Blockland Kompressor Fairy

Orange2012-02-07 03:39:30
What babies we are
Pecon72012-02-07 05:34:52
Get out of the way of PROGRESS.
Count 2012-02-07 06:27:14
As a baby, I must point out Princesses are for GIRLS!
Ray2012-02-07 06:56:09
If he fixes vehicle collision too I will have to clean my keyboard. This is gonna be a cool update.
I just hope someone makes a decent terrain generator. Building a mountain with bricks from a flat surface will be annoying.
phy2012-02-07 07:19:40
As a man, I must point out that princesses are actually for men; to have sexy-time with. I want to have sexy-time with Blockland.
2012-02-07 13:21:09
Yosher2012-02-07 15:17:19
ogm girls eeeewwwww
Dr.Shoe2012-02-08 00:46:14
Tactical2012-02-08 00:56:25
*Slicks Back Hair* I'm so hot.
Trogtor2012-02-08 03:52:08
This is funny
Lando The Climber2012-03-06 22:21:03
I love how fascinated the Blockhead looks
Lozenge2012-07-15 18:30:26
My sides.
Wolf94782013-05-15 00:34:58
No. Just no. Bring back the good ol' days, when blockland was actually fun, and not a flat plane.
Tonkka2013-05-16 05:12:58

You do know that all the gameplay elements are still there? If the buggy and ugly maps are what made Blockland fun for you, why don't you go play Age Of Time? You can play Blockland maps on that game you know.
counter2013-09-21 22:07:19
@Tonkka Age of Time lacks building, add-on systems, jet shoes, mini games, etc. I could go on.
Block land's terrain made the game surreal. It felt like a solid game. BL feels unfinished now. Driving on the brick terrain ends up with me getting stuck in the brick geomoetry 45% of the time, even on the smoothest ramp terrain. Modular terrain doesn't fix it. Smooth inclines don't work. It ends up being a buggy mess. Brick and modter terrain has advantages, but a lot of times for vehicular combat, RPG's, plane driving, sailing, building,I wish I could use thee terrain that was great. The "land" has been taken out of Block land, because the maps are dimensional pieces of infinite paper.
counter2013-09-21 22:11:42
"Ugly" is not an excuse. Super Mario Bros. Is friggin' UGLY. They still sell it TO THIS DAY, that same ugly game. But it's still great. Einstein was an ugly old man, but a brilliant motherfucker too.
PixelCrunch2016-12-12 21:52:00
Kompressor's a dick for removing the terrains and maps...
(You)2019-10-01 02:50:20
im still mad
Baldspot2019-10-14 03:13:03
Lol look how that turned out
PK2020-02-16 00:27:25
blockland am ok.
me like.
2024-03-02 00:02:25
Holy shit I just realized this comic is also part of Badspot's gender transformation fetish

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