Blockland Prototype 1

Kiddman jones2010-06-05 21:39:23
Why don't it work it wont let me.

btw nice graphics
lol man2010-07-12 20:39:29
i wanna download it :(
Takato142010-11-20 22:59:39
Just search Vanilla Blockland in Google :P
kirby2011-08-04 13:39:29
hey! how do you download this game?!?!?! i really really REALLY want to play that game so much!!!!!
Josheua2011-08-04 22:59:56
Hai kirby
doaler42012-06-19 13:59:18
Derp2012-06-30 19:09:29
Is their a way to download it?
Choclate2012-08-15 01:19:11
Link to dowload?
RockosAngel2013-05-27 13:43:24
Where's the link to download? I want a Link! I want a Link!
GemilMC2013-07-28 09:53:13
This isn't a prototype. Well it was for beta testing of Blockland Freeware.
When it's freeware it's like this. Now it's paid it's not like this. It's a ... sandbox building game that the character has no bones,legs,arms,brain and muscles.
ppatrizzi2013-09-18 05:36:11
blockland lego:D
Fesky2015-09-29 00:28:02
This is sad where is the download button why cant we play it I want to play old blockland D:
giav2016-05-08 16:58:57
i want to download it :(
Emojicloud2016-05-08 16:59:14
please give me download link
dddd2019-08-01 15:01:54
The Download got cancelled years ago
dddd2019-08-01 15:02:02
i think

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