stellarnaut2018-07-07 05:15:29
fucking toilet gremlins
stellarnaut2018-07-07 04:57:16
bitch fucjkk
stellarnaut2018-07-07 04:12:44
stick a c4 in your asshole
stellarnaut2018-07-06 21:12:10
who is this blank person
stellarnaut2018-07-06 20:59:15
when you're so delusional you think your forum software has the best security record but by simply clicking something too fast you can basically ddos it
stellarnaut2018-07-06 05:49:55
honestly im past that and i dont know why i even did it
stellarnaut2018-07-06 05:47:57
whatever faggot
stellarnaut2018-07-06 05:46:59
Cortana, launch nuclear bomb and direct towards trueblood1111's house
stellarnaut2018-07-06 05:45:32
yeah because i launched 2 acid bombs at your house
stellarnaut2018-07-06 05:42:46
did truebloods computer shut down
stellarnaut2018-07-06 02:35:45
buy west of loathing it will make you not mad
Stellarnaut2018-07-06 01:25:19
i just pulled a loose tooth and it was bloody as fuck and still had the prongs so thats cool
Stellarnaut2018-07-06 01:23:20
i pooped
stellarnaut2018-07-06 00:39:14
i have free buttfors if anybody wants one
stellarnaut2018-07-05 21:01:54
lizard squad did it those fucking goofy ass bitches
stellarnaut2018-07-05 20:57:20
johnny johnny yes papa
stellarnaut2018-07-05 18:49:52
the survivors have been overwhelmed