Darth2018-11-02 00:12:11
who cares edd
Darth2018-11-01 18:34:59
It's honestly amazing how many BOS users come in here to create the most toxic cesspool of human beings to ever exist within a day. I know the BLF3 has been here for a while but still, my point stands valid
darth2018-07-07 16:17:18
Do NOT post html or bb code. You will be auto-banned.
darth2018-07-06 14:06:50
you must not have been on the blf since before bl auth
its already set up if thats what your asking, hes trying to fix a login exploit
darth2018-07-06 13:33:20
"that's pretty bold to say darth considering all you've done is steal other people's names"
the fuck you on about lmao