Redconer2018-07-05 22:56:12
You should finish off the BLF.
Redconer2018-07-05 19:04:37
Redconer2017-11-14 04:53:24
Grilled to medium rare.
Redconer2017-06-27 02:40:42
I highly doubt you even learned from that past experience in Rose the Floran's server after my wrath that basically turned people in Glass against you since you were the worst mistake known to man, [-ToXiC-]. If I recall, your sponge-of-a-brain should soak up information you learned, but you squeezed all of that liquid out like a retarded child. How dare you enjoy being an annoyance to others, how dare you call my friends liars, how dare you try to deceive others into raiding me. You are a pathetic abomination created by Earth, and I am surprised that natural selection hasn't wiped you off of this planet.
Redconer2017-06-27 02:35:58
Make me.
Redconer2017-06-27 02:34:46
Shut the FUCK up.
Redconer2017-06-27 02:33:56
Nvm, I did that.
Redconer2017-06-27 02:30:11
Okay who took my voice?
Redconer2017-06-27 02:13:26
well son toxic u see this is da bl forum numba too
Redconer2017-06-27 02:01:39
It seems that everyone including me has just spoken. ^
Redconer2017-06-26 17:36:36
Honno what's gotten into you?
Redconer2017-06-26 05:28:15
Hi Harm, how's it been?
Redconer2017-06-26 04:54:11
This seems...nice.
Redconer2014-06-28 23:32:43
Very accurate