Quake 2 Vectrex Player

A player model I made for Quake 2. It's fully animated (or as animated as an old video game console gets) and includes custom weapon models and sounds. Notice that it is quite brown. That's because everything everything in Quake 2 was brown. Hooray for static texture palettes!

I used Ray Dream Studio 5 to create the geometry, Paint Shop Pro 4 to make the skin and a bunch of weird tools that I cant remember to animate it and convert it all into .md2 format.

ODHK2005-09-26 16:01:52
whats vectrerx
Eric2005-09-27 13:42:11
Its an old video game console with a built in monitor and vector graphics. [url]http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vectrex[/url]
Infurnus2006-01-31 06:03:01
This owns all.
Badspot2007-05-11 21:55:13
Page wideners only work in IE here. IE sucks and doesn't know about css overflow.
Miga2007-05-13 13:31:33
Badspot unban plz? plz unban?

Ok seriously. 30 days. Too much. Unban me and I will give you 300 :cookie:s. Plz?
Digmaster2007-11-02 16:37:50
Looks nice!
ChexGuy3312007-11-07 21:59:28
LOL, a Doom automap.
Tony2007-11-13 20:25:00
idk why but I still play Quake II its (i think) better than Quake 4
STORECLERK LOL2008-02-06 23:12:25
i'd hit it
ChexGuy3312008-03-16 10:29:28
Everything in Quake 1 was brown, too.
^2008-04-10 17:34:33
lolihavenoname2008-07-11 14:03:04
2008-12-07 17:57:05
2008-12-07 17:57:33
oops forgot name. Above person is Sankuro.
fred02392009-01-22 20:40:20
So how do you get the game
Brandon2009-01-25 18:29:25
Quake 2? What The Heck do you do?
Jungle Ranger2009-01-28 17:48:13
I dont get it! But it sounds epic.
Mario8932009-02-06 09:07:03
Please give me Blockland Full Version for free!
If you do you get a million of cookies
Lord Tony2009-02-16 12:44:54
I never thought quake would ever have something with graphics like that.
O_O2010-04-19 16:24:11
wow... nice, but it looks pretty simple.
Cool2016-10-23 14:18:26
Failsafe2019-06-06 21:31:03
Quake II is cool, dud
Virtual20052021-03-03 18:56:02
hey i was new in blockland can you give me access to the forum
im not alt im not a troll
but hey i like this skin

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