Daniel.S2018-07-05 19:09:04
Hello I'm back
Daniel.S2017-01-27 03:03:10
I made a robot that has a camera with a 6axis angle which controls off of an app made by somebody
Daniel.S2014-06-27 23:47:52
Wow ok...
Daniel.S2014-06-27 23:40:22
I am pretty sure it says BALLS in the trailer at the start lol
Daniel.S2014-06-27 23:34:22
This is amazing Badspot please make more
Daniel.S2013-05-09 21:17:02
Sorry for double post,

Lol ban them for spamming :P
Daniel.S2013-05-09 21:15:27
OMG! Lol if my game was displayed on TV then i would be so happy!