h2018-07-08 11:29:49
stop whining
h2018-07-07 07:24:48
pk freeze is a faggot
h2018-07-07 01:36:56
curse you is a faggot
h2018-07-06 23:17:18
sebis a faggot
h2018-07-06 22:19:50
no swearing
h2018-07-06 21:32:47

truebloods discord
h2018-07-06 21:26:14
trueblood is a faggot
h2018-07-06 21:17:54
trueblood is a faggot
h2018-07-06 20:33:17
sebi isnt funny
h2018-07-06 19:22:07
sebi isnt funny
h2018-07-06 11:47:41
pk freeze is a faggot
h2018-07-06 07:19:49
pk freeze is a faggot
h2018-07-06 06:39:24
hey Darth C3P0
h2018-07-06 06:06:21
epic funny Hitler reference o-o sug heil! Subscribe to filthy frank
h2018-07-06 06:01:32
pk freeze is a faggot
h2018-07-06 05:47:23
not funny
h2018-07-06 05:46:36
trueblood shut your faggot mouth lol
h2018-07-06 05:42:13
pk freeze has to stand up for his retarded son lucario
h2018-07-06 05:34:36
rude ^
h2018-07-06 05:28:23
PK Freeze niggas be like *
h2018-07-06 05:21:04
this is so sad can we get trueblood a new pc (no lol)
h2018-07-06 05:16:24
fucked like your dog disgusting furry
h2018-07-06 05:15:17
waaaa waaa waaa scawy thot patrol towin
h2018-07-06 05:12:26
sorry that you have to stick up for your furry buddy
h2018-07-06 05:07:53
i posted twice theres no edit
h2018-07-06 05:06:47
trueblood is an actual faggot
h2018-07-06 05:05:56
stop sucking my dick
h2018-07-06 04:42:44
ever just wish that truebloods computer would shit itself o wait it did lol
h2018-07-06 04:22:03
lucario and pk freeze kill yourselves you fucking losers im so glad truebloods pc fucking shit itself
h2018-07-05 13:01:49
h2017-07-06 03:44:08