mac2g012018-12-29 06:56:29
1.just keep it simple and powerful in the same time & 2.Able to emulate all games and platforms 3.Anyone can add systems in easy way of course I hope u include an explained guide to do so. 5.Let users decide what suits them the best if they want to filter games or add video snaps or snapshots. 7. some systems have different versions of games like MAME so I hope we can have the option to duplicate the system name or creating brand new systems so we can enjoy all the games. 8. why not include rocket launcher as a powerful tool to help emulate games with your wonderful front end 9. detailed simple guide to help anyone set up his own game stations by telling how to set up each system and proper commands to do so.10. I hope that this front end can be portable and works in any drives C OR F OR any letter with basic preconfiguration 11. there is a theme used in many platform called space audity I hope you look at it from the view of having that possibility of seeing snapshots and boxarts or vedio snaps like in this vedios: &
this what i have in my mind for now. I come across your front end because i was looking for a simple frontend like emulation station on pc because i failed to make Amiga games working from within the front end it self.
thats all for now :) and thank you so much cause you answered me
mac2g012018-12-27 08:57:39
plz Badspot make for us an update for this wonderful master piece
i wanted to emulate mame games usin retroarch emulator
but i did not know how