Best Left 4 Dead Text

Over the years of playing custom maps in Left 4 Dead, I have collected some quality screenshots of text.

ALL PEOPLE IS GONE! Dying is allowed Find your in the heart of hell Get Suply's Prepare to fire the alarm!!! Run to the boat when it arrived search for chormed shotgun ! THE POLICE DEPARTAMENT This door is locked from this side Turn of the bell! Wait until the entire team will be ready You can turn the light temporarily. Catapult sign Wait until everyone is inside the lockdoor

SeventhSandwich2014-10-05 22:06:42
Takes some serious cojones to fuck up a map so badly that you have to build a catapult that links both halves of the map.

All complete with a written apology.
Badspot2014-10-07 03:23:18
Added "Wait Until Everyone Is Inside The Lockdoor!"
L's & D's2014-10-10 21:10:51
Holy hell. I might have to start playing L4D2 custom maps.
Tonkka2014-11-27 12:23:16
These people have an attention span large enough to learn how to code and mod games yet they don't know how to check their spelling.

How do these people exist?
Alarm2015-04-16 02:16:42
The title has my username! Badspot loves me! :D
Alarm2015-04-16 02:16:43
The title has my username! Badspot loves me! :D
Alarm2015-04-16 02:17:03
Excuse me, I meant description.
Calem2018-12-10 12:47:21
I love the "chormed shotgun" one.
2023-11-24 13:33:20
Thats really cool badspot god job

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