Daniel2022-10-07 11:45:26
Are you still paying for the game to be playable?
daniel2019-08-20 13:18:35
my thing is a school Chromebook
daniel2019-07-26 15:43:13
seriously the Wii remote still does not work
daniel2019-06-03 11:20:51
um count the buttons on the Wii remote, now count the buttons on the Game Boy, they line up nicely. that's why
daniel2019-06-01 11:48:38
what is controler #-1
daniel2019-06-01 11:40:50
ok Badspot how is it "a feature my dude"
daniel2019-05-27 20:04:16
why do all four players have the option to pause, but only Mario can actually pause. answers please!? please!?!??!?!?!?
daniel2019-05-27 13:09:49
could you add the game genie option and a way to make the original Gameboy style for the startup
daniel2019-04-13 11:29:43
daniel2019-04-12 17:06:09
glitch pause the game and press left or right
daniel 2013-09-13 16:47:07
how do you download it!!!!!!!
Daniel2013-07-24 04:17:24
Hey, I've added the GameCube into Romshelf 2 but i can't figure out the command line for launch parameter. I'm using dolphin, and i know that it takes both iso and gcm files but i'm lost on getting them to run.