Epicduke2018-07-07 18:24:53
Epicduke2018-07-07 18:19:37
shtu the fuck up rotondo I HATE YOU AN DT HSI FORUM
Epicduke2018-07-07 17:41:59
yo man im sorry for what i said im sorry guys ilove this forum im sorry
Epicduke2018-07-06 21:23:44
yo you fuckers i haven't been on the forum regularly since 2016 and i just want to say the thing i hate most about the forum is not the toxicity or the most pettiest bullshit drama that goes on but it's how half of you identify yourselves by your life on your fucking computers and nothing else. like bitch stop it. i ain't no chad, i'm like 20 pounds overweight, unemployed, and spend most of my free time on my desktop but that's not my phucking personality. i have other fucking hobbies. i like hiking, running, building models, using my telescope. it may be basic bitch boy stuff but it's not as fucking basic as "oh i like playing video games outside is gross haha". also a ton of you are sexual degenerates. even thinking about putting aheago on the side of your desktop tower is degenerate i'm sorry. i forgot his username but a guy literally had a thread about that. didn't go through with that luckily. he was belgain. also you fuckers no you can't have a nsfw board to post your fucking hentai in it's a game marketed to kids. also you're 13 stop it. but this was all back in like 2014-2015 so it might of changed idk. anyways that's the end of my rant god bless. i have no gf goodnight
Epicduke2013-02-16 13:16:54
The ending is...strange.