Badspot2019-05-19 07:43:02
>error "double route"

I don't understand what this is.
Alkhymia2019-05-18 14:01:42
Hi Badspot, i was looking a clean and easy FE to use, i found your project and fall in love, but i have some trouble making work it. I try a lot of things but cant pass the error "double route" launching every game, im using win10, i put the folder on c:, use ./rom or c:\romshelf\rom, and nothing, i missing something?
b-man2019-05-13 15:29:53
Why are people still commenting on a 13-year-old post
Calem2019-05-08 17:12:44
@3d Woah there...
sonic_knx2019-05-04 08:20:00
so weird to see some of these fuckers that I've grown up with say some of the most outlandish shit. Luquado, you're almost 40. You're a faggot, your irc was shit and speckz licked your asshole at your command. KYS. Keeping the drama alive. sonic_knx out
Badspot2019-05-01 02:26:43
No, all lego stuff was removed before retail release.
Princetheking2019-04-29 16:01:52
Wasn't this the v9 model
dan2019-04-28 15:16:46
hu The Wii Remote does not work
dan2019-04-28 15:12:51
okay I got my Wii remote connected but I can't make it work with this
l0l2019-04-27 21:40:28
html or bb code.
fuzztoast2019-04-18 03:13:20
plz unban me from fourms
Braydon2019-04-17 17:10:07
Badspot it looks like Blockland is on life support will bring it back to life before it fully dies
bruh2019-04-14 23:03:12
bruh moment
Badspot2019-04-14 21:24:49
I can't believe retards are still getting BTFO'd by a cartoon I drew in 5 minutes 11 years ago.
HumanBeing692019-04-14 17:21:49
This was trash then, and its trash now.
name too long2019-04-14 15:27:51
taking forever to load
Badspot2019-04-13 23:56:38
2019-04-13 19:32:36
it won't work
daniel2019-04-13 15:29:43
dan2019-04-13 15:24:08
I want to try that
Badspot2019-04-12 23:35:47
That's a feature my dude.
daniel2019-04-12 21:06:09
glitch pause the game and press left or right
gaming king2019-04-12 19:39:49
wtf badpot!?!?!?!??!? i thought you were gamer!!!!!!!!!
sonlinne2019-04-11 03:07:47
hello :)
tomekmix2019-04-10 12:54:49
hello everyone, i am Tomek from Poland.

Hmmm, i am developer from 17 years. I would to help.
2019-04-09 15:07:18
⬿2019-04-07 04:56:09
macaroni & cheese2019-03-30 09:52:07
this game is absolutely lovely!
Vendetta2019-03-28 06:37:23
fuzztoast2019-03-27 20:14:29
Hi its me
Renderman2019-03-24 23:16:35
Error 1212321 Badspot terminated heheheheheh When I caME bADSPot Died
brick braydon2019-03-24 23:14:22
badspot please come back im at the urge of crying seeing how dead bl is
Brick Braydon2019-03-24 23:10:12
badspot please revive this game also Im new and i really want see bl alive and see you there I know people tell me you say its finished but I dont feel like its what it could be first you could add more options for character customation and i mean more shirts hats faces and shit and also core gameplay updates
Brick Braydon2019-03-24 23:06:31
@Badspot please join bl my users Brick Braydon im new and really want to see the creator of bl :)
Brick Braydon2019-03-24 23:06:30
@Badspot please join bl my users Brick Braydon im new and really want to see the creator of bl :)
2019-03-17 03:57:53
when does blockland forums come back>?
soviet narswhale2019-03-17 03:57:43
hey guys : D
Calem2019-03-15 22:56:47
wtf ru doing here fuzztoast
Jm2019-03-14 18:58:15
Enfermos mentales, al igual quienes lo postean. Verdaderos hijxs de puta
Mia2019-03-12 15:48:08
Que porquera de sitio, dan lstima, asco. Cmo pueden publicar sto?
2019-03-11 16:50:23
fuzztoast2019-03-10 06:28:41
hey guys!
Australian Lover of Blockland2019-03-08 01:21:55
Badsport, you seriously need to bring this game back, send it to a youtuber to something! make it popular again!
That guy2019-03-05 21:51:35
Been playing for 10 years and still play, will drop my 4 dreads on some shit head tonight, however I am honest and even though I do play and sub etc I will say the game is shit, always has been. If anyone else Would do a space game right Id be out. Lets be real though, eve is like the same 1500 dudes with alts...
KFC2019-02-24 05:24:18
Badspotw2019-02-23 18:20:14
ACL2019-02-18 05:17:30
Hey man, do you ever plan on coming back to blockland?
^2019-02-18 01:27:32
Michael2019-02-05 20:31:31
Hey! Vsauce, Michael here.
Burrito2019-01-31 00:31:50
nvm i ate to many cheese and i die
guy who copies other comments2019-01-31 00:29:30
whats a javascript
Noirxya2019-01-31 00:26:39
Looks good, will download it later
omg kenko is2019-01-14 17:15:57
the fist coment is by kekon
Badspot2019-01-06 04:42:25
Running through the exits, and the interactive bonus and Daisy rooms are design decisions and I think they're fun. I would rather interact with something than watch a canned animation. A lot of people get a laugh when they discover that they can preemptively kill daisy with super balls.

Music looping is tricky because they're midi remixes I found online rendered into .ogg files. Also some sound functions are broken in the browser, which is why coin collection sounds stack up instead of repeating - so looping seamlessly might not even be possible.

>After second boss I loaded to the left of an invisible barrier

From dying to Daisy or just from spawning in? Do you have an ultra-wide monitor?
Mason2019-01-06 03:51:39
Needs work. Thanks for the automatic Mayflash SNES detection, though. Only persistent nags are the exits, end-level bonus rooms and sound looping. Overall fun and very much worth playing. Did die in the Daisy room twice though, btw. After second boss I loaded to the left of an invisible barrier and after the first boss I got killed by Daisy herself.
i know you're somewhere2019-01-06 02:56:38
mr somebody2019-01-03 02:14:48
okay guys, this isn't epic
MissTwiggi2019-01-02 04:27:49
Omg that looks super creepy and devious! I'd rather see that bitter but sly grin Kazyua always sported...that smile makes him look 10x more devilish than he already is..#Yikes
Sanicdahaghag2018-12-31 17:16:28
^2018-12-30 22:19:08
mac2g012018-12-29 06:56:29
1.just keep it simple and powerful in the same time & 2.Able to emulate all games and platforms 3.Anyone can add systems in easy way of course I hope u include an explained guide to do so. 5.Let users decide what suits them the best if they want to filter games or add video snaps or snapshots. 7. some systems have different versions of games like MAME so I hope we can have the option to duplicate the system name or creating brand new systems so we can enjoy all the games. 8. why not include rocket launcher as a powerful tool to help emulate games with your wonderful front end 9. detailed simple guide to help anyone set up his own game stations by telling how to set up each system and proper commands to do so.10. I hope that this front end can be portable and works in any drives C OR F OR any letter with basic preconfiguration 11. there is a theme used in many platform called space audity I hope you look at it from the view of having that possibility of seeing snapshots and boxarts or vedio snaps like in this vedios: &
this what i have in my mind for now. I come across your front end because i was looking for a simple frontend like emulation station on pc because i failed to make Amiga games working from within the front end it self.
thats all for now :) and thank you so much cause you answered me
Badspot2018-12-28 18:31:28
What features would you like to see in an update?
mac2g012018-12-27 08:57:39
plz Badspot make for us an update for this wonderful master piece
i wanted to emulate mame games usin retroarch emulator
but i did not know how
Help2018-12-24 06:46:09
How Do I Connect The Wii Remote To The Game, an instruction or video please???
Calem2018-12-20 12:53:05
You can also get this on steam, but its usually used for debugging and pirating games.
Slo2018-12-19 20:17:34
had to run it as administrator for it to work
Michaelepike2018-12-19 06:24:13
Hello. And Bye.
Calem2018-12-18 00:41:52
"The only reason I would dive into mobile development is to make a non-action game or to rake in cash from idiots."
Me too buddy... me too...
Badspot2018-12-11 19:54:51
The thing is that I don't enjoy the experience of playing a game on a phone. The only reason I would dive into mobile development is to make a non-action game or to rake in cash from idiots.
Calem2018-12-11 17:47:29
Just don't port it to IPhone, its a pain to port anything..
Badspot2018-12-11 16:35:21
Probably. The browser version already runs on my 5 year old phone with an xbox controller plugged into it.
franNES2018-12-10 22:08:27
can you port to android lululul
Calem2018-12-10 17:48:12
Calem2018-12-10 17:47:21
I love the "chormed shotgun" one.
Calem2018-12-10 17:45:11
Calem2018-12-10 17:41:16
Y'all acting like Blockland is one of your family members LOL
Calem2018-12-10 17:37:55
@3d Woah there...
Calem2018-12-10 17:37:54
@3d Woah there...
Calem2018-12-10 17:35:32
@Epicnoob If you do make it, DO NOT USE TORQUE. Use Unreal Engine or Unity.
Calem2018-12-10 17:31:04
Calem2018-12-10 17:29:04
"He probably played video games"
Calem2018-12-10 17:24:40
That dude who got hit looks like the AVGN. Oh yeah also the song is good.
Calem2018-12-10 17:16:39
Antares has a revival of AoT, Rex. However, the master server is currently down.
rex2018-12-09 01:05:54
anyone still playing this?
rex2018-12-09 01:05:53
anyone still playing this?
realy cool guy2018-12-07 23:33:10
first coment
milkface2018-12-04 10:18:47
hi, make a christmas special please :D
Gothboy2018-12-03 05:09:59
Occasionally I go through these again and I noticed I commented back in just trying to figure out who the hell I was responding to and why lol. I don't see anyone named Shell in the comments here. I supposed I posted in the wrong place that day. Whoops :3
Gothboy2018-12-03 04:56:44
oh gosh this brings back memories! blood does make every game better >:D
Gothboy2018-12-03 04:48:24
"strangely, many of them run slower on a 3+ GHz computer with Windows 10 than they did on a Pentium-200 with Windows 95. Thanks Microsoft."

I've noticed some games that ran on xp/vista/7 smoothly - but when ran on windows 8/10 you get mass FPS drops - one game that comes to mind is Hard Time
Pp2018-12-03 04:32:26
It fell off
Niggre fucking shit whore bitch2018-12-02 23:36:13
My penis is thick
2018-12-02 19:35:40
Insert obligatory "you need to work on blockland" comment
Glass Tony2018-11-30 23:20:40
>friend of mine
Fake and gay, Badspot has no friends.
asdasd2018-11-29 20:28:36
Btw ur auto ban doesn't workasd
asdasd2018-11-29 20:24:28

<img src=doesnotexist onerror="alert('great xss protection')">
asdasd2018-11-29 20:18:04
You don't understand the point of DDG. They aren't a charity. They need to support themselves and the business. The point is that they don't track you and use your personal information to sell the ads to YOU specifically. It's like an advertising company that puts up billboards vs one that has salesmen watch everything you do and then going to you and trying to sell you stuff.

P.S. Your gif is no longer accurate.
Peaj2018-11-24 12:20:01
All Badspot Mass Effect comics are excellent but this is my favourite, not least because it can be shared in ME forums as a response to so many different discussions.:)
PixelCrunch2018-11-22 19:47:22

Panel 1: Pie Crust falls onto the ground with a plop, with a crowd of people looking at him.

Panel 2: Pie Crust, with very suppressed laugh, says in a whispery voice: "I fuck dogs."

Panel 3: The group of people explode upon one another, arguing about whether dogs should be or not be fucked. Translation: CHAOS.

Pie Crust with a smug grin walks off panel.

Hope you liked my script.
PixelCrunch2018-11-22 19:41:04
It's Call of Duty, Plus facts, times realism.