Failsafe2019-06-06 21:31:03
Quake II is cool, dud
Failsafe2019-06-06 18:21:37
why are people asking "rEvIVE tHIs GamE AAAAAAAA" the game's death is imminent, there is no avoiding it. unless some HUGE youtuber starts playing it normally. but when's that gonna happen? everyone thinks this game is a roblox ripoff, anyways
Failsafe2019-06-05 18:08:21
@IMAGINE "what the fuck, that's the asshole who destroyed my castle!?"
Failsafe2019-06-05 17:48:04
c o l o r
Failsafe2019-06-05 17:47:22
Failsafe2019-06-05 17:45:16
@Calem hi
Failsafe2019-06-03 19:52:19
v0002 is EpIC
Failsafe2019-06-03 19:50:18
i agree with the above person