Anon2019-08-22 23:05:00
Runs like ass, neat though.
Anon2018-07-09 21:44:53
The forums are back up I think
Anon2018-07-08 20:15:53
How high is your IQ Smart Man? Do you watch Rick and Morty?
anon2018-07-08 00:29:37
This new watermelon sour patch kid slurpie at 7/11 tastes great
Anon2018-07-05 14:51:47
borrowed time IV coming soon
Anon2018-01-12 21:33:22
The game is good but the shit falling from the roof is so quick it's like a thwomp with x2 speed. Any sequel coming soon?
Anon2017-06-26 13:40:42
I eat ass :)
anon2015-05-02 15:51:32
That is really what would happen if a someone was headshot with a .50, liveleak and bestgore have visual proof of that.
anon2014-08-08 18:59:49
Did you code it using SDl 1.2 or SDl 2.0? Just wondering.
anon2012-03-22 21:03:18
still a better ending than the other 3.
Anon2012-01-14 03:19:37
I'd laugh my rear off if she turned out to be a Cerberus spy or something. And I'd laugh even more if Shepard gets to insinuate that she's in league with the Reapers and she gets locked up because of it :P

Or I'd get James or Ash to shoot her. You know, whatever my options are at the time.
Anon2011-04-28 03:15:49
My first playthrough my entire squad survived just by matching the roles to what I knew of their skills and personalities...and everyone but Chakwas that the Collectors had taken got liquefied, because I had no idea there was a time limit. There weren't any other time limits in this game, or the first, outside of individual missions; how was I supposed to know that people would get pureed if I did the missions in the wrong order?
Anyway, remember to do everyone else's loyalty missions before you recruit Legion.
Anon2011-04-28 03:08:51
Also, try to finish off the Human Reaper as fast as possible. There isn't a specific time limit, but your rear guard is actually fighting for the entire time you're in there, so if you take too long they'll start to die. If you've actually assigned all their skill points and they're all loyal everyone but Mordin has a good chance of survival (he always hated those "hold the line" speeched), so take the doctor with you in the final battle or send him to escort the surviving crew.
Anon2011-04-19 09:33:11
You women are painfully beautiful, always in their underwear, and LESBIANS, but they never do anything (except dry hump in that Mass Effect one). This comic series is kinda like hell.
Anon2011-03-04 17:26:25
The commentary text really made this for me.
Anon2010-11-08 21:01:47
Just do what Daniel Tosh does. Fill up a big jar with coins over time and when it's finally full strap a car alarm to your chest and cover it with a shirt. Then take that change and put it in the deepest pockets of your cargo pants and take a stroll through new york city. First hobo that asks for change you slap that alarm shout "WE HAVE A WINNER!" And throw all of it at said hobo. How hard you throw depends on how much fun you want to have.
anon2010-10-09 23:40:35
"This comic combines two references to make it appeal to as few people as possible."

Your comic and assessment are both amusing