Dilbert2018-07-05 20:06:50
I will vanish for a thousand years. Take care of my kingdom Stephen.
Dilbert2018-07-05 20:06:24
And so Broderick Stephen Harvey, I entrust all power to you.
Dilbert2018-07-05 20:02:54
Thank you Stephen.
Dilbert2018-07-05 20:02:17
I suppose it is, Stephen.
Dilbert2018-07-05 20:01:07
I could never have expected Frank to be a turncoat...
Dilbert2018-07-05 19:58:58
Frank! No
Dilbert2018-07-05 19:58:40
Why did you get shot, Frank?
Dilbert2018-07-05 19:58:01
Frank? What happened here?