This became Blockland
Lego guy when I first got him running around in Torque. Isn't he cute?

Packer2005-10-04 10:42:54
Yes Very Cute you have come along way
Da Banana2005-10-05 00:40:19
Does he even have a face under that visor?!
Badspot2005-10-05 01:20:14
yes, jpg just stinks at encoding red things
CMen2005-10-06 07:02:46
omg Hail Hitler
Tsai2006-06-04 13:47:26
Rofl Hiding IP and saying that... XD
2006-07-18 21:56:47
veerry cute
dUMBELLS2006-07-19 18:14:02
One small step for blocks, one giant step for blockkind...
tay1042006-08-26 02:59:16
aww he reminds me of a kitten :)
Nicel2008-09-12 02:41:45
Ha, first post in like 2 years. :P
Jacob 1234567892008-11-18 02:52:48
blockland has come a looonnnnnngggg way :D
ChexGuy3312008-11-22 03:36:29

Yonder2009-01-25 09:00:24
From this to Physics
2009-04-17 02:23:50
What the... is that like blockland v0.000000000000000000000000000000000000001?
Badspot2009-04-17 06:47:21
guy20002009-04-21 23:49:32
what game is that i would like to try it
Badspot2009-04-22 02:36:20
Blockland [url][/url]
somoen2009-05-09 11:17:39
download new blockland or he will kick your dog
Your Dog2009-06-03 10:35:44
dont kick me D:
Mazeribot2009-06-29 08:17:11
Badspot2009-06-30 03:00:43
The lego minifigure is trademarked.
Mazeribot2009-06-30 07:30:44
Do that mean that some guys say you cant use it?
Mazeribot2009-06-30 12:55:18
and can you give me a link of Blockland v0.01?
Badspot2009-07-01 17:10:34
Mazeribot2009-07-02 12:23:59
why not? i realy want it!
Hacumi2009-07-10 14:22:20
Badspot why did you ban me from Bl forums for a week what did i do?????????
Badspot2009-07-11 04:44:49
Your ban message likely says what you did.
Chaos Chao2009-07-16 20:03:08
Mazeribot2009-08-18 11:27:57
no need any more badspot... I got v1.045 :D .... your name is realy real O.o
Mazeribot2010-01-03 15:38:32
I dont know what i just said there and i prob. never will... x_x
iann2010-08-21 14:03:10
he is cool
_maxwell23461_2010-09-05 00:10:51
Jasa2011-02-14 02:28:00
Surprisingly, I would rather have that smooth shadow than the ugly pixelated shadow in retail.
joaquin2011-07-30 01:28:52
what the fuck is test guy there by the way hes my friend in blockland
persin who plaeys blockalnd2012-01-08 08:47:52
Yay 2012. About 8 years since the first steps, hasn't it been?
Doaler42012-06-19 13:58:24
I want this old version bad spot! Even tough rtb is on media fire and tbm tdf and ton and v00002 are at the orange block's website.
Oldfag2012-07-06 10:36:31
I wouldn't trust anything that you download from TOB.
Agent Cookie2012-08-18 19:30:38
Can you buy Blockland Prototype?
Aaron702013-02-15 22:21:03
Will this character model be featured in upcoming updates?
Pikachu41702013-06-10 11:12:36
The reason they didn't turn out as LEGOs in today's Blockland was because Badspot failed to communicate with the LEGO Company. They decided to go on with their own idea.
Mr Noobler2013-12-09 15:25:07
i have no dogs...
-Spike-2014-02-07 05:06:13
Well it looks like RTB's gone for good. Blocklands getting rid of yet another awesome feature.
Epicnoob2014-03-30 17:00:01
The good days :)
Epicnoob2014-03-30 17:02:38
Hey Badspot, how did you make blockland? i need a legoish game cause i like legos and coding.
Epicnoob2014-03-30 17:05:51
And not the code, i mean the program.
Epicnoob is wrong2014-06-08 20:50:37
sorry, didnt read the engine.
ban me lol xddd2016-12-29 18:55:23
<b> ban me okay
realy cool guy2018-12-07 23:33:10
first coment
Calem2018-12-10 17:35:32
@Epicnoob If you do make it, DO NOT USE TORQUE. Use Unreal Engine or Unity.
Failsafe2019-06-05 21:45:16
@Calem hi
Luxor2020-01-10 03:07:40

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