King Tony2018-07-07 22:59:08
hey guys. my clan is great. DONT JOIN IT YOU"RE NOT ALLWOED To!!!
the members r secret as well. fucking secret society mate dont ask about it
i love sucking dick and killing SJW black jewish nongenderbinaryfluid females haha yes
King Tony2018-07-07 22:14:22
Ban tablesalt for necrobumping.
King Tony2018-07-06 02:05:52
i actually bait all of you and dont get banned haha
King Tony2018-07-06 01:45:52
This is the new harvest clan page.

No col burtons or piecrusts allowed.
King Tony2018-07-06 00:30:52
You guys know IPs are logged, right?
King Tony2018-07-05 21:27:05

Why does that sound familiar?

Oh now I remember one of the compromised accounts also had a steam link that went to someone named VEVO.
King Tony2018-07-05 20:42:46
[NEWS] Blockland forum shuts down.

You fucking liberal elite SJWs did this