yosher2018-07-05 22:19:26
badspot i want to take this time to remind you that this, this right here, is what you're working so hard to fix. this is your chance to nuke the whole thing
yosher2018-07-05 21:54:55
is this why mario got killed on screen in the ridley trailer
yosher2018-07-05 21:44:19
i miss when problem users were actually funny like glass purchasing like 39 keys
yosher2018-07-05 21:42:19
even when the forums are down people just continue their spamming here, has autism truly reached its peak?
yosher2017-06-26 18:39:52
oh no
Yosher2016-01-13 01:19:00
jesus christ what was wrong with me in 2011
Yosher2012-02-07 15:17:19
ogm girls eeeewwwww
Yosher2011-09-07 15:40:22
I meant anyone, not everyone.
Yosher2011-09-07 15:39:35
If everyone ever breaks that brick, I will freaking torture him or her in his/her sleep. After that, I'll grab a knife from his/her kitchen and slowly slice him/her open, as painful as possible.