chappers2018-07-09 16:42:11
tony was right necrobumping is a liberal sjw ploy
chappers2018-07-07 07:06:42
he probably blocked you tbh
chappers2018-07-05 19:10:22
hey daniel what's going on man
chappers2018-07-05 18:56:25
chappers2018-07-05 18:53:03
no because 3/3 is quite clearly a different date from 7/3
chappers2018-07-05 18:45:17
thank you baddy for being there for us we love u
chappers2018-07-04 15:55:17
the clash combat rock is such a good album
Chappers2014-04-14 16:55:54
I love the bit 49 seconds in. Syncs perfectly with that sound!