Rotondo2018-07-07 22:16:28
Hey guys Rotondo here, just wanted to let you know that SMF has driven Badspot to take his own life. Right before he passed away from overdosing on gasoline he handed development over to Lord Tony. The forums will be back up in a few days and Lord Tony has requested that I make him the only person able to post on the new forums, if anybody else attempts to post they will be automatically banned. Thanks, and have fun.
Rotondo2018-07-07 03:21:36
im gay
Rotondo2018-07-05 21:11:22
Hey guys Rotondo here, I've been talking with Badspot and we've decided to enter into a suicide pact. Anyone who wants to join is welcome. Thanks, and have fun.
Rotondo2018-07-05 21:07:48
Hey guys Rotonda here, I've been talking with Badspot and he says he's decided to shut down the forums. Thanks, and have fun.
Rotondo2018-01-03 23:34:03
I broke them today because I fell on them, sorry about that Badspot
Rotondo2017-06-27 14:12:50
now it is time i reveal my identity
Rotondo2017-06-27 01:59:44
Hey guys, How are all of you doing?
Rotondo2015-09-24 03:34:47
How can life be real if I am not real?
Rotondo2015-05-20 18:33:25
Leela agreed because if Zapp was found guilty he'd be back working at planet express.
Rotondo2010-09-13 21:25:44
I lost so many times