are you using fraps or metrics(fps); ?
Metrics can actually make the game go slower... which is somewhat ironic.
Sumohz2007-02-28 18:10:35
I got it all fixed. Fraps never works right for me with blockland. But Metrics tells me I get 345 with 0 bricks and about 80 on Beta City. Good work!
Mario71212007-03-01 03:25:20
man u should release RBL on disc
Block_Dood2007-05-12 21:45:52
Mario, Badspot did'nt make Return to Blockland, he made Blockland retail.
Miga2007-05-13 17:32:31
RBL = Retail BlockLand not Return to Blockland...
Tomas2007-07-30 04:07:44
lol pwned!!
billycheezit2008-04-11 19:47:21
nerds roblox is better!
Zenthos2008-04-19 17:08:33
"nerds roblox is better!"
go die plz
Torren2008-07-16 17:37:41
Look at it this way. ROBLOX Costs real money to play continually without looking like a noob. Blockland is a one-time fee. ROBLOX has the worst deathmatch I have ever seen. In Blockland, if you don't like the deathmatch system, you make your own. :D
2008-10-13 00:27:59
This is v2? Oh, it's V2 of retail blockland. lol.
Marcem2009-05-03 13:38:35
I just recreated the cube thing, and I got 1600 bricks.
...2010-05-26 23:19:12
"nerds roblox is better!" if you like roblox, then why did you come here? hm? HM?!
trent2010-07-19 00:20:18
Anbidas1252010-08-11 06:20:41
trent2010-11-04 18:38:29
sorry about saying that I was a noob back then
Serj2010-11-06 21:17:01
um guys can you help whenever I load a demo save I get a bufferoverun
BBOY2010-12-01 03:52:08
@billycheezit, Roblox is gay. Blockland is TOTALY WOTH THE 20 dollars and you don't have to buy clothes.
Anonymous2011-01-17 16:17:05
Try scripting an explosive tower in Roblox, then in BL.
Easier, isn't it?
Anonymous2011-01-17 16:18:16
I'm guessing you used Random Brick Color for the cube.
DraftDinosaur56782011-05-29 00:59:25
Lol in blockland i been glitching in multiplayer for 9 days already...
DraftDinosaur56782011-05-29 01:00:34
Also i noticed BadSpot's server is on in blockland!
A Random Man 2011-12-18 16:39:25
Well now his server is on alot :P
rlcbm2012-03-11 01:09:11
i <3 blockland
a guy with pie2012-12-05 01:50:24
U need 2 have a actual reason 2 call a game stupid or gay cuz I could just say blocklandis gay without a reason
Huckleberry Finn2013-07-02 18:05:40
Badspot, when i plant a brick my computer pops up an icon that say something is wrong with BlockLand and i press this button that sais 'Don't send error report' and it closes BlockLand. Can you help me?
BadAssSpot2013-07-28 22:29:58
Cool blockland is nice.
BadAssSpot2013-12-23 21:18:57
<?php exit; ?>
Oddimations2014-01-16 23:52:37
First post of 2014! :D
Intense2014-05-11 09:46:16
Second post of 2014.
SteamPunk2015-01-15 18:18:50
First post of 2015
Catbat622015-07-22 23:38:37
Second post of 2015
TheAnkPlayer2016-05-15 20:35:58
First post 2016
NoteToUrist2016-05-25 04:50:49
Second post of 2016
Va11Jr132016-05-29 02:28:44
thats how i use Buildwall();
Traditional2017-04-09 01:59:35
First post of 2017! :D
Blockland is still alive!
2017-04-10 16:56:15
Plz update Block land if you haven't. I know it's hard, but please.
dddd2019-07-21 03:47:39
Badspot need help my first account in 2019 i cant join because its authencated with master server

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