Hey, it's Missile Command. I never made the game portion of this, but the basic mechanics of intercepting missiles and the buildings being destroyed are there. The procedural buildings are pretty cool looking.

  • Mouse - Aim
  • A,S,D - Fire

Gothboy2018-12-02 23:48:24
"strangely, many of them run slower on a 3+ GHz computer with Windows 10 than they did on a Pentium-200 with Windows 95. Thanks Microsoft."

I've noticed some games that ran on xp/vista/7 smoothly - but when ran on windows 8/10 you get mass FPS drops - one game that comes to mind is Hard Time
Microsoft Sucks2020-04-03 15:50:58
It really does suck, honest.
Microsoft2020-04-07 10:49:55
s u c k

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